Maria Looses some Inhibitions

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Maria Looses Some Inhibitions

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Before I begin this tale I need to give the reader some background of just who my friends and I are and a little history of the spanking fantasy games we play.

My name is Todd, at the time of this story I was forty years old. I stand about 6’2″ and weigh about 235. I have brown hair and brown eyes.

With my two friends, Janet and Pamela, I have been playing spanking fantasy games since we all were in our mid-teens. It all started with a strip poker game and we have been having fun with our fantasies ever since.

Janet is about 5’8″ and has blond hair and blue eyes. She is thin, small hips, her breasts are about the size of peaches. She has a dark complexion that looks like a full body tan. The blond hair of her pubic area is actually a couple of shades lighter than her skin.

Pamela is the opposite of Janet; only about 5’3″, she is slightly over weight with full hips and large breasts, a Mae West type figure. She is has a light complexion with freckles trailing down her cheeks to just above her cleavage. She has strawberry blond hair; almost red and her bush is rust colored.

About six months prior to this story Janet had been hanging around a spanking chat room when she met a women named Maria. Maria was a recently divorced 50-year-old woman. Her and Janet met in the chat room a few times over the next week, exchanged phone numbers and talked to each other and they finally decided to meet for coffee.

Maria at this meeting had confided to Janet how she had all her life had fantasies about spanking, but was unwilling to share them with her husband. She had repressed her secret desires for the thirty years of their marriage and Janet was the first person she had ever told them to.

Needless to say before the evening was over Maria had gone home with Janet and gone over her knee for her first adult bare-bottom spanking.

Since that day Maria had joined us five or six times in our monthly fantasy play. Each time she was a willing bottom, playing whatever role for the night enthusiastically and taking the spankings being dished out.

Pamela, Janet and I always share sex after a fantasy and Maria had joined in, but other than missionary style intercourse with me and some timid petting of Janet and Pamela; Maria was not a very active participant. We three always enjoyed the sex afterward as much as the role-play and spankings.

We all felt that Maria was still oppressed by what must have been a boring marriage. In fact Maria had confided to Janet that other than the couple of times with me, her husband had been her only sex partner. She had never done anything like oral sex with him and had never even really thought of what sex with a woman would be like.

All three of us felt that Maria really did want to broaden her life style but needed some prodding to try new things. She had already taken a big step when she shared our spanking fantasies but now we were going to gang up on her and try to help her share in the whole wonderful experience. First we would try to broaden her sexual experience and at a later date have her try being the top, the one dishing out the punishments.

So with that introduction here is my story.

I called Maria one Monday evening and asked her. “Maria this Friday would you like to come over and share a fantasy with me?”

“Well sure Todd, I guess.” Maria answered. “Would it be just you and me?”

“Maria, we’ve played together a number of times now. Do you trust me?” I asked.

“Yes Todd.” Maria replied.

“I promise two things to you, there will be some surprises for you on Friday night and I only have a real desire for you to grow and enjoy a fantasy.” I continued. “Just let me guide you, I promise that in the end you will enjoy everything.”

“OK Todd, I do trust you and I’m willing to try whatever you have in mind for Friday.” Maria answered. “What do you want me to do?”

“Alright, here’s the scene. You are my sixteen-year-old daughter. When you arrive I’ll leave the front door unlocked. You walk in the house and I’ll call you into the living room for a talk.” I told her. “What has happened is I have received a call from the local drug store and you were caught on tape shoplifting some cosmetics.”

“OK Todd.” Maria said. “What time should I be there?”

“Let’s say 7:00 sharp.” I told her. “Remember how we play, I’ll keep it free flowing and there will be plenty of surprises for you. Hey! Maria be sure to wear something a typical teenage girl would”

“OK Todd, Friday at 7:00. I’ll do my best to play a good game.” Maria says. “Bye till then.”

“Bye, Maria.” And I hung up the phone. Immediately I dialed Janet’s number. When she answered I said. “Janet just talked to Maria, We’re on for Friday at 7:00, you call Pam and let her know.”

“OK Todd, we’ll wait outside where she can’t see till she been in house for what, twenty minutes?” Janet asked.

“Better than that I’ll turn on the lamp in the front room window when I’m ready for you and Pamela to knock on the door.” I tell her.

“Good idea, see you Friday.” And Janet hung up.

