The Camping Trip

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It was a Thursday night, and I was just getting home and hoping Michael might want to come over. I must admit that every time he came around, my blood pressure went up. He had grabbed me one night at a party and in just a few minutes, he seemed to realize exactly what I needed. He told me later than he had been watching me and could see I was needing some special attention. Each time he came over, the intensity level seemed to go up a bit. He was taking me farther than I had been before, and I liked it. I felt safe with him. I trusted him and I knew he would not do anything I did not what. When I was with him I just let go and let him do as he pleased. Just then I noticed a message on the machine. For a second, my heart skipped. “Was he calling to cancel”, I hoped not. I pushed the button to hear the message.
“Hey girl!” he said, ‘ Get yourself some warm out doors clothes. We are going to take a camping trip. See you at noon Friday.”
Wow, I did not expect that. A camping trip. Who would have ever expected that! He was full of surprises. I guess that meant he was not coming over tonight. Since we were going camping Friday at noon, I guess that meant we would spend the entire weekend together. I was okay with that.
I took off early Friday and speed home quickly. I ran around finding all my out door type clothes, my hiking boots, my warm socks, my pack, and my gloves. How did he know I liked to go hiking? I don’t recall ever mentioning it. He seemed to always know what I liked.
At exactly noon, the door bell rang. When I opened the door, I was surprised to see Michael there with another couple. He put out his arms out and gave me a little kiss on the lips.
“This is Lisa and Tom,” he said. “They are old friends of mine and they are going camping with us. Got your things?”
“Sure,” I said. Tom and Lisa were very nice to look at. A very handsome couple, both very fit and trim. They looked so clean cut. Michael kept himself clean shaven but he always seemed to have a little more of an edge to him than most people. He always seemed to look a little rough.
“This will be fun!, ” he said as we all walked out to a big SUV in the drive way. It was Tom’s and it was loaded up with all kinds of camping gear. ‘We have everything all packed,” Michael said. “You don’t need anything but your shoes and socks”, he said with a big smile.
“Where are we going,” I asked as we got in. “Down to canyon creek”, Michael said.
‘Oh, that’s such a nice clean lake, are we going swimming?’ I asked.
“Sure”, Michael said.
“The water might be a little cool,” Tom said. “Lisa likes the water a little cool”, he said with a smile on his face. Lisa just looked down for a minute and said nothing. I think she may have blushed a bit. Lisa was a very pretty girl. Athletic, as was Tom, with shoulder natural brown length hair. She and Tom were obviously very close and it was clear Tom was the one in charge. Michael and I sat in the back seat. The trip was about an hour and we all talked and had a good time. I was a little surprised that Michael kept his hands off me the whole trip. Usually he would have done something by now, even if only to pinch a nipple or bite my ear or something.
When we pulled into the lake park, we parked as far at the end of the road as we could. We all got out and put on our hiking socks and shoes. Tom and Michael had already packed large packs for themselves, and there were two smaller packs for Lisa and I. We loaded up and headed off for the far back part of the lake. It was a bright pretty clear day and it made for a wonderful hike. I liked to walk and talk with Michael. He always had something interesting to say. Sometimes I wondered if he was making it all up. But then later I would see something on TV or read something I realize what he had said was true. Of course, he always put his own spin on everything.
After about 2 hours, we arrived at the camp site. We took off our packs and all pitched in setting up the tent and the camp site. As we unpacked I was amazed at all the stuff Tom and Michael had packed in those backpacks. They had come prepared. Tom and Michael had selected an area of the lake way back in the unused section, back where no one went. It would have been a little scary for just a couple of girls, but I never worried when Michael was around. He had shown me he was very capable of taking care of himself and looking out for me.
