The Punishment Day – Part 1

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Three months have passed since Mario had been living alone in a flat. Living alone had both its advantages and its disadvantages. The great advantage was that he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted like going back home after a long night out with his friends. But even though there where such advantages, there were also disadvantages and it was not easy especially for a guy like him, who had a physical disability and was on a wheelchair.

It’s true that it was not easy for him but it was not impossible because even though he was like that, he had a normal, social life and a good job. He wasn’t fully independent because there were some things, that he couldn’t do on his own but luckily for him, he had Karen who was his Personal Assistant. She lived only lived a few flats away from him and whenever he needed her Mario only had to phone her. He loved everything that she used to do for him, like her company, the food which she used to prepare for him or the tidy and neat way, in which she used to keep his flat.

Since he also helped him in his personal physical needs, there was also a certain amount of intimacy between them. It was not the first time, that Karen did such a thing since she used to be a facilitator for disabled students in a school but it was definitely the first time, that she helped an adult like Mario in the same way.

But there was a thing, which Mario liked to receive from her more than those things and this was her spankings. Infact, amongst other things Karen was a good spanker and whenever Mario was naughty or whenever he requested it, she made him lay across her laps, bare his bottom and give him the spanking that he wished or deserved. It was Mario himself, that requested that her personal assistant would give him a spanking at least once a week. This day was called “The Punishment Day”.

When he used to live with his parents, whenever he had been very naughty, it was his mother who took care of his discipline and to punish him, she used to give him a very good, hard spanking on his bare bottom. Even though he had a physical disability and he was in a wheelchair, he was not an ‘Innocent Angel’ and he used to get in alot of trouble very often. His mother never felt sorry or pity for him which stopped her from doing this. His physical condition didn’t make him more special in the family because he was her son and therefore, he had to treat him in the same way, she treated his brothers with no exclusions. Even though it was quite a rough, drastic method for him to learn some discipline, it was really very useful but when he decided to go and live on his own, he had to find someone who had to do this to him because he wished to continue to receive it.

It was very hard to find a personal assistant that could do this to him because whenever he asked every woman who applied for the job, if she could do this for him they all said no because they didn’t have the courage to do such a thing to him. Luckily, after so many interviews he found the right girl. At first, Karen was going to refuse, like all the other girls and women who applied for the job did but after thinking it twice and after hearing the real reason why Mario wanted her to do such a thing to him, she accepted and said yes.

After all, it was going to be part of her job for which Mario, was going to pay her an extra for it but Karen accepted, not for the money but because she thought, that Mario took a really courageous and mature decision, to think about his discipline, as soon as he decided to go and live on his own and she admired him for that.

But Karen did this to him not only for disciplinary reasons. She also did it, to have an excuse to see and touch Mario’s bottom. She thought that he didn’t know about this but infact, he did and he used to wait for that day also because he knew how much Karen loved to see and touch his bottom. She enjoyed seeing it because it was small and so, it looked like one of a little boy than one of a grown up young man like him but for her, it was very beautiful and sexy. Apart from seeing it, she enjoyed touching it also since it was very soft, smooth and warm. This was so true, that sometimes instead of touching it with her hands she wished to do this by rubbing it gently against her cheeks. When Karen used to touch Mario’s bottom, she used to do it in a particular way.

Infact, to help him get rid of the pain more quickly and give him some relief to those painful welts, she used to give him a good massage on it, with some skin lotion. For this reason, Mario considered himself to be lucky to have Karen as his Personal Assistant. With this gesture from her, Mario used to understand that even though she was disciplined, strict and firm whenever Karen thought he needed it, she was also caring and loving with him.

She didn’t do this massage to his bottom, immediately after the spanking because to make sure that he really learned the lesson, she used to make him stay face down on the bed or else face the wall while kneeling on the floor, while he was still with his bottom bare. Apart from the massage, until the pain had gone away, Mario used to put a soft pillow under his bottom when he sat down on his wheelchair.

