Chris & Joanna Introduction

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The internet can be a wonderful thing, especially for 2 shy people who wnat more from their lives – and love life. Chris and Joanna are these 2 people. Both Chris and Joanna are successful in their professional lives. Confident and secure. Chris is the owner of a very successful security company with national and international contracts. This allows him financial security and freedom to travel and explore. His main office is centrally located in Midwest America with offices in Europe, Asia, and South America. he resides mostly in his large house in the midwest, but also has a penthouse apartment in New York and a Beach cottage on the Texas coast. He love the outdoors, woodworking and women. Chris loves everything about women – thier bodies, their spirit. He is strong, handsome, 30ish and could have any woman he wants. But Chris doesn’t want just any woman, he wants the woman to haunts is dreams and fantasies. Chris is kind of a shy guy, but through his travels, has come to discover exactly the kind of woman and relationship he desires the most. Until now, he hasn’t found the right one.
Joanna is a beautiful 30something redhead with a petite frame, large breasts, and a firm ass. She is a success in her job with a communications company – head of the midwest division. But she too has had trouble finding Mr. Right. Even though she knows what she wants in a man and a relationship she has been too shy to express it to anyone. She feels like she would be judged the wrong way if she tells a guy what she really desires. At work, Joanna is in-charge, confident, well-liked and respected. She works hard – sometimes too hard. Her private life, however, is frustrating. She is the boss at work and doesn’t want to be the boss at home, too. She wants and desires love, friendship, guidance, and discipline. Now, just to find the one.
That is where the internet comes in. Joanna was getting frustrated one Friday night after work and decided to take on of her friend’s advise and look into finding a date through the internet. She logged into a singles chat room to see what kind of conversations were going on. She gave herself a chat name – nooneknows. The annonymity gave her a boost of confidence and soon she was chatting with the best of them. That same night Chris was also logged into the same chat room. He had been there before but this time he became intrugued. He was really curious about the girl “nooneknows”. She was new to the site, but why “nooneknows”? Deep dark secret? Perhaps, so he asked.
Why ‘nooneknows’? – Securityguy
“It was the first thing I thought of” – N
“Are you hiding something?” -S
“Not really.” – N
“‘not really’ usually means ‘yes'” – S
“It’s not like I’m really hiding something, I just haven’t found the right person to share it with” -N
“Oh, I see….I know what you mean.” -S
“And how would you know?” – N
“Well, let’s go to a private chat room and maybe I’ll tell you.” -S
So Chris and Joanna chatted a while, talking about their jobs (although Chris did not yet divulge his ownership of the company and how rich he is), their childhood (both were only children), where they live (As it turns out, they live only 30 miles from each other) & prior relationships. They both had dated, but always seemed to know the relationships wouldn’t last. There was always something missing. That night on the internet when Chris and Joanna got to the subject of what was “missing”, things became very interesting for them both. They had already admitted to each other they were shy, so they made and agreement. They agreed if they were honest with each other but didn’t like what the other said, the conversation would end with no hard feelings. They were annonymous at this point anyway. So it began:
Securityguy – “What do you really want in a relationship?”
Nooneknows- “To not be the boss”
S – “What does that mean?”
N – “I really want someone to love and cherish me for me, but…”
S – “But what”
N – “But I also want more. I just don’t know how to explain it.”
S – “Just try.”
N- “Well, I feel like, in the home, the woman should be submissive.”
S – “Oh really, how so?”
N – “In no way should a man ever beat a woman, but he should be the one to make the rules for the family – including the wife – and then be the one who disciplines when the rules are broken.”
S – “I see…”
N- “Too weird, huh. I understand, I’ll just go.”
S – “No no, wait, Not weird at all.”
N – “Really?”
S – ” Really. As a matter of fact I have seen first hand how these types of relationships work and how beneficial they can be to everyone involved.”
N- “What do you mean by “first hand?”
S – “During my travels with work I have met alot of people. Some cultures practice this kind of relationship regularly. It works for them. American has gotten away from this. Men disciplining their wives and children were common practice. Not anymore.”
N- “So, what does that mean to you?”
S – It means I agree with you. Women should be loved, cared for, cherished, but punished when they are bad. Women still have a place in the world – outside of the home. Some of my best employees are women and I wouldn’t trade them for 10 lazy men. However, when in a personal, romantic, loving relationship, I feel the man should be in charge.”
N – “OK, I get it. However, I have one more thing I feel I need to share. No judging, OK?”
S – “Of course not, go ahead.”
N – “I have to be honest. The thought of being punished both scares and excites me. Is that wrong?”
S – “No, it’s not wrong. It’s just your nature & there’s nothing wrong with that.”
N – “What a relief, now your turn. What do you want in a relationship, or should I guess?”
S – “Like I said, Americans have gotten away from Domestic Discipline, but I happen to believe in it. I just haven’t found the right woman who believes in it, too.”
N- “Well… now maybe you have.”
S – “Really? Well, see, – there’s more.”
N- “Like what?”
S – “In my travels I have seen and learned alot about the subject of Domestic Discipline. In the hopes I would meet the right woman, I have started a collection.”
N – “What kind of collection?”
S – “A collection of different ways, methods, & tools to administer such discipline.”
N- “Oh, I see.”
S- “Not yet, but maybe someday.”
N- “Maybe.”
S -“Since this has been a long evening, here’s what I think we should do. Got to bed, get some sleep, & tomorrow if your still interested, we’ll meet back at the site at noon. Sound OK?”
N- “OK – and thanks.”
S – “For what?”
N – “For letting me open up – and not judge me.”
S – “No problem & thank you, too. Good night.”

To be continued…

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    got potential….can’t wait to read your next part.

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