She Always Knew Chapter IV

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The office was lined with floor to ceiling bookcases; even the bay window had a four-foot high bookcase in front of it. There was an old-fashioned relief globe, mounted in a mahogany frame, decoratively placed off to the left of the desk strictly for esthetics. Joy looked around the room trying to find her inspiration, but all that occurred to her was the aching in her bottom. She’d placed a soft down pillow in the cushy office chair but after a while that wasn’t enough. She rose and walked to the window and stared out, not really seeing anything, just thinking. She saw her husband patiently clipping the Bonsai on either side of the footbridge. He would clip a branch, walk across the bridge, turn to assess what he’d done, squat and do something similar to the Bonsai where he was and repeat the process. Joy could only tell something had been done after he’d left to attend to another part of the faux oriental garden. Absently rubbing her bottom she thought about what she’d done to deserve the last spanking she’d received and wondered why she was acting this way. It was totally out of character to have to be reminded of bad behavior even once, yet it took a week to drive the point home. Now she had an idea of just how far Steven could be pushed, still she looked forward to testing him again.
Steve was lost in thought, even while concentrating on the garden he was troubled. His thoughts were on the change in Joy. She was this self-confident, take charge, independent woman, changed into this stubborn naughty child. She seemed, if anything, to be happier for the change and that is what occupied his thoughts. He liked her childishness, in small doses, but loved the woman. He had trouble reconciling the two sides of her personality. The child was stubborn, irrational, and devious, quite unlike the adult whom he loved so dearly. He had to find a way to limit the child while keeping the adult happy, because the last spanking had made him feel like a sadist. Joy had joined him in the shower and turned to get the shampoo from the shelf. His gaze always roamed her body whenever he knew her attention was elsewhere but this time it lingered on her bottom. He was horrified at the sight of it, with its discoloration and healed spots that were purple. He was about to apologize when she offered the shampoo bottle to him. She loved to have him wash her hair he loved it too. Her hair was luxuriously thick and soft even when it was dry and black as night as it hung almost to her waist. He wondered out loud, “How long would your hair be if you didn’t trim it?” “By the time it’s this long it’s almost more than I can stand.” She replied. “I know you love it long but I can’t do a thing with it. Hmmm, that feels so good.” She was responding to Steve’s massaging her scalp while washing her hair. “You know it never occurred to me that all this hair must pull your scalp. Does it hurt?” he asked solicitously grabbing a hand full and lathering it. She said, “Not as much as your look of displeasure would if I cut it short.” Joy was just answering his questions while reveling in the feel of his hands lovingly massaging her hair and scalp. “How much would you have to cut to always be comfortable? He asked innocently. Without thinking Joy answered, “I’d have to cut it at least to my shoulders or just below. This is almost as good as having you inside me!” “Cut it.” He commanded. “What!” “Cut it short enough for you to always be comfortable.” She turned to him and looked directly into his eyes, “You love my hair, at least that’s what you’ve always told everyone. I don’t mind it at this length, it only hurts when it reaches my waist, or after a long day on my feet.” He spun her around so he could continue washing; “I love you, and your hair no matter the length. I would miss it if you cut it too short but if it’s causing you pain I want you to trim it to a point where it doesn’t.” “No.” “What” “No, Steven. I know that you love my hair the way it is and it isn’t that much of a bother. Besides, I enjoy the look on your face when it fans out across the pillow while we’re making love.” She stated a little emphatically. “Joy does it hurt? I mean at this length.” “Well, yes but I don’t mind if you like it this way.” she offered timidly. “Then cut it to where it doesn’t.” She said, “NO. I won’t.” Steve lowered his hands to her bottom and ever so gently ran them over both cheeks. “Steven that’s not fair. I haven’t done anything wrong. Please Steven, don’t.” Joy pleaded. Steve resumed washing her hair and said, “You’re right, I wasn’t being fair. But I still would love your hair at shoulder length and it would be so much more comfortable for you. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t want you pain free except for here?” He gave her bottom a little pat. She was so sensitive that it went right to her essence and added to the river of water running between her legs. She turned and reached for him, soon he was tumescent but she continued stroking him. Steve caressed one breast while he sought the nipple of the other with his mouth and teeth. He was rewarded with a quick intake of breath as he found his prize and gave a little nip to it. She pulled him by his penis to her while his fingers sought her nether regions and separated her lips while teasing her clit with his thumb. Joy leaned her head back into the water reveling in the feelings of his manipulations. She felt like his musical instrument and he was a concertmaster during a virtuoso performance. All too soon she felt the stirrings in her lower abdomen that portend the waves of ultimate pleasure. She wished to stay in limbo between here and there but her hips had a mind of their own. As she began to match the rhythm of his fingers she found the strength to suspend all motion but the tempo of her hand on his rigidity. Steve’s eyes were closed and his own hips were like a piston gathering momentum as her neared his own zenith. He didn’t know where he found the awareness but he too, held