Move ahead to Friday night, during the week Janet, Pamela and I have talked often. We usually try to make one of our fantasies very free flowing but we all have developed some real affections for Maria and this Friday night we’ve decided is more about her than anything. We have really scripted the whole night. We are going to push the bubble of Maria’s inhibitions, but at the same time we don’t want to scare her and have that bubble burst.

I am sitting in the living room of my home steaming. ‘Just wait till Maria gets home. I’ve been far too lenient with her lately, but tonight things are going to change. There is going to be one sorry young girl tonight. Maria is going to have a very well spanked bottom before this night is over.’ Are just some of the thoughts running through my mind as I prepare for the role. As you can see the role play is a frame of mind that makes our scenes so much fun and sexually exciting for us.

I hear the front door open. “Is that you Maria?” I call out.

My 16-year-old daughter Maria comes into the living room. “Hi Daddy! You want something?” Maria said to me nonchalantly.

“Have seat Maria.” I order. “We need to have a little talk.”

Maria sits in the chair across from me and asks. “Daddy did I do something wrong? You look like your mad at me.”

“Well you tell me young lady. Can you think of any reason why the Kelly Drugstore would have to call me today?” I ask her sternly.

I watch my daughter eyes look down to the floor a sure sign that she knows what I am talking about and that she is guilty of the crime. “I don’t know Daddy.”

“Are you sure about that? They seem to have caught you on the store camera. I think you better come clean, you’re in plenty of trouble already.” I tell her.

“OK Daddy. I didn’t mean to take it. It was just this really cool new shade of lipstick and I really wanted it and somehow it just ended up in my purse.” The words of confession pour out of Maria’s mouth. “I didn’t really mean to steal anything.”

“That kind of argument just isn’t going to wash Maria. You know stealing is wrong and I can tell that you knew exactly what you were doing by your expression.” I tell Maria. “Do you know How lucky you are? I’ve talked the people at the store out of calling the police and promised them that you would be punished harshly for this.” I tell her. “And I fully attend to keep that promise. Lately you just seem to be testing me every step of the way. Staying out past curfew, arguing and sassing me, not keeping up with your chores and now you are caught stealing.”

“Yes Daddy, I guess I have been not
very responsible lately I deserve punishment. How long am I grounded?” Maria asks.

“Maria your not grounded at all. I’ve decided that when you were little
I taught you stealing was wrong.” I continue. “And when you were little and you did something wrong I spanked you, well that’s what I am going to do tonight.”

“Spank me! No Daddy, I’m way to old for a spanking.” Maria cries out.

“Maria you are way to old to be doing something as stupid as stealing. No dear I have decided on a spanking and a spanking it will be.” I tell her sternly. “Now you get up from that chair and come over here and stand in front of me.”

“Ah! Gee!” But Maria knows from the tone of my voice I will brook no more argument and comes over to stand in front of me.

“OK, Maria put your hands on my shoulders and lift your foot.” I order her.

“Why Daddy?” Maria warily asks.

“So I can take your shoes and socks off. You know that you always get spanked naked.” I tell her. “Nothing has changed to make me not spank you in the nude.”

“OH Please! Daddy! Not naked. At least leave my underclothes on?” Maria pleads. “I’m a teenager now, I can’t be naked in front of you. It will still hurt a lot on my panty covered butt. Please don’t make me naked, It will be to embarrassing.”

“Maria I’ve always spanked you naked and naked for this spanking you will be.” I tell her angrily. “The embarrassment is part of the punishment. Now lift your foot and if you give me anymore problems I’ll give a second spanking before bed time tonight.”

Knowing better then to argue further Maria lifts her foot. I remove her shoe and sock and after she lifts her other foot off come that shoe and sock. I then order her. “Lift your arms over your head.”

Maria lifts her arms and I tug the t-shirt she is wearing, it’s pink with a kitten on it and is Maria’s interpretation of what a teenage girl would wear, out of the waistband of her blue jeans and pull it over her head. I set the t-shirt next to me on the sofa.

Maria is wearing a plain white cotton bra and as I reach behind her back to unsnap it Maria whimpers. “Please Daddy don’t.”

Ignoring her plea I unsnap her bra and draw it forward and off. Tossing it on the sofa next to me I admire the beautiful breasts I have just revealed. For a woman of fifty Maria’s breasts sag very little. They are about medium in size and have full large nipples. Maria is Italian, and has the skin complexion of Mediterranean.

I unzip her jeans, unsnap them and pull them over her hips and to the floor. Maria lifts her feet one at a time and I take the jeans the rest of the way off and toss them next to me on the sofa.