After we had the tent set up, it was getting close to dark. Lisa and I watched while Tom and Michael stared a fire and began grilling the steaks and lobster tails they had packed up the trail. Lisa and I helped by preparing a salad and getting the guys a cold beer out of the lake when one was needed. I noticed that Tom and Michael seemed to really get along and I liked Lisa. She was a very pretty girl with excellent manners and a very pleasing disposition. I liked to see Michael with a male friend. I had really never met many of his friends. He kind of liked to keep just for himself.
We all sat around and had a lovely dinner. Michael could tell really funny stories and he had the three of us laughing so hard we could hardly breathe. Pretty soon the sun went all the way down and the stars came out. The night air was still and very cool with no moon. Tom sat next to Lisa and Michael sat next to me and we all watched the fire burn. After a few minutes I noticed Tom was kissing Lisa and playing with one of her nipples. He kept kissing her and pretty soon he put his hand up her sweater and pulled her nipples out of her bra. She just kept her arms around Tom. It was pretty clear he could do whatever he wanted and it would be more than alright with her. Michael noticed I was watching Tom and Lisa, so he put his finger on my chin and turned my head around so to get me is a position to give me one of those powerful kisses. He tasted so good and his breathe and touch were warm and strong. He reached his hands up under the back of my sweater and unhooked my bra.
He then reached his hand up to my left nipple and stared to pinch me. It was a little cool and the tips of his fingers made my nipples get real hard. He smiled and played with me. He kissed my ear and bite my lobe.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Tom would take a look our way every so often just to see what we were doing. Lisa was getting pretty excited and so was Tom.
Michael stood up, said “Let’s get inside where it is warm!” So we all stood up and walked over to the tent. Tom had stared a ten warmer going, so it was nice and toasty when we walked in the tent. As soon as we all got in the tent, Michael reached up behind my back and took off my sweater. I was standing there with only my bra hanging on my breasts, but that changed as he took that off as well. I started to cover my self up, but he held my hands down and kissed me. Then he put his warm mouth on my nipple and he gently bit me. I could see Tom and Lisa looking at us. They both had very sensual looks in their eyes, and neither one was surprised to see what Michael had just done. I was a little embarrassed to be standing there in front of these two people, with no top on, but the excitement I was feeling made up for it. I guess being a little embarrassed was part of the thrill. Michael kissed both my nipples until they were excited and standing up. Then he lifted up my breasts and looked over at Tom.” She has really nice nipples, don’t you think?.
Tom nodded his head and said, “Let’s see the rest.”
Michael looked me in the eyes and reached his hand down and unsnapped my jeans. Then he slowing unzipped my pants. He kissed me the whole time, undressing me slowly so as to build the excitement. He pulled off my jeans and left me there in nothing but my panties. He kept caressing me and taking to me, while I stood there all but naked in front of these two people. Then he did the last part. He told me to run around, and he pulled my panties down. Slowly and carefully, he was enjoying taking off my clothes and letting his friends see me naked. He had a power over me, and I let go to him. He never seemed to go to far, and I trusted him complexly. He knew this and liked it.
After a little while I was standing in the tent, completely naked with my nipples all hard and goose bumps on my thighs. Michel made me stand there so both Lisa and Tom could get good looks at me. He turned me around a couple of times so they could see the whole package.
So far, Michael had not touched me in my most private places. I guess he was saving that for later. He was just getting me excited, but not to the boiling point. After Tom and Lisa had good looks at everything I had to offer, Michael sat down and pulled me down with him. He covered me up with a blanket and looked over at Tom.
Tom knew what to do. He pulled Lisa up and I could see the look of apprehension in her face. She knew he was going to strip her, and she was a little bit unsure, but she did as he said. First he pulled off her sweater and her lovely little breasts popped out. Her nipples were really hard, and there was red around them. Tom must have been pinching her, but she had not made a sound. He pulled off her pants and then her underwear just like Michael had done to me. When she was fully naked, Tom looked over at Michael and said” You want to switch.”
