The Besst Day of My Life: Part 2

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Ok so I was just left there. I dosed of and woke up at around three in the morning. I ended up getting free from the tape. I went to go get my cloths but I right then remembered that they took them. And by they I mean Katie, Taryn, Rebecca, Laura, and Cara or Cara.

I went to go and get some coffee because I tried to sleep again but nothing happened. So I’m just standing there naked. So I just decide to masturbate because I have nothing better to do. Well I cumed in about 30 seconds.

I heard a click at the door. So I ran right beside the door in a way so that the person out side couldn’t see me. I picked up a loose pipe. Two blondes walked in. I whacked one right in the forehead. The other screamed. I realized it was Cara that I knocked out and Katie who screamed. Then I just remembered that she said she was going to come back in the early morning.

“Why the hell did you do that?” Katie yelled at me. Oh yah I forgot to mention that they both walked in completely naked. I got the best idea. Which put a huge smile on my face.

“Hey. Do you want to have some fun with her” I said. Katie just nodded with the sexiest smile on her face. My dick got so hard. Katie and I turned her over. We each started to kiss. I started to finger her and in about 30 seconds she was moaning.

“Get down on your knees I want you to suck it! No!” I ordered. She started to suck.

“Damn your good!” I yelled. It was about half an hour after I new it was coming. I pulled out and cummed all over her. She was soaked. She scooped some off over her and stuffed it into her pussy. “Aren’t you worried about getting pregnant”

“Not with you, baby”

“Hey you started without me” said another voice. I looked around to see who it was. Cara woke up she was walking to me. We started to full on make out. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Katie was masturbating. I stopped and turned and started to talk to Katie and Cara both.

“Both of you. 69 now!” I ordered. They did it I started to masturbate while watching them both. Oh it was heavenly. They both turned to me after about 30 minutes of masturbating. Cara and Katie walked toward me and pushed me down.

“Suck me and fuck Cara.” Katie ordered. I obeyed and I cummed in about half an hour. I cummed in Katie first and then switched to Cara. It was about 5 in the morning when we stoped. Cara walked toward me with something behind her back.

“It’s time for a bit of revenge.” she said. And then something came out of no where and i got knocked out.

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