Maria stands in front of me dressed only in full cut white cotton panties. Her face is flushed and she shivers when my fingers grab the waistband and lower her panties to the floor. Maria has black hair and she has a full bush now streaked with gray. The gray streaking adds to the sexiness of this woman in ways that may be hard to imagine. Her bush is full enough that her pussy lips can only be discerned by a slight parting of the hair. I find her to be one of the sexiest woman I have ever seen in the nude and I have to reach down to adjust myself as the erection I have strains against the front of my pants.

I stand up and grab Maria’s arm and guide her into one of the corners of the room. “You just stand there for a while and think about what you have done and the punishment you are going to get.”
Facing the corner Maria timidly replies. “Yes Daddy.”

I walk over and turn on the lamp that stands on a table in front of the living room window and then return to my seat on the sofa.

Maria stands in the corner, fidgeting a little, her arms crossed behind her back and when the front door bell rings Maria turns and looks at me and then starts walking to grab her clothes. “Maria what do think your doing?”

“I’m going sneak back to the bedroom and get dressed so you can see whose at the door.” She said. “You know, just in case.”

“Maria stop. I know whose at the front door.” I told her. “You remember I asked you to trust me. I told you there was going to be some surprises for you tonight. Do you still trust me? I promise that tonight is going to be special for you.”

Maria stares at me for a minute. This is a moment of truth for her. Quietly, almost a whisper she says. “Yes Todd, I trust you.”

“OK then young lady you get your little butt back in that corner and don’t you dare move again.” I order her with a smile.

“Yes sir.” Maria said in a whisper and walks back over and stands in the corner.

I walk over and answer the front door and of course there stands Pamela and Janet. “Ah yes Mrs. W. ‘Pamela’ and Miss F. ‘Janet’ come in please.” I say. “Come right here into the living room.”

Janet and Pamela walk into the living room and take seats on a couple of the easy chairs and I return to the sofa.

“I see that you have Maria all ready for the punishment you talked about.” Janet said indicating the naked woman standing in the corner.

“Yes, I told you that she would be receiving a long bare spanking for stealing and I am so glad that you didn’t call the police on her.” I said. “Also I am very glad that you agreed to help me in her punishment.”

“Well we both feel that these things are best handled like this at the home and since you invited us to witness the punishment and even participate in it, we both felt this would be far better for the Maria’s education than a police record.” Pamela says.

“Maria I want you to come over here.” I tell my wayward daughter.

Maria turns from the corner her face burning red from embarrassment and stands directly in front of me. “Maria this is Miss F, the manager down at Kelly’s Drugstore.” I say indicating Janet. “And this Mrs. W the assistant manager.” I indicate Pamela. “They have very nicely agreed that instead of calling the police and having you arrested to take part in your punishment.”

Maria her eyes downcast said. “Yes sir.”

“Go over a stand in front of each one and tell them how sorry you are for stealing young lady.” I order Maria.

“Yes Daddy.” Maria said and walked over to Janet and told her. “Thank you for not calling the police, I’m sorry for taking the lipstick Ma’am.”

“Well that’s alright young lady I accept your apology, and after you are fully punished I will forget the incident ever happened.” Janet tells Maria.

Next Maria walked over and stood in front of Pamela and said. “I’m sorry Ma’am I promise after today I will never steal anything again.”

“I think that is probably true Maria, I hope you understand what your father has decided to do for your punishment is for your own good.” Pamela told her.

“Yes Ma’am.” Maria replied timidly then looked back at me waiting for my next instruction.

Imagine what is going through Maria’s mind if you will. Here she stood, the only person in the room naked. Knowing that soon she would be spanked. The range of emotions, apprehension of not knowing how, who or with what she would be spanked. The rush of excitement of living out something she imagined her whole married life. After thirty years in a boring marriage and as timid and shy as Maria is being the complete center of our attention.

“Maria go get ‘The Spanker’.” I tell her.

A small gasp escapes Maria’s lips and she seems to shudder a little as she turns toward the entertainment center. “Yes sir Daddy.”

I keep a belt and ping-pong paddle; fondly known as ‘The Spanker’ after the instrument Pamela’s Dad used on her and her siblings when she was growing up, way in the back of the bottom shelf of my entertainment center. They are kept there so that the person who is told to fetch them has to bend over and reach back exposing their bottom and sex to all those in the room. Janet and Pamela tell me it’s always been thrilling for them to expose themselves in this way. I find it sort of embarrassing when I have to fetch one these implements for punishment. Maria know
s where the implements are kept but has never had to fetch them before. This to is another first for her.