It is because of this massage, that she used to give him after the spanking, that Karen used to wait anxiously for the next punishment day, and not only because she could see and spank his bottom.

There were occasions, where while she massaged Mario’s bottom gently, she used to dribble as soon as she saw it completely bare infront of her and she even had the urge, to lick around his tight bald Anus or more than that, push all her tongue deep inside it. She used to feel so hot and aroused, that she used to start sweating but somehow, she always managed to stay calm and control herself because she knew that as Mario’s Personal Assistant, she could not do such things to him or else, he had the right to accuse her of sexual abuse and she could loose her job for that.

Well, at least that was what she thought because she didn’t imagine that those things that she wanted to do to him, where actually what Mario wanted from her but he never had the courage to ask her to do them to him! He wished those things, not only while she spanked him but also, while she used to help him with his personal physical needs, especially while she used to help him to have a shower. It was not the first time, that while Karen helped him to have it, Mario wished that she could get completely naked like him to have that shower together.

Even though he used to try very hard, to hide what he was feeling while she gave him his shower, Karen used to notice this especially in the way his Penis used to get big and erected. When she saw this, Karen realized that even though Mario had a physical disability, he was very sexually gifted. From that Erection, Karen knew in what way Mario was feeling during that moment. She knew, that he was feeling very aroused but she didn’t want him to notice, that she knew this so she never told him anything about it either.

She used to her best not to look at it because she knew that if she looked at it too much, she would not resist the temptation to give Oral Sex to Mario. For this reason, even though Karen used to wash his bottom while helping him with his shower, she made him wash his Penis himself because she didn’t want, so see him have an Erection, all of a sudden infront of her while she did this to him.

During the first few occasions when Karen used to help him with his shower, she used to wash his Penis herself for him but after some time, when she realized how sexually aroused she was making Mario feel while she did this to him, she made him do this by himself. At first, Mario did not like this idea and he invented many excuses because he still wanted Karen to do it for him.

One of these excuses was that he couldn’t reach with his hands to wash down there so when Karen heard him say this, she made him
do it infront of her to see, if Mario said the truth. He tried hi
s best to pretend, that he couldn’t reach down there but when Karen saw that he was lying, she knew what a ‘naughty thought’ he had in mind and therefore he told him, that if he didn’t do it by himself, she would have punished him with a good hard spanking not only on his buttocks but also on the space between them with a slender cane.

Mario had to accept, because he didn’t want to end up with every part of his bottom very red and sore. Having his buttocks like that was already too much and he didn’t want to end up even with his Anus like that too!

She definitely enjoyed herself when she gave him this massage, more than when she spanked him because she absolutely loved the warm, smooth and soft feeling of his bottom, as she slowly and sensually moved her hands up and down on it. There were occasions when while she did this to him, she used to be tempted to do other things to his bottom, such as kissing or biting.

This was she was going to do the first time that she saw it bare. During that occasion, Karen was supposed to give him his first punishment spanking but as soon as she saw his bottom, she stared at it and didn’t do anything.

Infact during the first few occasions when she spanked him, she was so afraid of hurting him, that she used to do it slowly and gently but when Mario didn’t feel anything, he got very angry with her and told her that if she didn’t do it harder and faster, he didn’t pay her or worse than that, he was going to fire her. Luckily, after some time Karen got so used to do it, that every time she spanked him she did it so hard, that she made his bottom turn to bright red.

But after some time, Karen got completely used to do this to Mario. She got used to it so much, that she even used to bare his bottom herself. This was something that at first, Karen used to order Mario to do it because she felt a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable to do it herself to him.

When at last she got more confident, she started to do it herself to him even though for the first few times, she did it gently. She did it by roughly pulling his pants and underpants both at the same time. But after she did this, Mario’s bottom was not yet completely bare. Infact, because of his Incontinence problem, Mario used to wear a disposable nappy but this didn’t stop Karen from baring his bottom. She even pulled this down too even though sometimes, she did this so hard, that she used to tear his nappy apart.

