She Always Knew Chapter II

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She Always Knew
Chapter II

Joy was standing, of necessity, in exactly the same spot in the kitchen, as she was a day, no a lifetime, ago. This time she allowed herself the intensity of feelings that lay dormant only fourteen hours earlier when she revealed to Steven her hidden need. She had only been dimly aware that there was something amorphous, a vague thought, a fantasy, a desire or something that invaded what should have been quiet contentment with the man she adored. As she watched him again exercising, she allowed herself to relive last night’s near debacle when they’d returned home after the play.
After dinner she remained in a quiet contemplative mood as Steve continued to watch her with growing concern. She always felt his mood and was acutely aware of his discomfort; after all she was the cause. She’d promised to tell him what was bothering her after the play and was searching for the right words and he was being his usual patient, understanding self. When they exited the restaurant she suddenly felt clingy and reached for his arm and held him close to her breast as they walked to the car. They were quiet during the drive to the auditorium in the Center for the Performing Arts. She resumed holding him close while they made their way toward the auditorium. She felt as though he was an anchor and if she let go she would waft away on errant breeze. The perfect night was a natural outcome from an almost too perfect day. The sky was replete with stars and practically cloudless, a slight breeze barely rustled through the leaves of the tree-lined circle that housed the Performing Arts Center. Joy looked to the sky as if an answer was written in a hidden language there. She had to tell him, and right after the play. She was at once frightened and excited at the new course their relationship would be taking. During the play, while Steve did his best to enjoy the play, Joy thought as intently as she had ever tried to before. She decided to play it by ear when they returned home. The only thing she had decided was that Steve had to be seated before she began speaking.
On the way home Steve pretended to concentrate on driving while his mind was in turmoil. He was fighting the urge to broach the subject and barely noticed when they approached their driveway. In the garage while the engine died he centered himself before getting out of the car and walking around to her side and opening her door. Offering his hand he said, “No pressure sugar lump, it’s your party.” Joy could only manage a whispered “Thank you.” as she gained her feet on heels that were thin enough to draw blood. They entered the house and immediately Joy headed for the living room so that they would be as she pictured it. “Steven, please sit right here on the couch. In the middle not where you usually sit.” Joy began and took a deep steadying breath. “First of all, I want you to know that I love you more now then I ever have. I respect you more than you know and you are my best friend.” Steve’s control left him; he was bracing himself for the worst case scenario. He thought that she was leaving him and he was searching for a way to change her mind. Joy was walking around aimlessly in an effort to gather herself for his reaction and never noticed the expression on his face. She stopped pacing suddenly and facing him said, “I don’t have the self discipline that I think I should have. I’ve asked for several extensions on my thesis deadline and I still don’t have an outline. I need your help, Steven, and not in the usual way. You have always been encouraging, helpful, and have given me enough space to accomplish my goals. I need more.” She finally noticed his tense and concerned expression and rushed over to him. Kneeling in front of him she said, “Oh Steven, what did you think was going to happen here?” “I thought you were going to leave me. I knew that I’ve been preoccupied lately and not as attentive as usual. I’ve been working so hard to get ahead that I’ve been…” She cut him off, “Steven, you are the most loving, thoughtful, and compassionate man I could ever hope for. You make me so happy. If I made you as happy, I wouldn’t be as troubled as I am. Shush, shh, shh, please let me finish.” Steve was trying to protest but he settled down. Joy continued, “Where was I? Oh yeah, I need you to help me to stick to task, to be the best person, wife and eventually mother tat I can. I need you to take me in hand, literally. I need you to administer discipline when needed. I trust you to know where my limits lie, and when necessary push them.” Steve’s mouth dropped open; he couldn’t quite believe what had just taken place. His emotions had run the gamut from trepidation to relief and now he found himself getting angry. “You mean I should spank you when I feel you need it? When you are not doing what you promised, when you ditch your work, when you become too inwardly focused, etc., I should take you over my knee? Is that what you’re saying?” Joy took a very deep breath and nervously said, “Yes.” Joy stood up and reached out to embrace him, only she had forgotten that she had done exactly what he’d described earlier today. When Steve took her hands in one of his and pulled her across his lap she cried out, “Oh no, I’m not…” Joy regretted her choice of wardrobe. She was wearing a light, clingy, short black cocktail dress and it afforded her little protection.
