Loving Him

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Mike had taken me out to a lobster dinner then we hurried home so he could watch one of his dumb basketball games. I sat in my favorite position between his legs with my cheek resting on his nice warm thigh. I began thinking of our adventures and how wonderful he was and began looking up at his handsome craggy face adoringly. He must have felt my eyes because he looked down at me and said, “What?”

“I was just thinking how much I love you.”

“I love you too Allene but let me watch the game. It is exciting the Sonic’s may win for once.”

“I know how to excite you a lot more than that dumb game.”

“Oh really. How?”

“I know how you love to see me do a striptease for you and when I am naked you can give me one of your loving punishments with your favorite things. Your Ping-pong paddle on my butt, The flogger on my tummy and boobs and finally your quirt with the big arrow shaped leather thong on the end for my pussy.”

“I don’t know. I may get carried away and you know that you have been lax in using your safeword.”

“I promise I will only let you beat me until I am excited. When I have had enough on my butt I will say, ‘Now’ then again when you have flogged my belly and boobs enough to excite me for the final squirting of my crotch.”

“Okay. I’ll change into my robe so you can see if you are successful. No hard-on from the strip, no flogging.”

I awaited his return anxiously as i laid out the instruments on the couch then he came back to flop on the couch opening his robe to show his flaccid penis. I was a little disappointed just the thought of what I was about to do hadn’t excited him a little but I started the music. I had a lot to strip off. I had worn a lace cocktail dress with a slip, panties,bra, garter belt and nylons. I had stripped off everything but panties and bra and was getting desperate, His dick had lengthened but was not one of his steel like erections. When the bra came off to show my round 34C boobs his dick began to swell and I knew he was thinking how they would jump and quiver under his flogger.

When I took off the panties and began crawling toward him dragging my nipples on the nap of the rug his dick leaped to nuzzle his navel and I knew I had won. I draped myself over his lap feeling his penis poking my tummy. He picked up the paddle and began hitting one cheek then the other as I yipped. I really didn’t like the paddle it both stung and created heat but I knew he loved the way it flattened my round cheeks to pop back out redder with each hit. I don’t know how many times he hit but my whole bottom was stinging when the heat and sting radiated to my crotch and I was ready to say “Now.”

I stood up then put my hands behind my head to stick out my boobs as I sucked in my tummy. Now the flogger made delightful stings as he worked up and down from my pubic bone to the tops of my boobs. Only the ones to my nipples were bad enough to make me squeal. I let my excitement build since I knew I would have to be really excited to welcome the pain to my crotch but finally I was close to orgasm and said “Now.” I laid on our big ottoman holding up my crotch with my widespread legs to give him access from my anus to my pubic bone. He squatted over my head so I could lick his balls and stroke his rock hard dick while he set a pattern of hitting the left lip then the right with the last in the center to let the point sting my anus as the wider part stung my clit.


By the ninth or tenth I was on the edge of orgasm and yelled, “Now” He flipped around to drive his marvelous organ deep inside me and I almost instantly began climaxing with each stronger than the last until I felt his dick jumping inside me and he collapsed on me panting while our sweaty bodies slid against each other.

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  1. Anonymous

    Very moving and erotic! Do you have any with food or vegetables or toys???

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