The one I waited for

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I was in fifth grade Shaun was in seventh. We both used to go to the same parties all the time, not together. He would be giving blow jobs and I would be eating out women(god I love to lick a womans clit). After watching him from afar I finally approched him, but he was passed out on the couch. I kissed him but my boyfriend, at the time mark, was coming and my bestfriend melissa told me we had to go. I searched until I was in seventh grade i finally meet up with him again. He of course was Drunk off his ass and so was I. I greeted him by rubbing my hand up and down his crocht. He told me to meet him in the bathroom and we can do some stuff. My girl friend melissa was there and heard the whole thing and because we looked alike she went into the bathroom in stead. When she came out she had told me that they had the best sex ever, but she really just gave him a hand job. I was so up set i went and cried. After melissa died that year I didn’t go to anymore parties. I went to school in ninth grade and out of the corner of my eye I saw shaun. But I hardly recognized him. At the end of ninth grade I was now his girlfriend. That summer we went out with his bestfiend Ryan. While Shaun was talking to someone on the cell me and Ryan started making out(god he is a great kisser). We were gonna have a threesome and probibly would have if Shaun didn’t want to leave. After that Shuan and I had the best sex ever. It was sweaty and rough. Four months later I had sex with ryan while shaun and I were dating. Ryan is an incredible lover. It all started in the chorus room, I was upset and Ryan was horny. It started out as hugs then tickling then poking and kissing next tongue. We decided to go back to his place and fuck. On the way there I started giving Ryan road-head while he fingered me, I must give him credit, he was driving a stick. When we got back to his place he asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. I pulled him on top of me his big hard cock pressing against my body. His hands around my back sqeezing me tight as he kissed and licked my neck, moving his way to my lips. He started running his hand down the front of my naked body into my tight wet dripping pussy. He started fingering me harder and harder my pussy screaming to be pounded by his tasty cock. After he fingered my we both decided we do’t want to foreplay anymore and we just wanted to fuck like sweety wild animals. He started to put his cock in my but it wouldn’t go in it was like fucking a virgin. He was incredible suprise considering he just had three fingers inside of my. Aventually he got in and started ramming my pussy with his big yummy penis. I started screaming his name and squezing his ass. ” RYAN, RYAN, OH GOD YES, FUCK MY HARDER” I screamed so loud the neighboors a mile away could hear me. After number one we went again. I started out on top riding that big thing, then he throws me down, spanks me, and starts fucking my so hard I swear i had 20 orgasims. It was amazing. After that I told Shuan what happened and our sex life couldn’t be better. But Ryan and his cock will always have a special place in my pussy. I finally got my man I searched for for five years and we couldn’t be happier.

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