The Rule

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Shannon is a beautiful lady, with all the traits any man would look for in a woman. She is smart, fun to be with, very nice to look at, and an excellent lover. She just has one problem. She can’t say no. She can be had by any man or woman that makes her bell ring. Most men can’t see this, but those few that do, realize she can be taken anytime. Lesbians like to have her as well. Shannon does not seem to care. If the other person turns her on, she just can’t resist. Since she needs it so bad, and since I want her so bad, I have made one firm rule for her. She can have it with others so long as she tells me first and I know about it. This way she has to think about it first and it makes her a little more careful. I don’t want her to get hurt or pick something up we can’t get rid of. Don’t get me wrong, she is not a slut or a whore, she is just horny and she simply can not say not. So, according to The Rule, she has to call me or tell me she is going to do something or that some lady was taking her out to lunch and she did not know what might happen, but that she might have to go to back the ladies house for a treat. Sometimes we would have couples over and we would all go at it. She liked to see me having sex, and I liked to see her with other women. When we are alone, I treat her as my very private lover. She loves to be told what to do and the more intense the sex the better she likes it. Fantastic sex is my only real hold over her. She likes me, but another man who could please her better than I, would no doubt have her with him. This makes me work hard on new things to please her. She knows I love her, and in her own way she loves me back.
One day I came home from the gym earlier than I normally do, and I found her taking a shower. Her clothes were scattered all over the bathroom floor. I picked up her shirt and her pants. In her pants, I saw her panties. Normally I would not be interested in a pair of day old panties, but these had a feature that could not be missed. Right in the middle of the crouch was a large white smear of cum. Some man had just had Shannon and he had left a really big load inside her. She was not doubt rushing to he shower to clean up before I returned home. When I saw this smear, I was not surprised but I was a little angry. She knew The Rule, she had violated it, and now she had to be punished. If she knew that I knew and I did nothing about it, she would lose that little bit of fear she had for me. That would be bad. We needed a little bit of fear to create the constant under lying tension that made our sex so incredible.
I picked up her clothes up and put them in the hamper and went back into the living room. I heard the shower stop and there was a long pause before she came of the bathroom. When she did, she was all dry and she had her hair up the way she knew I liked it.
“Hey baby, your home already,” She said with a big smile and came over to give me a hug. She was trying to be really sweet and hope I had missed the panties or that I would over look them. Not a chance. As soon as she came close enough, I grabbed her by the arms and held her firm. I made her look me right in the eyes. I could see she was scared. She had disobeyed me and she knew it.
“You have been a very bad girl today, haven’t you. You know what happens to bad girls?” I said. She said nothing, so I shook her, “What happens when you disobey?” I asked again in a firm power tone.
“You have to punish me,” she said and tried to look away.
“Look at me,” I snapped. “You know the rule. I can see it has been to long since your last reminder.”
“Please, I can..” She started to say. But I put my hand over her mouth and told her to hush. She knew this meant that if she was not absolutely quite, I would put a big red ball gag in her mouth. She did not like that. From now on, she could only speak if I asked her a question. Her face and checks turned bright red and she started to breathe fast and erratic.
“Get in the bedroom.” I said as I turned her around and ripped off the towel she was wearing. As she walked in front of me, I watched her lovely butt cheeks sway from side to side with the little wiggle at the top of her legs. Someone else had just been having her and the thought of it was making me mad and very horny at the same time. “Did he fuck her in the ass,” I wondered.
“Get over here!” I told her and she came over to the corner of the bedroom. Stand here and put your hands behind your back.” She did just as I said. I went over to the dresser and took out the ropes I used to tier her up. When I came back and started to tie her hands together, she stared to slightly tremble. Then I tied her feet together. Now she was tied up tight, naked and vulnerable. What a beautiful sight she made.
“Turn around “, I said. When she did she could see I had a belt in my had. She tried to back away, but it was no good.
“You have to be taught a lesson” I said. “First we will start with you thighs.” I raised the belt and brought it down firmly across her lovely sweet unprotected thighs. WAP! WAP! The belt made such a lovely sound each time it struck her flesh. She tried to move her legs together to try and protect her clit, but I made her stop it.
‘Are you trying to protect yourself,” I snapped. “Stop that or it will only get worse,” I said as I used the belt right on the top of her soft unprotected thighs.
 WAP! WAP! I whipped her until the front of her thighs were bright red. She had her eyes tightly closed by now, like she always did when she was being punished.
 “Do you want to try and help yourself?” I asked. “Oh yes, please, oh please! “she said. This was my way of giving her a chance to say she was sorry. If she did a good job, I might back off a bit. I grabbed her by her arm and pulled her over to the bed. “Sit down”, I barked. She sat down. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock. “Do a good job, and I might go easy the rest of the way” I said. She immediately put my cock in her mouth and stared to suck the best she could. She was really working hard to please me. After a minute or two I said ” Is that the best you an do? Did you suck that other guys cock too?” I asked ” Did he cum in your mouth?” I asked as I pulled her back up. “How about your butt, did he give it to you in the ass,” I asked. “You know your ass is only for me!,” I barked as I pulled her hair back.
 “No, no! Oh no…” she said. “Well what did he do then?” I asked. She would not answer. She was to embarrassed and she knew anything she said would just make me madder.
 “Okay,” I said, “time for to your breasts.”
 “Oh!” she said and again tried to back away. I reached out and took one of her firm brown nipples between my thumb and my index finger.
” Did he suck your nipples”, I asked.  But before she could say anything, I pinched it really hard. Her knees buckled and she let out a little cry, but I did not let go. I then grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed them. I stared to get so horny that without thinking about it, I kissed her and she kissed me back with such passion and power. After a long kissing secession, I backed up a bit, and started slapping her tits. One slap on one then a slap on the other. Back and forth and she just stood there, taking it.
 After a few more slaps, I could she tears where starting to form in her eyes. One tear ran down her cheek,. As soon as it did, I traced back the tear on her face with my tongue all the way to her eye. I kissed both of her closes eyes. Each time a tear came out, I licked it off her face. She was not crying, but tears where coming out, I think I was more from being embarrassed than the slapping. I knew full well she could take a whipping, because I had slapped her so many times before much harder than this.
 “Okay, okay,” I said, “that’s enough for now.”
 I untied her, and as soon as her hands where free she put both her arms around me and started really crying. ” I’m sorry ,” She said. I held her like I always did, because she always did the same thing. She would be sorry and really mean it, but she would still do it all over again. She just can’t help it.
 “Okay, okay, get over to the bed and lay down across my lap.” She knew that meant one final spanking. I sat down and she laid down across my lap on the bed. I started to change the tone from punishment to pleasure. I caressed the inside of her thighs and her private parts. I rubbed over her hot red thighs. I used my left had to rub her clit and my right had to spank her. I spanked her over and over again until her butt was bright red. She just kept her ass raised and never said a word or made a sound. After about 20 slaps I rolled her over and put my cock in her. She was soaking wet and she wanted me to do it to her hard and fast. So I did. In just a very few minutes, she started to get tight. I knew she was about to cum. She held me tight and she finally realized a huge organism, with full of pants and moans.
 “Oh, I promise to be good,” she said after she relaxed. She opened her wet sweet eyes, looked into my eyes and asked “How do you want me?”
She had been punished enough. Now it was my turn for some fun. I can’t stay mad at her. It is not really her fault. She just can’t say no.


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