Dominant Man Submissive Woman

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She loved to be spanked.To be pulled over a man’s lap, her panties pulled completely down, right off and over her bare feet. She loved for the man to see her in that position, legs elongated and taut, pussy peeking out underneath and her bare cheeks and ass crack totally revealed to his eyes. And when those slaps happened, she became wetter and juicier and hotter and hornier as she heard those sexy spanking sounds over and over as they echoed in the air.
She had met him in the woods, she was walking at a quick pace when she happened to look behind her and see a man quickly approaching her, she was wearing her pull-on black tight shorts and her bikini top.She was in great shape, she was toned all over and she was tan. Her hair draped down her back and the sun made the gold in it glimmer.
He saw her and his heart went wild, he saw that hourglass tight body and he felt horny for her so he decided to follow her. He was a man who had a great deal of confidence, determination and he was also a very sexually dominant man. And when he spied her with her sexy body and her perfect round high ass that tautly swayed as she walked, he knew she was just his type.
She was startled when she turned around and he was only perhaps two feet behind her.
She liked how he looked, he was in shape and he had a nice face and an air of intense masculinity about him, this turned her on and she immediately felt a deep lust for him.
While she was getting very aroused just looking at him, his body was reacting to her by causing his cock to thicken, harden and become engorged with blood as he was imagining all the carnal things he wanted to do with her. It was almost like they had fuck ESP.
They ended up walking and conversing together all through the woods and back to their cars,there were defintely sparks. He gave her his business card and told her to call him, he stared into her eyes and told her she wouldn’t be disappointed. She felt her pussy pulse when he said that.
She called him that night, the conversation became intensely sexual,they both masturbated over the phone. They made a date for the next night, Friday.
He picked her up and was very turned on to see she was wearing a pleated navy blue short skirt, an almost sheer white blouse with a very sexy white lace bra underneath. She was not tall, maybe 5’4″ but she was perfectly proportioned, her curves were ideally feminine, she had on sexy navy blue open-toed shoes, her toenails and fingernails were painted red and on her toes she wore a couple of toe rings. He told her she looked stunning.
He looked incredible, he was all in black, a very tight black tee-shirt that showed his built chest and the sleeves ended right at his big bulging biceps, he had on black cargo pants and when she saw his butt in them she was stimulated, it was small, and muscular. She knew what that meant, he was a good hard pumper, she knew that sex with him was going to be intense, with that kind of ass she knew he was going to give her one hell of a good ride, she became giddy at the thought.
They went out to dinner and afterward drinks. He noticed that she bumped her ass against him a lot; when she went to sit down, she backed into him, he felt her taut ass; when she went to the ladies room, she rubbed her ass against his shoulder, he felt its roundness;and when she came back, she bent over in front of him, wiggling her ass as she searched in her purse for a stick of gum.
He knew exactly what she was about, he had dated her type before and he knew this was going to be fun. She was letting him know her ass was his.
He asked her if she wanted to leave, she said yes. They got in his car, he put his hand on the stickshift and looked at her and smiled, he leaned over to her and taking his hand he held her jaw and French kissed her, his tongue first licked over her pouty lips, the sensation made her tingle,then he plunged in and out of her mouth,like he was fucking her mouth,she loved it,she would purse her lips together so that the opening was small and he had to push through her moist soft lips, they were so in tune with each other with their kisses, so they both knew when the fuckling happened it would be hot. She was soaked and he was very stiff. He reached under the hem of her skirt and touched her pussy through her silky and slippery wet panty crotch. He took the fabric between his fingers and rubbed it back and forth, it was pulled away from her pussy, he felt the silky saturation. He smiled at her and sucked on his fingers while he stared into her eyes.That drove her wild. He told her he wanted to fuck her, when he said “fuck” her pussy released her warm sexual lubrication. She told him to take her to his house. He put the key in the ignition and he grabbed her hand, with his hand over it, he put her hand on the stickshift, he changed gears using his hand guiding hers, she was very excited by this. It made her feel sexy and controlled by him. They drove in silence, but his hand spoke volumes it held her hand tight, caressed it other times and pressed it on the bulbous top of the stickshift and massaged in in her palm. It was a highly sexual scene. They arrived and entered his home, he led her down stairs to a basement. It looked like dungeon, there were chains with cuffs, some kind of wedged looking furniture, a big bed, a lot of mirrors and implements hanging on the walls. Her heart leapt, she had always fantasized about being dominated and it was going to happen tonight.
He excused himself and told her she could look around. She looked on the walls to see lots of artwork depicting women being submissive to masterful men. There were spanking scenes, floggings, even women chained and being fucked. All kinds of sexual imagery that intrigued and excited her.Her panties were totally saturated by this time.
He came back in and was wearing tight leather pants and no shirt,his chest was built and hairy. He looked very,very strong,she felt incredibly small and demure.
He told her to remove her skirt, she declined, he immediately walked over to her and very angrily told her to remove it or he would tear it off her. She didn’t think he would, but he did, he just grabbed the hem and ripped it off, tearing it by the zipper on the hip. She was shaking, partly in shock, but mostly in total sexual excitement.