“You let me squirm, thinking the worst all day long?” Steve said quietly. Joy knew he was angry because his whole body stilled. She wasn’t prepared for the first swat. “Steve, I am sor.. Owwry, I was trying to find the ouch, oh my god, wait, no wait.” He was laying into her with all the pent up emotion of the afternoon and evening. Joy was thankful that he hadn’t lifted her dress but was still feeling it. Oh my god, how can he generate so much power from a sitting position. She thought she could take it over her dress and was only concerned about taking on “the bare”. Now she wasn’t sure.
Spank, slap, swat, he was going from one cheek to the other and sometime hitting both. POW! “Joy Sen I was scared out of my wits, you didn’t have to do that to me.” “Ungh, ungh, oww, omigod!” was all that she could manage. Then Steve paused and started massaging her bottom. Joy, almost out of breath took note of the moisture between her legs and her bottom felt afire. She knew he was a long way from finished and wondered if he knew where her limits were. But that massaging felt good, and she relaxed a bit, only to tense up when she felt her dress being lifted. “Steven, I don’t think I’m ready to… OH MY GOD!” As Steve resumed his onslaught, she thought she would never sit again. Despite the pain, Joy was feeling as aroused, as she knew she would and although she was in considerable pain she felt almost ready to explode. She couldn’t help kicking her lags and squirming around Steve’s lap. She felt his arousal too and that made her dual feelings more sensual than painful. However, there was pain, immediate and impossible to ignore. She was letting Steve know in no uncertain terms just how much it hurt. Smmmaaacckk, he finished off another set of spanks and began massaging her bottom very, very lightly so as not to torture her. He was speaking in a quiet, controlled voice, “I realize the incongruity of this question, but, are you okay?” Joy was out of breath and had to pant, “Well, (pant) I (gasp) asked (pant) for it.”
Steve said, “I am very angry with you but, I don’t want to cripple you. I just want to make you think.”
“I will, I promise”
“Now that I’ve got your attention we will begin.”
“BEGIN! I’m not sure I can take any more, Steven. Please.”
“It won’t be much longer” That said he began to lower her panties and asked her to raise her hips to facilitate their passage. All that she could manage was a loud groan, but she knew it would be easier if she just cooperated. He was in no mood to brook any argument. So she raised her hips and he lowered her panties to her knees. Still massaging her lovely, round ass, he told her, “Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, we ca
n discuss the matter at hand.” Joy couldn’t quite understand what he was getting at so all she did was sigh. “Have I lost your attention again!” Smack! “No! What do you want me to say?” “I’ll leave that up to you. Now, you shirked your thesis for the third time, and you told me that you began your outline and you haven’t. You spent the day window shopping and came home without any underwear on. I want an explanation, miss.” Joy was blown away, she thought she’d hidden her lack of underwear very well and had no answer for it except the truth.
“I’ve been thinking about this all day and….”
“And what?”
“Well, I ah, I…. I know this makes me sound weird but, it turned me on.”
“Sweetheart, I know this excites you,” As he was speaking he lipped his fingers down to touch her moistness and teased her with caresses. Then he slipped two fingers between her lips and slowly eased them in until she responded with her hips pushing backward to meet them. Then he removed them and she groaned more loudly then before, “your sweetness hung in the air of the bedroom and I knew how excited you were. I hoped it was me that you were thinking about.”
“Steven, how could you think there is anyone else, let me up.”
