The Ticket

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I had just come home from a really trying day. Bad enough to deal with not to bright assistants, but having to push my way out of the building and past that jerk Kevin really put me in a bad mood. Guys like him just don’t get it. What was worse, it was Friday, and I had no plans yet again. Another night talking on the phone and eating a bowl of cereal. How boring! Just as I was starting to get undressed and unwound, the door bell rang. A delivery had arrived at my door. How odd, I was not expecting anything.  I asked the delivery boy what it was, and he just looked at me like, “I would have any idea lady”. “What could this be,” I thought. In side was a card and clothes. I opened the card. It was from Stephen. Stephen! Oh my god! Stephen sent me a package! What a surprise! I thought he had forgotten about me.
 I opened the card, “Put on these clothes and meet me at the game. Here is your ticket and parking pass.
 Oh my, what a surprise! This was the last thing I expected.
 Inside the box, still in the Victoria’s Secret wrapping papers, were a pair of white thigh highs, a lovely thick camel wool sweater, a pair of black pants, a thin little bra, and black dress shoes.
 “All just my size,” I thought. Wow, my whole day changed and so did my mood. I looked at the ticket. The hockey game started at 7:30. Oh my! I don’t have much time. Got to hurry. I jumped in the shower shaved closely and carefully washed my hair. I hurried to get dry and put on my makeup. Stephen did not like a lot of makeup, so it did not take long. I put on the thigh highs, then went to my drawer for pair of panties. “Wait,: I thought. “If he had wanted me to wear these, he would have send me a pair.”
‘Carol, what re you doing,” I thought to myself. ‘This guy has not called you in 3 weeks, and you are running around like a school girl in hurry to get dressed. What is the rush? He can wait…” Just then I looked at the clock, “Oh no! It is 7:00, I have go, need  to really hurry.” I threw the panties back in the drawer and hurried to get on the pants and the shoes. These clothes were so nice, really expensive and classy. I was surprises by his taste.” He likes nice things,:” I thought.
I jumped into my little car and raced across town to the hockey rink. When I got to the parking lot, I showed the man my red parking pass, and he waved me right on through. I parked and went in the arena. I had never been there for a hockey game, so I did not know the exact location of the seats. I showed the ticket to the ticket man, and he pointed me to the red boxes right down on the ice.
 I kept walking and looking at the ticket until I was literally at the first row. I was still looking at the ticket, when a firm hand grabbed my arm and said, “Hey, why don’t you sit over here?” 
It was Stephen. He had surprised me. He looked very good in his jeans and sweater. Those pants looked good on his trim body. There was something about him. He was always so intense, never quite relaxed. Sometimes he made me a little anxious. Our seats where right in front of the glass. They must have cost $500 each.
 “You look nice,” he said as he ran his hands down my pants. He was feeling to see if I had followed his unwritten directions as to my clothing. I could see a quick little smile on his face as he realized I had worn exactly what he had purchased, and only what he had purchased.
“This will be an exciting game,” he said.
I had never been to a hockey game, and I really did not know much about this game. After a few minutes, he leaned over and kissed my ear. Then he bit my ear lobe, and put his hand under my sweater. There we were in full public view, and he was putting his hands on me. Of course, no one behind us could see and there was no one in front, so I guess no one really could see what he was doing. Besides, most people were watching the game. Each time the skaters would come by, he would reach his hands up my sweater and feel me. Sometimes, he would reach his hand between my legs. Once, without thinking, I started to cross my legs. He immediately pushed my leg off to the side and looked me in the eye.
“None of that,” he said. I knew he meant it.
One time when the skaters went by, the reached his hand up under my sweater and pulled one of my nipples out. Then he put his hand back down. “How embarrassing,” I thought. I hope no one sees this. I looked around the huge crowd, but no one was looking at me, that I could see.
After a minute or two, there was a big pile up right in front of use, the players were smashing there faces against the glass, and I could see the blood and sweat on them. Stephen put his hand up my sweater, got a good hold on my hard erect nipple, and pinched it so hard. He pinched my nipple right in front those players. All the people where yelling and screaming and those players were fighting with each other and the place was loud and all the time he just keep pinching me. The players finally broke up and he let me go. Oh my god! That was so intense. He then put his hand between my legs, and stared to rub me gently just where I needed to be touched. He knew where all my buttons were and he knew just when and how to punch them. 
“Are you enjoying the game?’ he asked. 
“Yes,” I said. Until I spoke I did not realize that I was actually panting a little. The excitement of the game, those big strong men slamming into that glass, Stephen touching me and pinching my nipple, it had me all wound up.
When the payers were all at the other side of the rink, Stephen reached his hand up behind my back, and undid my bra. He reached his hand up under the front of my sweater, and pulled down my bra, then made me move around so as to take it completely off. He made me give it to him ,and he put it in his pocket. Now both my nipples were exposed and available for his pleasure.
“How many people were seeing this”, I wondered. Should I really let him do this to me. Right here in public. Just then, he put his finger on my chin and turned my face around so I was looking him right in the eyes.
