The Best Day of My Life: Part 1

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It was the BEST DAY of my life. I had the best homeroom class ever. My teacher was Ms. Noguira, but her real name was Cara. She had about a double D breast. every guy in my class always druled over her. The only people that didn’t were the girls. There were for in particular. And i had a cruch on all of them. Katie, who was about double D. She was so hot. She had blonde hair and this irrisistable eyes. Taryn, is Katie’s twin. She is the same in every way except her hair she died it burnette two weeks ago. Rebbecca who I’ve been crushing on since grade 7 and been masterbating ever since. She had burnette hair with double D breasts. And last but not least Laura. She was a bit shorter than me still but extremely hot. She had red hair and the cute little ass i could never take my eyes off!

It all started on the last period of school. I asked Ms. Noguira if i could stay after school to get help for my final tomorrow. When the bell rang Katie, Taryn, Rebbecca, and Laura were all whispering and looking at me as they walked out of the room. I went to go talk to Ms. Noguira.

“So, can u help me with adverbs I’m just not getting them.” I said. I was taking French.

So for the next hour and a half she was explaining it to me but i wasn’t paying attention at all. I was looking at her breasts the whole time.

“OK let’s take a break. We’ve been working for and hour and a half.” So we went to sit down in the teachers lounge because everybody left. Even the janitors. “So what do u want to do.”

I didn’t notice until now that she had her hand on my shoulder. So i just jumped on her. “Ah! This is goin to be fun!” she yelled as i ripped off her shirt. I found out she wasn’t whereing a bra. So i just started to suck. I looked up and saw her excited face. she was looking at the door. Katie, Taryn, Rebbecca and Lauren were standing there nude. I grew as hard as a rock. You could see it through my jeans.

“Thanks for waiting” Kaite said sarcasticly in her dreamy voice.

“Now Hold him down.” Said Laura. Ms. Noguira grabbed me as Rebecca striped me down. the all staired at my 9 inch cock. The next thing I saw was Taryn coming toward me with tape. She taped armes and legs to the sofa handles.

“Now I see what ur doing. I like it.” I said. Katie shoved my cock into her pussy i could tell she did this before. Ms. Noguira put her pussy on my mouth.

“Start licking!” she yelled. I did so obediently. Both Katie and Ms. Noguira started to moan. They were about to cum.

“Wait I said. Switch i want to suck Taryn and Rebecca to suck me.” The willing ly switched. That was even better i still hadn’t cumed yet. They kept on switchin for about an hour but i couldn’t hold it in anymore. Niether could they. “Fuck me one at a time!” I yelled. I cumed in all of the one at a time. They were about to cum so i said “Let me suck all of your pusseys. They all cumed at once but i was still sucking. They each got off me and Kissed me one at a time.

“I’ll be back in the morning. Early morning.” and she just left me their.

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