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She heard his car pull into the driveway and she nervously met him at the door. She knew she had been naughty and that she was going to get a spanking. He smiled at her and followed her into the living room and they began kissing on the couch. He pulled her onto her knees next to him and he reminded her how nasty she had been to him on the phone. She giggled and tried to make him forget by resuming their make-out session. He wasn’t going to be convinced that easily and rapidly pulled her so that she was lying face down across his lap. He had flipped her skirt up and was caressing her bottom and pussy through the sheer fabric of her black string bikini panties. Her panties were damp over her vulva with her excitement.
Feeling the dampness of her pussy, he started to spank her with his hand. He started out slowly, alternating the slaps between her buttocks, mixing the slaps with caresses between her spread thighs. As the spanking continued he gave her more slaps and fewer caresses until he was spanking her steadily and her bottom was starting to feel warm. His hand was also starting to get sore.
His hand moved again to her pussy and pushed her hips up, moving her panty covered clit against his fingers. “Shall I take these panties down, little girl?” he asked. “Yumm, yes, please”, she answered, rubbing against him. Thinking he was going to make love to her and forget her naughtiness. “Then get me the paddle” he ordered.
“But you gave me a spanking last night”, she complained. But you misbehaved again and you know better. He moved the sheer material of her panties aside, baring her right buttock, pushing the material between her cheeks. Besides, I don’t see any marks. You must not have been spanked that hard. Well the belt hurt. It hurt a lot. And then you paddled me. And then… he said, running a finger over her vulva. She sighed, “Then you fucked me and I came hard. But the spanking hurt.”
He slapped the cheek of the buttock he had bared. “Spankings are supposed to hurt young lady”, he reminded her. Our deal was if you misbehaved again you were to get the spanking of your life, “now get the paddle. And since we were discussing the belt and the tender bottom of a lovely young lady, get my belt also. She got up from his lap. “Yes, Sir” she said with a pout. She adjusted her panties and went up stairs to get the implements she would be spanked with.
He was surprised when she returned a little later, carrying the paddle and his thick leather belt, to see that she was naked except for her tiny string bikini panties, black against her pale skin. Looking at her wearing only a wisp of sheer fabric made his cock hard.
“You can put them on the table”, he said indicating the coffee table in front of the couch. Come here he ordered then he pulled her to him, between his legs. He raised his head and took her right nipple in his mouth. He sucked on her nipple and bit it gently. He pulled her close, cupping a buttock in each hand. After a few minutes he gently pushed her back. He looked up and saw her cheeks flushed with desires. “Now pull down your panties and get over my knee”, he ordered. “I’m going to give you a spanking”. No, she replied and he reminded her that refusing added 20 more spanks with the belt. She smiled slyly and whispered, I know…
He slipped her panties down to the middle of her thighs and caressed her bare pussy. She was very wet. I see you enjoyed that. You know doing that to my nipples makes me wet. Yes, I do. Now hand me the paddle and lie over my lap. Once again she refused and smiled. He pulled her over his lap easily with only minimal resistance from her. He knew she loved and needed these spankings as much as he did.
He took the paddle from her and then she positioned her bottom over his right thigh. He caressed her bare bottom with his hand and the paddle, slipping his fingers between her cheeks and down to her pussy. She spread her legs as far as the panties would allow as he rubbed her pussy. He ran the handle of the paddle between her legs and she shivered. Using the handle of the paddle he fucked her pussy, enjoying the moaning he created. Next he caressed her butt hole and she squirmed against him, “please fuck me there” she said and laughed, later he said. She moved against his hand, rubbing harder against him, her vulva slick with her wetness. Don’t you want to fuck me in my pussy or my ass she asked? I am so horny for you. Wouldn’t that be more satisfying than a spanking?
He slipped his thumb into her pussy, and began finger fucking her. His cock was rock hard. “Yes, I want to fuck you, you know that, but you were bad and I need to give you a hard spanking first.”