Maria looks over her shoulder at me. “Maria no d
awdling, get “The Spanker’ right this second.”

Maria turns to face the entertainment center, her legs spread about shoulder width to give her balance, and then she bends over to get the ping-pong paddle. When she bends her ass thrusts out and her ass cheeks and the lips of her pussy spread giving the three of us a full view of her asshole and vulva. Again I needed to adjust my raging hard on as Maria realizing the view she is offering hurriedly retrieves the paddle and stands.

“Maria bring the paddle over to Miss F and ask her to give you a spanking for stealing.” I order her.

Maria looks at me in shock. “No Daddy! Please you spank me?”

“OH, Maria I am going to spank you. But first Miss F is going to and then Mrs. W is. Depending on how hard of a time you give them will determine how hard and how many swats I am going to give you.” I inform her. “Now you get over there and ask Miss F to give you a spanking.”

“Ahh! Gee!” Maria said. Then she nervously walked over to Pamela and told her. “Miss F, please give me a spanking for stealing from the store?” And Maria handed the ‘The Spanker’ to Pamela.

“OK Maria lay down across my lap.” Pam told her, grabbing Maria’s arm and guiding her across her knees.

Maria laid down across Pamela’s lap, pushing forward, her hands on the floor, her bottom centered and arched and on her tiptoes. Maria whenever she lies across a lap gets exactly in this position. It must come from first receiving a spanking from Janet first. Janet is always a stickler for this type of position when you go over her knee. Pamela and I have been there many of times.

‘Spank!’ ‘Swat!’ Pamela brings the ping-pong paddle striking the center of each check of Maria’s ass.

“‘Ouch!’ ‘Oww!'” Maria softly responds to the spanks.

Maria has never received more than 15 or 20 medium hard swats in any of our sessions before. But tonight the girls and I have already decided that we are going to stretch her limit way beyond that. She is going to receive 15 from both of the girls; all medium in strength and finally when she goes over my knee I am going to give her about 25, the last 3 or 4 at what would be what we considered hard.

‘Whack!’ ‘Crack!’ Pamela kept the spanking going and by the time the last few ‘Smacks!’ struck her bottom Maria was asking. “Please Miss F I won’t steal again. Please Stop?”

“Maria you may standup.” Pam said after giving her 15 ‘Smacks!’ and when she was standing she handed Maria ‘The Spanker’.

When she stood up a full view of her bottom flashed my way and it had started pinking up nicely. Maria looked over at me pleading in her eyes. Ignoring her look I told her, “Maria go ask Mrs. W to spank you.”

“OH Daddy! I don’t think I can take anymore.” Maria begged.

“Maria remember what I told. How well you accept your punishment from the two ladies will determine how many ‘Swats!’ I am going to spank you.” I said and continued. “And young lady you already have a rather long spanking from me coming. So you just better do as your told.”

“Yes Daddy.” Maria said to me and approaching Janet asked. “Please Mrs. W spank me for stealing.”

“Over you go young lady.” Janet said indicating her lap.

This time when Maria went over the lap her butt was facing my direction and i eased back in my seat to watch. ‘Spank!’ ‘Crack’ Janet sent the paddle crashing down on Maria’s bottom.

“OH! Please not so hard.” Maria starts begging for mercy from the very beginning of this spanking. But the amount of strokes she is going to receive has been predetermined and Janet dishes out all 15 ‘Smacks!’ to poor Maria’s now reddening ass.

Maria is softly sobbing when Janet finally says. “OK Maria, you may standup and go to your father for the rest of your punishment.” And when Maria stands Janet hands her ‘The Spanker’.

Maria approaches me and hands me the ping-pong paddle. She has a few tears dripping down the corner of her eyes. Her eyes beg me to give her a break but I sternly look in her direction and point to my lap. Maria sighs softly. “Yes Daddy.” And very reluctantly lies down across my lap. She stretches herself into her usual position and said. “Daddy, I’m sorry for stealing, I know your spanking me for my own good. I guess I’m ready.”

“Maria, you’ve done very well so far taking your punishment and I am proud of how brave your being. But even so I am going to give you more ‘Swats!’ than you ever have received from me before and some of them are going to be harder than I have ever given you.” I told Maria. “Maria you’re my daughter and I will always love you, but I am very disappointed in your behavior and now you must pay the price.”