“Stay right there, until we’ve finished.” Joy was hurt and didn’t want to continue. He said the one thing that hurt more than any spanking could, and the tears were flowing freely now. Steve held her there on his lap and said, “What was I to think? You left when you said you would be working and spent part of the morning and most of the afternoon “shopping” and you return sans panties with the scent of sex. Tell me, how long would you wait to demand an explanation from me?”
She knew he was right and she had no reason to be hurt. She’d had the same thought when she removed her panties on the way home. So instead of fighting she resigned herself to her fate. “Okay, you’re right, I should have told you right away. I’ll never keep anything from you again.”
“I should hope not, we need to have some rules of etiquette here.” Steve said commandingly. “I only want you to speak when I ask you a question or if it’s too much. Is that understood?” Joy was taken aback, he’d never spoken in such harsh tones to her even when she was being unreasonable. “I am not a child Steven!” Joy meant to be stern but considering her position she didn’t quite bring it off. Steve had to maintain his composure even through the absurdity of their relative positions. “Are you sure you want to speak to me using that tone?” Steve’s voice was soft and barely audible. It sent chills down Joy’s spine. She whispered, “I-I’m sorry, I did ask you to do this. I think that I should have some input.”
“You’re right, after all you have the power. I am a willing tool for your needs. However, I want to set some parameters so that we both achieve our desired goals.” Steve was still speaking calmly. Joy had to agree but she didn’t want to negotiate from across his lap. It put her in too vulnerable a position, so she said, “You do what you think is necessary and we’ll talk later, okay?
Steve asked, “How many strokes do you think you deserve for each extension?” Joy thought about her bottom and how soon she would have to sit and said, “Five?” “And how many strokes for lying?” She knew she had to be right about this one so she said, “Fifteen?” Steve looked at the color of her ass, which was taking on a distinctly purple hue and said, “That’s thirty you know. I think we’ll add ten for not trusting me and ten more for hanging me out to dry all day long. Does that sound right to you?” Joy said, “That’s fifty on my bare bottom! Steven, I’m not sure I can take that.” “We’ll see won’t we. I want you to count out loud.” And with that Steve stopped caressing her bottom and began to spank.
He began moderately increasing power and varying the pace. Swat! “One” Spank! “Two” SMACK! “Ouch, wait. I mean three.” He murmured, “Let’s dispense with the commentary.” Swwaattt! “FOUR! On and on, there were no constants. He would sometime caress her bottom, then spank her, or stroke her pussy until she was on the verge and then spank, or spank hard twice or three times in a row. She could never tell what was coming but she remained on the very edge of orgasmic bliss. Never quite getting there. It was as if he knew or read her body so accurately that he knew when to stop stroking her or when to vary his pace, power, or spot on her bottom. She was crying tears of frustration and pain. “Oh god thirty-three.” Steve paused, rubbing her bottom, occasionally dipping to her moist opening. Then spanking her again, this time very deliberately. “Forty, mmm.” Forty-one, owwwy” She was beside herself, and tried to angle her body to touch his hardness but he held her tight. Soon she was saying, “Forty-six, oh please don’t stop. Owich, forty-seven, yes, yes, oh, I’m com…. Ouww oh Steven, let me cum. Ungh, forty-seven no forty-EIGHT.” Steve said, “We almost had to begin again, be careful sweetie.” Meanwhile as he was caressing her beautiful globes and trying not to blow his own load. SWAT! She screamed out forty-nine and although the tears were flowing she didn’t reach back to ward off any blows. As a matter of fact, the only thing on her mind other than to keep an accurate count was trying to reach an orgasm. Steve took a little more time caressing her and massaging her very hot bottom and when he felt her relax applied the final spank. It was just a light pat, and then he helped her up to sit in his lap. He wiped her tears and kissed her tenderly. “How do you feel?”