He withdrew his hand from between her legs, put the paddle down on the couch and began paddling her with his hand. He started out slowly giving her a few spanks and then stopping to caress her. Soon, however, he was giving her five and then ten spanks at a time. She lay still and took her spanking, but as her bottom got sore she started crying out with each spank. When he stopped spanking her, her bottom was blushed crimson and hot as he ran his palm over the curve of her buttocks. He ran his finger into her pussy to wet it and then pushed his wet finger into her anus slowly as she moaned.
Next he picked the paddle back up and alternated between each crimson globe of her ass, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, all the while listening to her moans and gasps of pleasure/pain. His cock grew harder and he knew he would be entering her soon. All of her orifices were available to him and that knowledge only made him hornier.
You’ve been a very good girl, lying still and taking your spanking he told her, but that still doesn’t make up for your refusal to be spanked earlier. Now I want you to bend over the back of the couch and spread your legs wide so I can watch your pussy as I whip you with my belt. I see you brought your favorite.
She stood up and stepped out of her panties, which had slipped down to her ankles while he paddled her. The back of the couch came up to the tops of her thighs. She bent over the back of the couch, resting her hands on the seat cushions. Bent over like this, she arched her bottom upward, with her cheeks slightly spread apart; her thighs open, leaving her pussy and ass totally exposed, presented for the belt or his cock. Spread your legs wider he said. I want to see more of your pussy. She complied of course, she always did.
She felt the tap of the folded belt on her bottom and clenched her buttocks in anticipation waiting to feel the hot stinging burn of the first stroke. Time appeared to hold still as she listened for the sound of movement behind her. She drew her breath in sharply as she felt the sting of pain as the first strike of the belt hit. After the first few strokes she was crying out after each one, wiggling slightly but never enough to anger him. He beat the lower part of her bottom and her upper thighs, giving her a few seconds between each stroke. As he spanked her with the belt, the cries merged together until she was crying softly, tears streaking her face. Glancing down he noticed the moisture dripping from her pussy, proving how excited the spanking made her. Her lips appeared puffier, fuller, and ready for penetrating.
After a time the beating stopped and she felt him caress her, rubbing her pussy, which was slick with her arousal. After the burning strokes of the belt his caress felt very good. Her bottom and the tops of her thighs were crimson, lined with welts. She heard his zipper open and his clothes slide off him as he undressed behind her. Desire filled her and she couldn’t wait to be speared by his member but she knew she wasn’t allowed to turn around to look. She lay there trembling with desire waiting for him. He spread her pussy lips further and slipped his cock inside her. She was so wet he met with no resistance. His thrusts were deep and hard, and he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her with each thrust. She loved the feel of h
is hard cock and she arched back, pu
shing her bottom upward as she had when she took the belt. After a few minutes though, he withdrew.
“Oh, please…” she said a bit breathlessly, wanting his cock again. I’m afraid you have more spanks coming, my love he said, caressing her hot buttocks.
He started whipping her again, giving the strokes across the middle of her buttocks, moving down to the top of her thighs. As he hit her thighs she started crying. After giving her twenty strokes additionally for defying him earlier he stopped and pushed into her again. He could feel her bottom, hot from the spanking as he fucked her. This excited him further. He stopped himself, not wanting to cum yet.
“I want you to go up to our bedroom and lay out the spanking strap on the bed and lie over the pillows” he told her as he withdrew his cock from her dripping pussy. She stood up. “May I rub my ass Sir” she asked? “Yes, you may” he answered as he stroked his cock watching her. She rubbed her sore bottom while he watched, smiling. Her buttocks felt fevered, hot, and she could feel the belt marks, like hard little lines lining her bottom and upper thighs. As she touched her butt her nipples hardened and she became even more excited if that were possible. She looked at him longingly and knelt at his feet taking his cock into her mouth. He pushed her away and pointed to the stairs.
She went to their bedroom and got the spanking strap from the closet. It had three thick leather lashes and a wooden handle. She thought about how much the strap would hurt across her sore welted bottom and the rate of her breathing increased. She lay across the bed, the pillows under her hips, pushing her bottom up and waited for him for what seemed like hours with the only sound being the ticking of the bedside clock.