This problem brought him into embarrassing situations, especially while Karen spanked him. Infact, if the pain of the spanking was very strong and hard, his bladder used to be stimulated alot by this and after giving it to him, by making him face down on her laps, after she made him get up from that position, she used to see a stain of Urine on her trousers or skirt that she was wearing. When Mario told Karen about his Incontinence problem, he told her that if something like that ever happened to him while she spanked him, she had his permission to punish him more because he didn’t resist enough and that was a bad thing, so this was what she did.

At first she started spanking him only with her hand but later on after doing that she continued by using an implement with which she continued to spank him harder. The implement which she used more to spank him with and which was Mario’s favorite was the wooden spoon but sometimes she also used a ruler or a leather belt. In some occasions, Karen spanked Mario so hard with an implement, that she even left some welts on his bottom and because of this, Mario used to find it difficult to stay sitting down on his wheelchair for the next few days.

When this used to happen, he used to regret that she asked for a personal assistant, who could spank him but after thinking again about it, he used to be quite happy with the result especially when he used to go infront of the mirror to see if his bottom had such marks because actually, that is what he wanted from her. Shouting at him during a spanking, was an important thing and it was what Mario himself wanted because like that, he really felt that he deserved it and he truly learned the lesson. He never tried to resist while she spanked him and if he did, Karen gave him extra spanking.

It was Friday, the day in which usually Mario used to give his report to Karen, which was full of the bad deeds that he did during the passed week. For many people, Friday is a day of relief because it is the day, in which the weekend starts. It is a time of rest and relaxation, after a long and very often hard week but for Mario, that day had another meaning. It was the day in which he was going to have his bottom soundly and painfully trashed once again. What a good way to start the weekend! For such a day, many people use the saying: “Thank God, it’s Friday!” but for Mario, this saying was turned to: “Oh my God, it’s Friday again!” but after all, he was the one who started this because it was what he wanted and so, he had to accept it.

What he used to write in the list where things that he really did and Mario never lied but actually, he didn’t write every little bad deed that he did because there was one thing, which he used to do that he never included in the list. What was this thing which he didn’t want Karen to know, that he did? Infact, after Karen went away and he was alone, Mario used to start to masturbate. He did it not only to give himself relief after a spanking but also because while Karen used to give him a massage on his bottom, strong sexual arousal used to build up inside him but since she used to be there with him at that moment, he couldn’t do nothing to release it even though the more he kept it inside him, the more he felt like that. He was afraid that if Karen caught him doing this infront of him, he could get an extra punishment from her, with the implement which he was really very afraid of and he didn’t want her to use on him, which was the cane.

Infact, she once had caught him masturbate after she gave him a spanking and for that, she gave him another doze, which was not like she usually used to give him. Infact, she gave it to him with a long, slender cane. That was the most painful spanking that Mario had ever experienced from her. Normally, after she spanked him, Mario used to be in pain for three or four days, but after that experience, he was in pain for a whole week.

Luckily for him, she left him stay sitting down with the usual soft pillow under him until the pain had gone because she was so angry with him, that during that whole week, she didn’t give him one massage on his bottom to ease the pain a bit. He surely learned the lesson and she told him, that every time she caught him doing the same thing again, that was what she was going to do to him and so, from that day onwards he promised himself, that he would not masturbate infront of Karen anymore and if he wanted to do it, it was going to be when he was completely alone. That’s why he didn’t even do this, when he used to have an erection, while she helped him with his shower because he couldn’t do this either in that occasion.

While reading the list, Karen looked at Mario with the usual very strict and angry way she used to look at him, every time she read this list and then, after a long pause of silence, she told him how she was going to punish him for all those bad deeds which normally, used to be quite alot and some of them, were very serious offenses….

(To be continued…..)

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