“I missed you,” he said. Then he kissed me, in front of all those people. I didn’t care, his lips tasted so sweet and his kiss so powerful. I was lost in that single moment.
“What would he do next,” I wondered. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. In minute, I could see why. He wanted to pinch the other nipple. When the skaters game rushing by, all the people started yelling because one of the players was going really fast with his stick in front of him and pushing that black hockey puck up so fast. I was watching the game and feeling Stephen pushing his hand up my sweater with his warm firm palm on my stomach. Slowly he got just the grip he wanted. All the people where yelling and just then a loud horn went off and all the people stood up and yelled and just at the exact second with all that yelling and excitement, Stephen  pinched my other nipple so hard it mad me cry out. But no one heard me, my little scream was covered up by all that noise. Oh, how he pinched me but he let go just as fast as he had pinched me, but it kept stinging.
Then he pulled my chin over to him and kissed me again. Both my nipples were stinging as he rubbed his flat palm on my tummy. I was breathing hard.
“You like hockey,” he said as he looked into my eyes. He had such a penetrating gaze, I had a hard time looking him straight in the eyes for long.
Before I knew it, the game was at half time. I was really wound up and tense from all that pinching and touching. I was totally under his control and he knew it and he liked it. So did I.
‘Let’s go for a walk,” he said and stood me up. I don’t have very big tits, but my little nipples were so puffed and hard, they just stood right up in that sweater. Everyone could see them. He put his arm around me and walked me to the top of the stairs and down a long hall way. I knew better than to ask where we were going. After a minute the crowd and the sound of the game could not be heard. We where somewhere back in the back part of the arena, where not to many people went.
He took me around behind a short walk way, where it was a little dark and where it seemed quite.
He pulled up my sweater and looked at my nipples. Right there in the hallway, someone could have seen us, but he did not seem to care. Then he took his mouth down and sucked my little hard nipples, one then the other back and forth. I put my hand on the top of his head, and ran my fingers through his hair. His warm mouth felt so good after all that pinching. He sucked one nipple up between his teeth and held there for a minute so I could realize what was coming. Without realizing, I held my breathe and he bit my nipple so hard. I had to let out a little yell, and he took his hand and put it over my month.. 
“Hush, not a sound,” he said. 
He took me over to the wall and told me to turn around. I did as he instructed. Then he unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees. There I was, half naked with my pants pulled down and my sweater pulled up. Anyone who would walk out there could see me!
“Relax,” he said. We just have time for a little spanking. Just as that last word came out of his moth, his firm hand slapped my tight little butt. Oh, how he slapped me! Somehow his hand was soft and hard at the same time. He kept it up, then paused for second and took something out of his pocket. 
‘This will help you concentrate,” he said and I felt a sharp pinch on my left nipple. When I looked down I could see he had put a clothes pin on my little nipple and it was pinching me so hard. 
Then he started slapping me again while using his free hand to touch my wet hot private parts. That thing on my nipple really pinched, and his slapping my ass was making my butt really burn. 
‘Hope no one is watching” he whispered in my ears. Someone watching me get spanked half naked like this! With this thing pinching my nipple. That would be so embarrassing!
He kept spanking me and touching me and my nipple was starting to burn and I could feel my self building to an orgasm. I kept wondering if he was going to put himself inside me. I could fell how hard he was, but he just kept touching me a talking dirty to me and biting my ear. My knees started to bend and he slapped me even harder, and then he took off the clothes pin and that sudden release send a shook right through me. My knees buckled as I came and let out a loud gasp. He spanked my naked butt even harder while I was coming until I was fully spent. Then he backed up a bit and just and looked at me standing there with my pants pulled down and my sweater pulled up. What a sight I must have been. My nipples all puffed and pinched, my butt all red and burning.
“Turn around”, he said.
I did what he said, and then he yanked off my sweater and kissed my nipples again. I was standing there with no sweater on and my pants pulled down. “Here put this on,” he said as he handed me my bra back. I put it on quickly and then had to wait a second for him to give me back my sweater. He liked to see me naked and anxious.
“Now take your pants off”, he said. He wanted me to take off my pants off and stand there with nothing on but my thigh highs. So I did it. He put his arms around me and held me while I stood there all exposed. He rubbed the back of my still burning ass and kissed me. The air was cold on my thighs and I started to get goose bumps.
 “Here put this on,” he said as he handed me a pair of black panties he took out of his pocket. He watched as I put my under wear  on. Then he handed me my pants and said, “Put your pants back on, the second half is about to start.”
After I was dressed, he kissed me and bit me ear lobe. “Was that too much,” he asked.
I didn’t say anything.
“I have been thinking about you”, he said.
He took me back to our seats and ordered a beer for himself and a water for me. We watched the rest of the game and then he took me home so I could satisfy him. He has to work so hard for his own pleasure. I helped every way I could. I stayed over at his place that night. We both slept so soundly.
 He was right, it was an exciting game.

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