Never Meant to be – The College years.

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The last inch of summer swept over Ann’s skin as she walked from the bus to her new college. Summer was a nice, hot, awakening experience. She learned a lot more in the way of sexual enlightenment with Mr. Saunders than she would with half the varsity football team. She managed to teach him a thing or two herself, being able to bend like a gymnast didn’t hurt either. With the months that passed, Ann and Steve found a new flame for their relationship. She was the mistress and he was the love slave, that worked well enough for her.
Anxiety built in the bottom of her stomach, anticipating what new people she would come across. Steve was going to a different university majoring in engineering with his best friends Peter. Peter was half Japanese, half Ukranian, and all man, big in the pants too. Ann had the pleasure of finding that out at a party when she had an anxiety attack and tried to slip away into a closet while he was making a personal call coincidently. Her thoughts slipped back to it.
“OOOOOh my god.” Ann panted
“…Hello?” Ann inquired
“Hey, uh i’m trying to make a call in here, do you mind?”
“Yes, yes i do actually, this is my safe haven for the moment.”
“Well can you stop clutching my arm, your digging into my skin.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought It was a coat on the hangger,” Ann laughed nervously, then the strangers familiar voice hit her. “Peter, is that you?”
“Yes, and you are?” he replied.
“It’s me, Ann!” she smiled in the dark, she was always sort of attracted to him, but never made a move for the sake of his friendship with her “then” boyfriend.
” Ha! So funny, that we would bump into eachother at a crowded party, in a closet no less.” Peter mused, they both chuckled at the thought. Then there was silence, Ann felt Peter’s hand brush up her arm, to touch her neck, collar bone, her cheek.
“I’m sorry,” Peter started to pull away,”I must of had too much to drink.” but Ann gently reached for his hand.
“No,you don’t have to stop.” She whispered, she moved to press her body close to his.
“But you’re my bestfriends’ girlfriend.” he almost pleaded. Even with that obvious information and hesitation he ran his finger through her long dark hair. She heard him sigh softly, she stroked his chest and then his thigh, and genitals, Ann felt him getting harder.
” I couldn’t do that to him.” he said frustrated at the thought of the offering in front of him.
“As far as I know, I thought you were him, and things…just got carried away.” she smiled.
“Carried away?” he giggled, she moved and kissed him softly on the lips, even with the music outside pumping, their senses became hightend to the utmost degree. Peter felt the sexual tension rise up to the brink of explosion, he was always the nice guy who never got the girl, but he wanted Ann, NOW! Ann felt peter tug at the draw string of her beach shorts, she let them fall. Then his lips were enveloping her pussy, licking and sucking like she had only just experienced it for the first time. Ann had only assumed that Peter was no longer a virgin, a geek at heart, but a hell of a looker.
Peter couldn’t control himself, the taste, the smell, the feel of her was taking over, and in the closet of someones house. He pulled down his pants, grabbing Ann’s legs he hoisted her onto him as she grabbed the closet bar.Ann was so wet and warm already that penetrating made it so hard for Peter not to blow his load right there.It was wrong, but he couldn’t help but want her even more because of it, she was forbidden fruit, and he wanted every drop of her sweet juice. Ann lean down and moaned into Peter’s ear, which sent chills down his spine and a rush of blood to his already throbbing hard penis. He felt a way of wet and knew she was creaming, he reviled in the raw lust of all of it.
Just then the bar snapped and the weight of it fell on them causing them to tummble. Ann rushed to put on her shorts, praying no one heard.
The door opened.
“Hey what are you guys doing in her?” the hostess peered in, “An What the Hell did you do to my closet?!”

Much fun Ann thought to herself, after talking her way out of that situation, Steve never found out. It was a hot secret between her and Peter.

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