She said, “That was intense, I don’t know if I want to do that again.” “That means I did what you asked. If you were looking forward to the next time it wouldn’t have served its purpose would it?” Steve replied. Joy said, “I guess you’re right, but did you hate it?” Joy was careful to gauge his demeanor. He answered her with a long passionate kiss. He ran his hands over her thighs and between them. She rose and reached for his belt and zipper freeing his manhood she dipped her head and teased the tip. He leaned back, relaxed and enjoyed her expert ministrations. He raised his hips to allow her to lower his pants to pool around his ankles, never removing her lips and tongue from there task. It was his turn to say “Oh god.” He was holding on by a thread and wanted to enter her in the worst way. She lowered her head to try to engulf him entirely and had to stifle her gag reflex, then withdrew almost all the way, teasing him with her tongue. Her hands were exploring his chest and stomach, and then she felt his stomach clench and he groaned loudly filling her mouth with his seed. His legs were straight out, his toes curled and he thought he would never stop. She swallowed every drop and looked up smiling; “I guess that answers my question.” Steve looked down at her, loving her more than he thought possible, “It’s your turn.” He lifted her to her feet while kicking his loafers and pants off. He stepped out of his boxers and lifted her in his arms as he rose to his feet and placed her on the couch. Joy said, “Wait Steven, I don’t think this dress will be worth wearing if I don’t take it off now.” With one swift motion she had it off and lay before him eagerly in all her glory. He looked at her hungrily and began tracing his mouth and tongue from her mouth to her breasts. He teased each nipple to hardness then using his hands to maintain them in that state, he moved on. He lingered on her stomach tracing her muscles then teasing her navel. After lingering a while he gradually worked his way to her mound. He barely touched her clit on his way to gathering each of her vaginal lips in his mouth. Her breathing increased and deepened as she anticipated his every move but he always surprised her. He sucked her lips into his mouth paying loving attention to each of them in turn, then he slipped his hands under her, “Sssit, ahhh, oh.” Her bottom was still tender, “I’m sorry.” He murmured and moved his hands further up to her waist to lift her pelvis for greater access. His tongue entered her and she exploded in the orgasm that had eluded her
for so long now was hers and she held his head tightly against her as the waves rolled over her. He watched her stomach as it spasmed and relaxed. Then, having recovered his erection rose and entered her as the spasms subsided. This was one rhythm they both knew, and slipped into without conscious thought. It wasn’t long before another orgasm ripped through her and Steve lay still marveling at the feeling of her gripping and releasing tunnel. He buried himself to the hilt very quickly and she gasped then rose up to meet his thrust. It wasn’t long before they were both on a ride they had no way of stopping. His orgasm hit first followed immediately by hers, which caused her to milk him dry.
They lay there trembling, trying to control their breathing. Finally he gently rolled to the carpet taking her with him. Cradling her in his arms he stroked her long thick hair. She snuggled into the hollow of his shoulder and whispered, “Now that was intense! I think I like the after spanking experience.” Ya think?” he joked, “Joy you are an amazing woman, and I love you. Don’t ever scare me like that again, okay?” Joy whispered drowsily, “Okay, I don’t think my bottom can handle it. Let’s stay right here, I’m too comfortable to move.” And they slept the night right there on the floor of the living room.
Joy was so caught up in reliving last night that she wasn’t aware of the passage of time. She hadn’t begun to make coffee or make breakfast. Steve had already disappeared on his morning run and she had no idea how long he’d been gone. She hurriedly scurried around the kitchen making all the preparations for their morning breakfast and was bending to get a frying pan as Steve walked through the door. “Good morning sunshine.” He said as he sat down. Joy froze, bent over in a way too inviting position. “G-good morning, have you finished already?” “What’s the matter. Why so tense?” Steve asked. “I haven’t done anything yet, I don’t have your coffee ready and your breakfast isn’t cooked and I should’ve been working on my outline while you were exercising.” Steve walked over to her and after she straightened embraced her saying, “I won’t expect perfection if you don’t. I am not perfect despite what you tell everyone and if I hold you to a higher standard then I hold myself wouldn’t that make me a hypocrite?
Joy visibly relaxed, “You know, I should trust you by now shouldn’t I.”

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