She Always Knew Chapter III

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She Always Knew
Chapter III

Steve was troubled. He wasn’t a violent man by nature although he was trained in many disciplines of martial arts. That training along with every instinct, tended toward defense. He never initiated a confrontation, but was always prepared when there was no other option. Steve was a mild mannered man, slow to anger, level headed, and thoughtful. When Joy finally unburdened herself he was out of his element. Yes he was angry in proportion to the anguish of the entire day’s stress. He’d convinced himself that his marriage was in trouble and for the only time in their relationship he was in doubt. She knew, better then he, how dominant a personality he was. He was a natural leader, captain of his high school football team in both junior and senior years, he was always the closer on the debate team, and graduated third in his senior class. He was beaten out by .2 and it still bothered him a little. Every team or group he was a part of would always consider his leadership first and if he declined, they would seek his advice before embarking on a chosen course of action. Joy knew that he chafed under mediocre direction, although he never voiced his displeasure out loud. Dominant, but how dominant?
Steve didn’t think of himself in those terms. Of course he was aware of his leadership capabilities and expected to be considered for any leadership role that came his way. But dominant? Never. He cherished Joy. Although he wouldn’t kill himself if she left, he would need a significant amount of time to grieve. When he understood her need and followed through he was surprised at his own reaction. He was excited beyond memory. However, there was that part of his mind that screamed at him, “YOU’REBEATING YOUR WIFE!” But then, she was so visibly excited by this that it turned him on also. After his anger had abated he noticed his own excitement. His only thought was don’t hurt her.
He was going through his bushido exercises in the garage and was having trouble concentrating. A week had past since the REVELATION, and it seemed as if Joy worked at getting into trouble. The morning after they’d spent the night on the floor beside the couch, he kissed her, arose and headed for the shower upstairs shaking his head. He paused at the halfway point on the stairs and looked at her. Naked and still half-asleep she stretched languidly, yawned delicately and said, “I’ll straighten up and get the coffee started. You’re just a bear without it.” Just as if nothing had happened last night. Steve’s gaze traveled over her to linger on her bottom that appeared just a little bruised with spots of discoloration where he was sure she still felt last night’s activities. Yet she got to her feet, reached for her dress and walked across the room away from him towards the hall closet to get a hanger, with all the grace of the dancer that she was.
Joy, on the other hand, was thinking only of him. She knew he’d feel badly and didn’t want to exacerbate his guilt because she knew it was only the first of many times to come. Not that she planned to consciously act out, but she knew how stubborn, irrational and downright childish she could be. To tell the absolute truth she needed to know how far he could be pushed and where her boundaries lay. She was sore but didn’t show him how sore she was, but as soon as she heard him on the landing above her hands flew to her bottom. She opened the closet door and looked at it in the full-length mirror. Amazed at how little it showed she began to inspect her body. Her examination was thorough, as it traveled from her bottom, which was the only part of her body of which she approved, to her full breasts that were too small. Her overly muscular legs, arms too long and muscular, flat stomach, but she saw a the beginnings of a pot, her waist was too small for the wide hips that followed and kept her off the gymnastics team, her legs were okay. Her hands were following this inspection and traced over her stomach trying to find the imaginary pot and lingered just at the bottom of her stomach. She turned and faced the mirror. She heard the shower start and allowed herself to relive last night’s aftermath. Without conscious thought her hands found her clitoris and brushed it gently on they’re way to caress her vaginal lips. Her breath quickened as the other hand found her breast and squeezed while one finger grazed a nipple. Reluctantly she dropped her hands upon hearing the shower stop and with a deep sigh she grabbed a housecoat and went into the kitchen.
After his shower, Steve changed his mind about discussing what happened last night got dressed in sweats preparatory to going through his morning ritual of martial arts. He stopped in the kitchen just long enough to see that Joy didn’t have the coffee ready and continued on through the kitchen to the garage, about thirty yards away. He didn’t notice what Joy was doing and assumed that she’d changed her mind about the coffee and chose, instead to take a shower.
After finishing his khatas and going for a longer than average run he entered the house to find Joy bent over looking in the lower cabinet for a pan, he said, “Good morning sunshine”, but couldn’t tear his gaze away from her beautiful form as he took his seat. As he reached for the newspaper he noticed she’d frozen in position. After she explained why she was frightened and he answered her, he decided it was time to have that talk. “Sweetie, sit down please” he said gently. Joy walked around the table and gingerly sat on his lap. She kissed him and said, “What is your pleasure milord?” Steve was immediately aware that she wore nothing under the housecoat and had to control himself long enough to get through this. “Wom, we need to place this new facet to our relationship in context.” Steve began only to be interrupted by a wiggle of her hips and a playful, “Hmmm, what new facet is that?” Despite her soreness, Joy was in a playful mood. “Honey, I need you to be serious for just a moment, okay?” Another wiggle and a sigh, “I am being serious. I seriously love you.” She said. “Joy, please we need to set some parameters and I need your input.” Steve pleaded. Joy moved further onto his lap and squirmed around until her bottom was squarely on his manhood and getting a quick response. “Go ahead.” She said. “Joy Sen, I am not playing, stop that.” Joy was having fun massaging his penis with her bottom and getting herself excited in the process. Steve moved his chair back away from the table and hoped she would get the hint and settle down before they lost all control. Joy’s breathing echoed her excitement and she knew she was pushing Steve. She wanted to see how far she could go before he put a stop to this. She found herself across his lap so quickly that she never quite knew how she got there. Steve said sternly, “Now can we talk?”