“Good girl” he told her when he came up a few minutes later. I’m glad I don’t have to punish you further for disobedience. He picked up the strap. “Push that ass up for me and put your fingers on your clit” he told her. She reached under herself and put her fingers on her clit. “Massage that naughty little clit for me” he ordered. As she massaged her clit, moving her fingers up and down, she knew that her pussy was on display. She started breathing harder.
The strap cracked down hard across her ass, pushing her into the pillow, surprising her with its thud and pain. She kept her bottom up as he spanked her, crying out under the strokes. Every five strokes or so he would stop and make her rub her clit more. He would watch for her juices and her rising excitement. He would wait until her fingers started moving faster, still crying softly from her spanking, drawing sharp breaths, before he started strapping her again, keeping her on the edge of orgasm, the pain of the strap not letting her get over.
Finally he put down the strap and moved behind her, spreading her pussy, penetrating her, fucking her hard as she rubbed her clit. Her bottom and thighs were sore and hot and it hurt her as he slammed into her. Once again he stopped her just before she was about to come and she begged him to continue.
He told her he wanted her ass next and to get the Vaseline, the thermometer and the turkey baster and to meet him in the bathroom. The first thing he did was to make her lay across the side of the tub. Then he stuck his finger in the jar of lube and rubbed it onto her anus. She lifted her hips as if to force him to push his finger deeper into her but he only laughed. First the thermometer darling, to help to dilate you and to see just how hot I made you. He inserted it quickly into her rectum and twisted and fucked her ass with it watching her anus contract and try to grab onto the thermometer as he pulled it back and forth. After 4 minutes he was done checking her temperature and found it well above normal as he expected.
He turned on the warm water in the sink and mixed in the laxative he had bought. Using the turkey baster he filled her ass with the warm water, inserting the baster deeper each time. After six full loads he stopped and told her to lie there. While she held his enema he busied himself with her pussy.
In and out of her he ran his fingers, first one, and then two until she was moaning with desire and with the need to empty her bowels. When she could take it no longer he let her up to use the toilet. When she was done he lightly wiped her ass with the warm washcloth and felt her anus respond, then desire gripped him. Back to the bedroom and onto the pillows he commanded and she quickly moved knowing that soon his thick cock would be filling her ass. Massage your clit for me again he said and she complied.
He rubbed lubricant onto the purple head of his cock and onto his hand. First he jammed one finger into her ass, followed by two and then three. He withdrew his fingers and slowly he pushed just the crown of his cock into her ass and stopped, feeling the wonderful spasms of her rosebud as she contracted, adjusting to the size of him. Slowly he inched himself further into her until she accepted the entire length of his shaft up her ass and then he began fucking her for real, slapping her ass as he pushed in and out of her. She rubbed her clit faster, her arousal building as he fucked her. She was still crying like a little girl when her orgasm came, shuddering, blinding white light as she felt his cock get bigger and he pulled out of her ass. Lick me clean he commanded and she quickly jumped up and sucked his cock removing any shit and bacteria that were on his cock from her ass. He grabbed her favorite rubber penis dildo and told her to get on all fours so he could shove it up her ass and she eagerly complied knowing that once it was in place he would begin to fuck her in earnest and her pussy craved his cock by now. He flipped her over once the dildo was buried deep and forcefully shoved his cock into her dripping pussy. That’s my baby he said as she came again and again. You know you love my spankings and when I fuck your ass and mouth, but you know you want my cum in your pussy you little slut. He rocked into her deeper, feeling the large dildo up her ass, exciting him even further. Rub your clit he ordered and she began rubbing faster, breathing deeper and he pushed one last time so deep he thought he could see the image of his cock in her throat, he spasmed and then came inside her while orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. Once his cock shrank, he rolled off of her and she eagerly licked him clean. He pulled the dildo from her bright red ass and made her lick that clean and as he watched her deep throat the dildo his cock started to become hard again…

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