My wife’s hard spanking

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My wife love to be spanked,and over the last 10 years we have had a lot of fun with it.I love spanking a womans bare ass ,it makes me hard as a rock and it makes my wife dripping wet and eager to please.One night we were in bed and i was teasing her,making her hot and wet and after awhile i rolled her onto her stomach with a pillow under her hips to push her naked ass up a little more.I started smacking her bare ass a few times and then i would run my fingers lightly over her ass and down between her legs to her wet shaved pussy.After a short time i started to smack her bare ass very hard and i told her to tell me that she was sorry for being such a bad girl.But my wife decided that she was ready for a real bare ass blistering and she turned her head toward me and said NO ! At first i was a little surprised and then i got a big smile on my face and brought my hand down very hard on her bare ass,going from cheek to cheek until i had given her 25 hard whacks on her pretty bare ass.Then i said tell me that you are sorry for being such a spoiled little brat and my wife smiled at me and said NO !So i knew that she was ready for a serious ass whipping and i started spanking her so hard that she started to kick her feet and grab ahold of the comforter but she kept her head down and took every hard spank that i gave her.I slid my fingers down to her pussy and she was soaking wet.when she told me no for the 3rd time i started spanking her as hard as i could ,over and over again until i lost count and her bare ass was turning bright red.But every time that i brought my hand down full force on her bare red ass i noticed that she was pushing her ass up to meet the next spank.That night i spanked my beautiful wife’s bare ass harder and longer than i had ever spanked her before and she was so wet that she was making a spot on the bed spread.I spanked her bare ass untill it was bright red and very hot to the touch and when i finally stopped spanking her,she rolled right over on top of my and devoured my rock hard cock.My wife gives the best head that i have ever had,and that night was no different.She sucked my cock slow and wet until finally,i could not hold back any longer and as always,came in her mouth with her swallowing every with ease and then smiling up at me.When she was finished i buried my face in her soaking wet,slick,shaved pussy and stuck my tongue as far into her as i could,licking her up and down and flipping her clit with my tongue until she was wiggling all over and gasping for breath.Then i rolled her over onto her knees with her red ass up in te air and her head down on the bed and started licking everything from her asshole to her clit,back and forth,while rubbing her clit with my thumb.after that i did not take long for her to start screaming into the pillow and her orgasm streached on and on untill finally her legs were so weak that she could not stay on her knees anymore.And as she lay there catching her breath,i was already thinking about her next spanking as i slid my once again hard cock into her dripping wet pussy.

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