He looked at her standing in her heels and blouse and in her very white lacy panties. He liked what he saw. He sat on the edge of the bed and told her to come to him on her knees, again she declined so he walked over to her and tore her blouse, he grabbed one side and popped off all of her buttons, he pulled it off and over her arms. She trembled and felt incredibly naughty, she was frightened too and felt perspiration forming on her back and under her ass cheeks, right where her thigh and bottom of her ass met.
He went back to the bed and again told her to crawl this time she did, her pussy was soaking wet and filled with heat, her clit was twitching, her ass felt hot, her knees hurt on the cement floor. She crawled to him and he pointed for her to get between his legs, she did.
He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his big hard thick cock.He plopped it out it bounced. He teased her with it, rubbing the head and shaft over her face, he shoved it in her mouth, then quickly pulled it out, he did that quite a few times, he just shoved it in and out, in and out over and over, he then rubbed the pre-cum coated head over her lips, he made them all shiny and sticky. He made her lips super-sensitive by the way he rubbed his dick head over them. She wanted to suck him off, but not until he told her to. She was getting more and more excited. He put his cock back in his pants and told her if she behaved maybe he would let her enjoy his cock. She was shocked and totally desirous to to see, touch and taste his cock.
He pulled her up and told her to remove her bra, she did and her full firm high breasts bounced as they were released from their lacy confines, they were so white and stood out compared to her tan flesh, her
nipples were hard and fiery red. He pinc
hed both of them hard, at first she felt pain then her clit reacted by hardening and swelling even more. Then he sucked on one really pulling on it until it was sticking out longer than it ever had before and he did the same thing to the other while he pulled on the long one,he did this back and forth until they were so hard and sensitive and long that not only would they not go down, but they hurt when they were touched. He knew that so he blew on them, she thought she was going to faint from that intense feeling.
He told her he knew she wanted and needed a bare ass spanking so he told her to turn around, bend over straight-legged and slowly pull her panties down. She was so excited as she did that, he told her to stop halfway down, she did. He ordered her to get over his lap. Her asswassooo white and round and perfect. She laid there with her panties half-revealing her ass. He proceeded to spank her very fast and quite hard, as he was doing that with the other hand he revealed more of her ass until he had her panties down to the crooks of her knees, she was soooooo excited, her ass was hot from the spanks as well as excitement.He turned her ass cherry red. He ordered her to get up and walk to the wall, she walked awkwardly over to the wall with her panties around her knees, he liked how that looked, her nice reddened ass, her curved in waist, her dimples in her lower back and her panties around her knees. He brought the wedged piece of furniture over and told her to bend over it, she went to pull her panties down and he told her to leave them. She layed over it it made her ass be angled up very sharply, her head was way down, she was unbelievably excited in this awkward position her pussy felt hot and swollen and puffy.
He grabbed one of her ankles and tugging it over to the side he locked it in a cuff, he grabbed the other pulling her legs very wide apart and cuffed that one to the opposite side, she could barely move her legs, her panties were stretched so wide they were practically cutting into her skin. He got behind her and just rubbed her ass and pussy over and over. He left her alone, he came back to the front of her and dropped her torn skirt and blouse on the floor in front of her face, she got aroused seeing that. He then took both of her wrists and tied them with satiny strips of material together and then he threaded that through a metal loop that was attached to the wall, now her arms were pulled out tight in front of her. He got behind her again,she felt him near her panties and he cut them, her knees moved involuntarily further apart. He removed his pants and stood beind her, he slapped her ass, back and legs with his leather pants a few times, then he just dragged them down her back, her waist, her hips, her assand pussy,he waited a few seconds and he took his ramrod cock and ran it over her pussy lips then up her ass the down her ass and over her pussy, her pussy was pulsating. He did that over and over and then he stopped then a few more seconds later she felt his rock hard cock plunge deep into her super tight, wet, very steamy, swollen, silky pussy, she gasped, her pussy was not prepared it was super tight inside of her, her inside walls barely opened for him. He did this hard deep fucking of her over and over, he was breathing hard and fierce like some crazed animal soon she was breathing like that too, over and over he fucked her tight snatch, their breathing was in tune with each other and very hard, she was creating so much wetness that his cock was saturated as well as his pubes and groin. He pummeled her pussy into total submission to his dominant cock,in and out deep and hard over and over he tore into that horny wet tiny hole, he started nearing his orgasm, but he wanted them to come together so as he fucked her he forced her clit to rub on the material of the wedge furniture that she was laying on, he kept pushing her against it rubbing her on it, he was in total charge of everything, his body and hers and they both knew it and it really got them off. He knew he was getting her close, by the way her ass was tensing up, her legs were getting tauter and her pussy was closing tighter and tighter around his shaft and head, she had an intense orgasm, her pussy gripped and milked his cock so tightly that he abruptly squirted his hot sticky goo deep in her hungry pussy, they grunted and moaned and cursed. He pulled out to look at her pussy, it was red and swollen and he saw it move, he pushed his cock back in and just layed over her ass, he put the fronts of his legs over the backs of her thighs.His groin tight on her bareass, his chest tight against her back, his chin on her shoulder. He relaxed on top of her, reveling in all that just happened,mmm their bodies were tight,hot and sweaty.
He bit her ear and whispered to her that this was only the beginning of her complete submission to him. She just smiled, pushed her ass back against him, felt their mutual body warmth and thought she couldn’t wait.

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