still in a tantric moment prolonging the pleasure. The only sound other than the water was their heavy breathing while they tried not to move. Finally, breathing almost normally he lifted her as she wrapped her long legs around his torso and reached back to guide him into her. She was so engorged that it was a very slow, tight, entrance full of delicious friction that brought them both near the edge. She felt each tantalizing inch of him and when she leaned to brush his lips the beginning of the smallest wave began, “Ooohh Steeevven, I’m com…ungh, ungh. Please dooonnn’t moo.. oove. Oh god, it feels soooo goood, ungh, oh.” She cried out incoherently. Steve kissed her deeply and tried to remain as still as he possibly could while she milked him with her vaginal muscles. He was so close that he feared it was a lost cause and then her orgasm began to subside and she began to move up and down on his pole. He held her bottom helping her as she ground herself against him and the water sent a dual stimulus down her back. He marveled at her beautiful face as it contorted while she worked her magic. Her lips pursed, her eyes closed, her nostrils flared and it was the most beautiful sight Steve could ever remember enjoying. He looked down to her stomach and watched her stomach muscles play against each other, loving what it did to him mentally as well as physically. He was so entranced that his orgasm surprised him and then weakened him so that his knees buckled and he had to kneel on one knee to prevent dropping her altogether. As his ejaculate hit her cervix she felt another wave begin then built in intensity until her mouth dropped open in a long “Oooooo”. Steve characteristically grunted as his spasms subsided and still semi-hard inside her got to his feet. Joy’s spasms were seemingly endless and her legs convulsively tightened around his waist pinning him to the wall for support. Finally, she stepped down delicately and murmured, “Have I told you that I’m kind of fond of you?” Steve leaning under the lukewarm shower said weakly, “You might’ve mentioned something to that effect. But how do you really feel?” She punched hi
m in the back playfully and tried to push him aside so that she could rinse off.
He allowed her to rinse thoroughly and stepped out of the shower to dry. When she joined him she grabbed his towel and tried to take it from him without success. He held onto it with one hand as she tried to take it from him with both hands and a foot placed on the wall. He casually reached over and grabbed the remaining towel and tossed it in her face before leaving to get dressed. “You bully!” she half-yelled at his back as he entered their bedroom. When he didn’t respond she felt ignored and ran to jump on his back. When she left her feet he moved to the side and helped her land onto the bed none too gently. She bounced hard and tried to regain her equilibrium unsuccessfully which brought the irrational child to the fore. It didn’t help her demeanor that Steve was smiling at her with barely controlled mirth. Joy lost it, and knew where this was going but didn’t care; her child was in control. She charged him while swinging wildly forcing him to slide into the walk-in closet in an effort to not engage her. He slid inside her attack and wrapped his arms around her waist, buried his head in between her breasts, and picked her up and walked very deliberately toward the bed. When she was across his lap, nude, she stopped and began to verbally backtrack. “Oh Steven, I’m sorry. Please, I lost control. You were ignoring me. Don’t…” Whack, spank whack, three quick moderately hard swats landed in succession, “Owww, I’m naked and wet Steven! I’ll stop, please.” Joy was all for this until she was across his lap again, now she realized how much it was going to hurt and that she needed time to recover from last night’s spanking. Steve hadn’t said a word and was looking at a very bruised bottom to which he was going to add more. He spanked her once more hard enough to leave a handprint on her backside. “Owww Steven, son of a bitch… I mean, oh no I didn’t mean to say that. Owwwitch, I…. ‘m…sorrrrrr…yyy….OUCH, Steven oh no. I made a mistake! Oh goddam…NO, Owww. Stop it. God please stop, it hurts. Steven I’m so. OWWW” Steve was feeling sorry for her and at the same time angry with her because she’d brought this on herself. “I’ve told you about your mouth young lady, (she was all of ten months younger than he) I expect you to act as if you’ve been educated.” Whack, and then he began to rub her bottom gently. He didn’t want to continue, as a matter of fact all he wanted to do was cradle her in his arms and soothe her. However, this was one of the things she named as his pet peeve and she wanted to stop it. He would spank and massage, massage and spank, hard then soft, soft, soft then hard, hard. He’d alternate cheeks and pause to lecture her, her answers were always contrite but she tried so hard not to scream or cry. She was so determined that Steve asked himself why she would push him until he spanked her. It was obvious that it hurt and her pain threshold was lowering as the spankings came closer together. He checked and this time it wasn’t arousing her, so why? This was strictly for discipline and he felt a little sadistic, so he let her up. Joy curled into his lap and tried to hide her tears on his shoulder while he asked her, “Joy, what is your plan for this. I mean, you forced me to do something to prevent you from landing a haymaker on me and then you deliberately used language that offends me when you use it. Why?” Joy didn’t know the answer but knew that she needed this to go on until she felt better so she bit her lip and said nothing. She was fearful that he would think her a masochist if she told him she needed this and more, so she held her tongue.
That is where they left it until he was in the garden and an idea hit him. Since she was just about finished with her thesis he thought it was time to give her a break and tell her to go shopping.

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