Michael stood up and pulled me up with him. He and I and Tom and Lisa where all standing in the tent with Lisa and I completely naked. Michael reached out and pulled Lisa by the hair and she come over to him. Tom reached out and put him index finger and thumb on my nipple and pulled me toward him. He was a good looking man and I liked him, so being with him for a minute or so was okay. Especially if this turned Michael on. I liked to turn him on. Tom started kissing me and playing with me. I noticed Michael was doing the same with Lisa. Pretty soon Tom started to touch me in my private areas. At first I was a little unsure, but he took what he wanted. He was good to kiss, but he did not have the same effect on me Michael did.
After a little while, Michael looked over at Tom and said,” You want to switch” and they passed us girls back and forth like this a few times.
Finally I ended up back with Michael and he told me to get down on my knees and put my head down on the floor. I thought may be he was going to penetrate me, but I was wrong. He and Tom took off their clothes and I could see they both had major hard ons. Tom was pretty well hung.
Michael got in behind me and reached his hand around to touch the front of my privates. The he started to spank me. Right in front of Lisa and Tom. I was naked and being spanked while they watched. Michael was such a pro at getting me excited. No other man could do this to me, but with him it all seemed so natural.
He slapped me and pinched me and touched me just like always. Every time I opened my eyes I could see Tom looking at me and Lisa was watching as well. Lisa seemed to like watching me get it.
Michael usually spanked me until I came, but not this time. After a few minutes, he started to rub my ass told me to get up on my knees. He then told Lisa to come over and to open her month. She did as she was told and he put his rock hard self in her mouth and told her to suck him. She did as he said. After a while he took it out of her and put it in my mouth. Over and over again he went back and forth all the while Tom sat there with that great big hard on watching and smiling. After a minute or so, Michael told Tom it was his turn, and Tom got up and Lisa and I serviced him.
Once I noticed Lisa tried to put her own hand between her legs and touch herself. Tom saw this and gently slapped her sweet face and told her “None of that.”
After they had each had a good few minutes of attention, Michael made me get back on my knees and he started to spank me again. This time he meant it. He put his hands just where I liked it and slapped me over and over again. Then he asked Tom to come over and Tom joined in. Tom slapped me on one side while Michael slapped me on the other. Michael was pinching my nipples and talking about what he was going to do to me and showing to Tom the little welts on my ass and saying how lovely my butt looked when it was all red and hot.
I started to get really excited with all that attention from those two men. Every so often I would look over and see Lisa. I think she wanted to spank me too, but Michael would not let that happen. He knew I liked to be handled by men.
As I started to get really close, Michael and Tom started talking about who should do me. Michael was telling Tom all about how my muscles contracted when I came and how good it felt to be inside me when that happened. The more dirt he talked the hotter I became. He knew just how to get to me. Just as I was winding up, he got in behind me and put it in. All the way in with one powerful thrust. “OH!”, I cried out.
He started to take me and slap me and pinch me all the while Tom and Lisa looked on. I finally got so excited, I could not hold it and I just came in a huge burst. After I came, Michael rolled me over and held me tightly in his arms and caressed hair. I was shaking all over. I was breathing heavy and it took me a good few minutes to settle down.
He wrapped me up in the blanket and he and Tom went to work on Lisa. By this time she was so hot, it did not take much to get her off. Tom was a little rougher on her than Michael was on me. I guess she liked it that way. She sure seemed to like it by the sound of her orgasm.
After Lisa came, Michael settled in on top of me and Tom did the same to Lisa. They both went at us for at least an hour before Tom came and then a little while later Michael. We were all wrapped up in the blankets and pretty much went to sleep right there.
The entire next day and night were more of the same. Michael had Lisa and he also let Tom have me. I know that if I had not wanted Tom to have me, Michael would not have let it happen. I would not have had to say anything, he would have just known. Tom was a good lover, but not the same as Michael. So far, there has only been one Michael.
 By the end of the trip we were all pretty tired, but very satisfied. Everyone had a chance to get everything they needed. Just one more in a long series of surprises from that man.
How did he know I like to go for hikes?

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