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Derek and I had been friends for only about six months when we heard the news. The school we were working for was closing, and we would be unemployed in only a few short months.
Derek had been a teacher most of his life. He was now 40, and had taught at Brighton Elementary School since he was 20. I was nearly 15 years younger, and was teaching fifth grade students. It was only my second job out of college. We were both extremely saddened by the news. Me, mostly because her limited exposure to the teaching world would probably land me a job as a teller at a bank until another teaching job came about. All of the other schools would be filled up with more senior teachers. Derek was looking into teaching college students, but I was only part way through the Master’s program, and that wouldn’t be enough for the strict area colleges.
I loved the openness of my relationship with Derek. Neither of us was married, nor were we really dating anyone exclusively, so we were free and fun with each other. We had a ritual every afternoon while the children had afternoon recess, to fuck in the cafeteria closet. Cliché it may have been, but fun it was for sure.
We started off just as friends, which led to just a kiss, which led to this and to that. Neither of us had any real rules, we just agreed to meet every day at that same time, at that same spot and let nature take its course. No rules and no games – what more fun could you ask for.
Derek loved the way I would explore him. I’d start off shy and kiss him softly. He’d shove his tongue in my mouth and I’d suck it for a bit and then swirl my tongue in his mouth like I was licking ice cream. Derek had a great tongue and I looked forward to feeling it in my mouth and on my body every day.
I knew exactly how to make Derek want me. I’d start off flirting ever so slightly, but enough for him to take notice. I’d tease him by walking down the hall sucking on a Twizzler, in ever so sensual a way –slap my tongue around the edges, and then deep throating the bendable candy until it was all in my mouth. Derek loved to taste my strawberry tongue, and lick the leftovers out of my cheek and teeth.
On our last day together, I planned something exquisite for us. I still hadn’t decided where my future would lead me, and Derek had accepted a job at a nearby college. He would be an English professor. I flirted with the idea of going back to school for a Master’s Degree, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do – besides suck Derek’s hot cock.
The school was empty by the time we met, so privacy was to our benefit. I walked in wearing a short black sweater and low-rise blue jeans, which showed off my shapely figure beautifully. My sweater clung to my breasts, and I’m sure Derek could tell I wasn’t wearing a bra because the excitement in the air caused my nipples to perk. Like clockwork, I strutted in with a cherry Twizzler hanging out of my mouth, and I sucked on the end so feverishly. Derek watched a moment before, licked his lips and grabbed me by the ass and pulled me on top of him. He pulled the Twizzler out of my mouth, and set it aside. I was pretty excited by the strength at which he grabbed me and I pushed my hips into his groin to show my appreciation.
Derek grabbed the back of my head and pulled me back forcefully. He immediately placed his lips on my throat and began to suck my neck first, and then my ears. I giggled at first and then moaned with pleasure. It wasn’t like Derek to be so forceful, but I liked it. He pulled up my shirt and grabbed my tits in his hands and rubbed them together. He kissed me so forcefully, and then moved his tongue to my tits and nibbled. He moved his mouth down to my stomach and watched me as I moaned with pleasure.
Derek sat me down as he began to unbutton his pants. His pants unbuttoned easily, and I grabbed his throbbing cock with pleasure. I gently stroked the tip first and innocently licked my fingers and placed them back on his hot cock. Derek got pretty excited as he thrust my mouth onto his cock so fast I almost choked. He was eager. I pulled my mouth away and looked up at him with my big blue eyes. I grabbed his cock with my hand and began to stroke it hard. The more excited he got, the harder I stroked – until eventually, my lips and tongue gave in and I began to pleasure him.
All of the teasing, all of the Twizzlers, all gone. Now just my wet, hot mouth on his cock. Derek grabbed the back of my hair and began to pump his cock into me. It was as if he was really fucking my mouth, in and out – back and forth. I was really getting into it, as Derek moaned at the slopping and sucking sounds his cock was making as I sucked it, and as it hit the sides of my mouth. Yum!
His cock fit perfectly in my mouth. I sucked it hard, with long hard deep throats. A mouthful here and a quick lick there. Derek leaned his head back and moaned in pleasure.
I could tell he was close to coming and I couldn’t wait to taste his juice. I sucked harder and harder and then, for a moment, stopped, looked up at Derek and said, “I don’t want you to stop until you cum in my mouth.”
I think that statement alone was enough to make him cum. He pushed my face into his cock and pumped it hard. A few seconds later he was coming, and I held true to my word. He managed to open his eyes for a few split seconds to watch my mouth move with his orgasm. A moment later I moved his cock out of my mouth and let the remaining juice dribble around my mouth, chin and cheek. It was picture perfect. It tasted so manly, so juicy, so sticky sweet!
Derek rested a moment and then after regaining some of his strength, he pulled himself to his knees and began to undress me. I fought back a bit when he tried to undo my pants, but there was no contest, they were coming off.
He managed his way through my pink panties and white garter. He threw them to the floor and moved his tongue around my stomach, thigh and then my sweet pussy.
He remembered the Twizzler, which would prove to be more than just a chewable candy. He took the Twizzler and put one end in his mouth. He carefully moved his mouth towards my pussy and moved the Twizzler between my lips and began penetrating me with the sugar stick.
I grabbed Derek’s head and pushed him into me. Derek moved the Twizzler in and out for a while before tossing the candy aside and letting his tongue do the work. I could barely control myself, and I kicked my hips up in pleasure.
He mounted me, and as he did I swung my legs on top of his shoulders and thrust my ass in the air. This is how I was going to come, for sure. Derek pumped into me, and sure enough a few stirs later and I was shuttering, scratching Derek’s back and moaning loudly.
My excitement must have been too much for Derek, and he followed shortly with another orgasm. His warm, wet come shot all over my tight thighs. He collapsed on top of me, and kissed my sticky lips. We lay in silence for a few minutes before I finally got up and grabbed my things.
“I’m really going to miss you, Derek,” I smiled, and noticed the Twizzler sitting by his side.
“I’m going to miss you too,” Derek said, grabbing his pants.
A few moments later, we were both dressed and ready to go. I grabbed the Twizzler, placed it between my lips and said, “I’ll keep this to remember you by.”
And that was it.
About a year later, I hadn’t heard from Derek at all. I thought about calling, but never got around to it. I went back to school for my Master’s Degree, and was seriously screwing another student, but had no firm commitments. When I was picking my classes for the fall semester, I noticed a professor’s name who gave my pussy a familiar tingle.
On a balmy September morning, at the start of a new semester, dressed to impress with a short skirt, tight shirt and pink lips, I puckered up waiting for the professor of my class to arrive. When he finally walked in, he stared at me with delight. “I’m Professor Wesson,” he said to the c
lass, “But please call me Derek.” As everyone settl
ed in and Derek’s eyes wandered my way, I carefully opened the familiar package of red-sugar coated candy and began sucking feverishly. At the end of class, Derek wandered over to my desk and replaced the empty package of Twizzlers with a note that read, “Two doors down on the right – 3:00.”


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