‘Spank!’ ‘Whack!’ ‘Swat!’ ‘Smack!’ I give Maria 4 quick cracks, 2 swats to each red cheek of her ass. These swats are all little harder than I have given her ever before.

“‘Oww!’ Oh! God! Daddy please it hurts so much.” Maria cries out.

Again Ignoring her pleas I Place my left hand in the middle of her back and hold Maria in place and continue spanking her the swats a little softer than the first four but still at least medium hard. I move back and forth across her bottom each swat a little below the last till I hit her in the middle of each thigh. The girls had avoided this tender area in their spankings, but being the father I knew I must give Maria the full measure.

By now Maria is crying and each ‘Smack! Brings forth a loud sob. Finally I said. “Maria you have two more swats left to come. But these two are going to be very hard. Are ready?”

“Oh Daddy! I’m sorry, yes I’m ready please just get it over with.” Maria cries.

‘Smack!’ I bring the paddle very hard down on the center of Maria’s right cheek. “Ouch! OH God!” Maria cries out.

I pause giving her a chance to recover and anticipate this the last swat of her punishment till finally ‘Crack!’ I give the last swat delivered very hard to the center of her left cheek.

“Oh Daddy!” Maria cries out and then losing all control sprawls on my lap crying.

I gently start rubbing Maria’s bottom. It is a deep red now and in places has turned a little purplish. There is definitely going to be a few bruises back there tomorrow.

Maria surprises me as she rather quickly recovers some of her composure. “Maria I want you to put ‘The Spanker’ away and you better remember that it is there. Then stand in the corner and reflect on why you have been punished.” And I help her off my lap and point her toward the corner. “You may rub your bottom but don’t you dare turn around until I tell you your allowed.”

“Yes Daddy, I am so sorry, I know the spanking was for my own good.” When Maria bends over to put the ping-pong paddle back her vividly red Ass is displayed for Pamela, Janet and I to it’s fullest. The crack of her bottom spreads and the view against redness is very erotic. This time I think Maria is proud of displaying her well spanked rear and takes her time rising and heading to stand in the corner. When she gets there Maria gently begins to rub her sore backside.

Pamela, Janet and I quietly stand and start removing our own clothing the second part of Maria’s break thru night is about to begin.

Once I am nude I walk up behind Maria and placing my hands on her shoulders and I turn her to face me. When she turns around I continue to rub her shoulders gently and tell her. “Maria you were superb. Are you OK?”

Maria looks beyond me seeing Pamela and Janet standing nude behind me their arms around each other and then looks back into my eyes and said. “Thank you all. It hurt but it was also some how wonderful.”

“We know.” Pamela says. “There is sort of a love when you are at the mercy of others and being punished.”

“I’m so proud of you Maria. You took the punishment so well.” Janet said. “But the night isn’t over yet.”

“What do you mean?” Maria asks. “I don’t think I
can take anymore tonight, I don’t think I’m going to be sitting much tomorrow as it is.

“No Maria. There will be no more spanking tonight.” I told he
r. “The rest of the night will be us, all four of us together in bed.”

“Maria we all love you.” Pamela said. “And we all want to share that love with you.”

Janet added. “Maria, we know that you want to participate in the bedroom with us but so far all you have done is missionary sex with Todd.”

“Maria do still trust us?” I ask.

“More than ever.” Maria answers.

“Then tonight we want to have you try many new things in the bed with us.” Pamela said. “I want to kiss you Maria, I want to use my mouth to make you fell good and I want you to lick my pussy.”

Janet said. “I want the same thing. I know you never have had sex with anybody other than your husband before us.”

“And even with him you never did oral sex. Maria I want you to suck me till I orgasm.” I told her.

Maria said. “Yes I have wanted to do all those thing with you guys, but I’ve been scared. I don’t know what to do and I was afraid of doing it wrong.”

Putting my arms around Maria I Lean in and kiss her deeply. “Maria you just need to try, we will help you.”

I then guide her toward Janet who puts her arms around Maria and pressed her lips to hers. The kiss is far from chaste as they soon are both kissing with opened mouths.

“My turn.” Pamela said and as Maria turned to face her they embrace amd kiss deeply.

“I think it’s time for the bedroom ladies.” I said. “As you can see I’m ready to burst.”

All four of us head to the bedroom. Maria said as we lie down on the king size bed together. “Todd, I want to do you with my mouth. What exactly should I do?”

