The Cheerleader

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I got up on Monday morning groggy not lookin foward to the first day of my junior year at a new high skool. But i had to go seeing as i had nothing better to do in the new town my parents brought me to. So i quickly got dressed in what i usually wear, jeans, t shirt and my honda bike jacket. It was a cold morning but i knew it would clear up by the afternoon it always did in california. As i rode in i saw that there was no one there but maybe it was only because i was an hour early. So i parked my bike an hour awaya and walked in to get my id and all the other good stuff i needed. The day bored on at lunch i found a nice hiding place behind the gym and started smoking my cig. Soon after a coupel other ppl came by and started to smoke also. But i noticed a gurl with her football player boyfrend. She stood about 5’6 with wavy brown hair down to her upper back, nice figure she had c cup breasts from wat i could see and i perfect ass. She looked at me and caughtme staring at her but only shot me a shy smile. Her boyfrend walked over and asked for a smoke so i pulled out my pack and took out two. He said thanx and gave one to his gf. I found out their names were james and janis. But janis looked more interested in my stories than in her bf. After skool i walked to my bike and decided to ride by the skool. I got looks of amazement and wonder from the kids. AS i was riding home i noticed a dark blue mustang cobra following me at the next light he pulled up next to me and looked over. It was james and janis, at that point i flipped my visor up and said watsup. James wanted to see if he could launch off my bike and i just smirked knowing my bike could accelerate twice as fast as his peice of shit ford. And i just took off without looking back. Throughout the skool year i got to know janis a little better and we would flirt all the time. A lot of the gurls started to fancy me and my bike. I was crowned the junior prom kind along with janis much to the disdain of james. That night we went to the after party in james’ room and everyone was drunk except me cuz i had to ride home. but janis asked me to take her for a ride. So i did she asked me to take her home afterwards and when we got there she asked if i wanted to come in. I quickly agreed seeing that i had no time to be home. When we got to her room she closed and locked the door and turned to me and said ” i want u ” i was a little taked aback, and i didnt want to take advantage of her when she was intoxicated. But she convinced me that she wasnt. She undressed me and i just let the straps fall off her shoulders. we were locked in a long passionate kiss before she reached down and started to stroke my cock to its full 8 inches. When she looked at it her eyes went wide. She told me how james only had 5 inches. She hungrily sucked my cock until i exploded into her mouth. Then i grabbed her and picked her up put her up against the wall and thrusted my cock into her tight pussy. She screamed and moaned as my cock kept slamming into her box. She started to quiver and shake before she unloaded her orgasmic juices onto my cock. We lay together in her bed and quickly fell asleep. I awoke with my dick in her mouth as she was hungrily sucking again when her door unlocked and opened and her mom walked in…

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