Joy’s was moist before now she was flowing copiously. However she was still frightened. It was like playing catch with a live hand grenade, once you made the mistake there was nothing to do but duck and cover. “Okay, okay Steven. You’re being serious. I thought I could change your mind.” “Way too late now, my dear. It time to take your medicine.” First he gave her ten fairly hard spanks over her housecoat. Then he raised it to bare her bottom. “Now, we can talk.” He stroked between her legs and slipped a finger into her sopping pussy. Joy found herself in the same position from which she didn’t want to negotiate before. Now on the verge of orgasm she really couldn’t care less. She was surprised by the intense pain from a relatively light stroke and shouted, “OKAY STEVEN, I GET IT. YOU’RE SERIOUS.” “You’re only half right, you are going to get it.” Steve said and began to spank her in earnest. Joy didn’t think he would spank her so hard and definitely not long, so she tried to endure it without giving him the satisfaction of kicking and screaming. But her tender bottom needed time to recuperate and she never took that into account before she pushed him into this. So kick and scream she did and louder than she wanted to. After twenty or s
o Steve said, “Now do I have your attention?” Joy was struck by the exact words from her fantasy, and managed to say in an almost normal voice, “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ignore you. Owww” After he spanked her hard he said, “Oh yes you did, I am going to let you up, but any fooling around and back you go.” “Yes sir” she said sarcastically and received another five for her trouble. She couldn’t help rubbing her bottom when he let her up and refused to sit down.
Steve couldn’t tear his gaze away from what she was doing. Joy lifted her housecoat and was massaging her bare red bottom. She was wiggling and bending her knees to get a better, deeper massage. His erection was almost painful and felt like it was made of iron. He couldn’t find a way to sit comfortably so he rose and silently walked to her and embraced her from behind. “I’m sorry, but you gave me no choice. Forgive me?” Joy spun around and looked at him incredulously, “Don’t do that Steven! If you discipline me don’t you dare apologize.” Her eyes were moist and welling up, “I trust you to set my parameters, you have my permission to treat me as you see fit already. I gave you that last night. Please don’t apologize. If I see you begin to waver I’m going to use that to get my way and I already told you that I don’t trust my own self-discipline. If, and I know you’re not this type of dominant, but if you go too far I will use a word or phrase that means stop. Still it is up to you if you want to respect that word or phrase. I really love, respect and trust you implicitly, Steven.”
Steve was speechless. He stood there so filled with emotion that his eyes were tearing, rather than trust himself to speak he pulled her to him and kissed her. Joy melted, matched his fervor and reached for the waistband of his sweatpants. Her housecoat had slipped from her shoulders with minor help from Steve and she was bare. Steve turned her around and kissed her neck while his hands caressed and kneaded her breasts. Joy moaned and moved her hips into him, ignoring the burning pain she ground her ass into his groin. Steve pushed his pants the rest of the way down and freed himself. Then he teased her by grazing the tip of his penis along her slit, as she tried to capture him by moving her ass backward. He teased her again by only entering her with the tip. But she took care of that by thrusting backward and engulfed him totally. They both gasped at the almost overwhelming sensations that were traveling through their bodies. Steve pulled all the way out and grazed his penis along her slit again, Joy felt him near her anal opening and pushed curious to feel him there for the first time. Steve was surprised and fearful of hurting her virgin behind and moved very gently. It was tighter than either of them expected and Joy marveled at the new and different sensation. She never thought about this and did it on a wild whim, now she was very glad she did. Her orgasm was within reach and she wanted to feel it with Steve in her ass. She reached down and brushed her clit, then squeezed it between thumb and forefinger. “Oh, oh mmmmyy gnnnnhuh,” She grunted as it hit her full force, not like the waves she usually felt. “Unh, unh, oh.” She was hit again and had to use the counter for support while her body convulsed. “Oh my god, again? Uh, uh, OH, OH, OH, OOOO.” She screamed. Steve felt as if he’d gotten on a ride with no restraints. She was alternately choking his cock and massaging it as she rode her orgasm. All that Steve could do was hold on because he didn’t want to hurt her. Presently, Joy began to move against him and he met her movement with gentle thrusts. As the movement got more violent Joy felt her sore bottom as he plowed into her ass. As she felt him swell she reached down to grab her clit again but he was already there and they both came. If anything it was more intense this time for Joy. She dimly heard his grunting as his throbbing subsided and she felt his semen flowing out and down her legs. She didn’t want him to move but he did and that triggered another climax, not as intense but her body was not fully recovered so it left her limp. Steve withdrew and caught her in his arms. “Joy you are amazing and I love you.” Steve managed between gasps.
That was day 1, on day 2 she told Steve that she would start her outline right after the breakfast dishes were done. He helped her so that they were done twice as fast, when she was finished drying the dishes instead of heading for the office she went upstairs to waste time. Steve walked in on her reading a novel and he didn’t wait for her explanation he helped her to her feet and sat down on the bed with her in the familiar position. After thirty she promised effusively to go to work. Day 3 was a repeat of day 2 with some variation. This time he asked her if she really wanted to finish her Ph.D., she pouted and asked him if he’d lost faith in her and there was no answer to that one. So he administered some incentive and she limped along to the office to work on her outline. The pattern changed when she buckled down and really worked on her thesis, but she found other ways to push him to spank her. She even tried defying him by refusing to get out of bed; he had ambiguous feelings about that one because she refused while his penis was in her mouth. Steve had to do something or she wouldn’t be able to walk or sit normally again.

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