“Just place his cock in your mouth and suck gently. Slide him in and out of your mouth.” Janet instructed.

“Yeah avoid touching your teeth on the tender skin but do slide your tongue around as you go up and down.” Pamela tutors Maria also.

“What do I do when he starts to come?” Maria asked.

“Well if you really care about Todd you just keep sucking.” Janet said.

“I do because Todd has told us that it’s really intensifies the feelings.” Pamela adds. “Both Janet and just swallow it, it really doesn’t have much of taste at all and they say it’s all protein.”

As the girls continued with instructions on how to give a great blow job I laid back on the bed.

Maria slid down next to my dick and smiling took me in her mouth. With Pamela on one side and Janet lying on the other cheering her on she quickly builds a nice rhythm.

“Take some time to lick his balls” Janet says. And Maria starts licking my nuts.

Pamela slips down close to my crotch and tells Maria. “Take them in your mouth, here let me show you.” And Pamela gently slides her lips around my sack and gently rolls them in her mouth.

Janet said. “Take your time. Lick his balls and below them down near the crack of his ass.”

As you can imagine the instructions are exciting to hear as the actual sensation of Maria following them. She takes Pamela’s place at my scrotum, starting at the crack of my ass she ran her tongue up my sack. She took my balls in her mouth for a second and then moved up licking to the tip of my dick. She ran her tongue all around the head.

Finally I said. “Suck me Maria.” Taking me in her warm mouth again building a quick rythm and after a few minutes I cry out. “Don’t stop!” I have a huge orgasm squirting a huge load of cum into Maria’s mouth.

Following both Janet’s and Pamela’s advice Maria keeps me in her mouth gently sucking and swallowing till finally I say. “That was great Maria, but I need to rest a little.”

I reach down and pull Maria gently up and when she is side by side with me I kiss her deeply.

As I slide out of the bed and sit in chair next to it I watch.

“I want you.” Janet said and working herself into a good position started kissing Maria. “So do I.” Pamela said and as Janet and Maria kissed deeply probing each others mouths Pamela started kissing Maria’s belly.

Slowly Pamela worked her way down and between Maria’s legs and spread the lips of her pussy started licking Maria’s clitoris.

Breaking her kiss with Janet, Maria looked down at Pamela and sighing said. “Oh God that feels good.” Panting slightly under Pamela’s administrations she told Janet. “I want to do to you the same thing as Pamela’s doing to me.”

“I’m always eager to please.” Janet said and straddling Maria’s face offers her pussy to Maria’s lips and tongue.

I feel like I’m watching a tennis match as a move from one side of the chair to other. First watching Pamela sucking at Maria’s pussy and then moving to watch as Maria strains to lick and please Janet.

Maria needs no instruction in doing Janet. I guess she s that what Pamela is doing to her feels so good that it easy to do the same to her.

As the night goes on both Janet and Pamela take turns making love to Maria and I think they all three orgasm more than once.

Later I fucked Maria doggie style as she lick out both Janet and Pamela who sat at the bed kissing. Thrusting deeply into Maria’s wet pussy looking at her red ass that so recently I had spanked I came again.

We continued pleasing each other and finally after a couple of hours of sharing each others bodies we all headed for the shower and then Janet and Pamela headed for home for their own beds I asked Maria. “Maria why don’t you spend the night.”

“OK Todd.” Maria said.

As we cuddled I asked Maria. “How do you feel?”

“Loved and very happy.” Maria replied.

“Well now you have just one more step to make so that the four of our relationship can be complete.” I told her.

“One more step?” Maria asked.

“Yes.” I said “Next time we will meet at your house.”

“Well OK!” Maria responded. “But that isn’t so hard.”

“Yes, that isn’t but at our next get together you get to set up the fantasy scene.” I told her. “Maria, we want you to be in control of the next fantasy. You set the scene and decide how too punish us.”

“I don’t know if I can do that.” Maria said a little nervously.

I told her. “Don’t get upset you can call me anytime you want for help. But in three weeks we’ll meet at your place and you are in charge.” Putting my arms around her shoulders and cuddling her. “You can do this. All three of us want you to feel the power and control of being the dominant.”

“I really need to do this don’t I?” Maria asked.

“Yes Maria it’s the next step and you will do just fine.” I held her till we both fell asleep.

In the morning we fucked again and Maria promised to do her best for our next game. she left my house with a satisfied smile and a very sore ass.

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