The Punishment Day – Part 2

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While reading the list, at the same time Karen kept a strict look at Mario. Whenever she looked at him like that, Mario knew that he was in trouble but what he felt was a strange mix of fear and pleasure at the same time. He was afraid because he knew that Karen was going to hurt him a lot with her spanking but at the same time, he used to feel exited because once more, he was going to bare his bottom for Karen’s disposition and he loved doing that.

“Just as I thought!…You never learn do you? You always do the same mistakes.”

“I know Karen.” He replied with a sincere and honest look. “I am trying to do my best to learn but it is all useless.”

“This is the second time this month you are breaking a plate. How many times I have to tell you, to be careful while you are washing the plates and dishes after you have finished eating. Mario, even though there are some things you can’t do on your own, I can’t do everything myself for you. I am only here as your personal assistant and not as your servant. It’s time you learned to be independent.”

“Yes, I know.” He replied again with the same look.

“‘Yes, I know’. That is always the same answer I get from you but you never learn, do you? And what is this?” she asked him, while going through the list he had given her. “Why do you leave your bed always in a mess when you wake up in the morning?”

“Well, I have no time to arrange the bed sheets in the morning because I start working early. If I stay to arrange the bed sheets, I won’t be at work in time.”

Karen got another look at the list. In the list he wrote that had left his study desk in a mess full of papers and rubbish.

“And how many times I have to tell you to keep your study desk in order before you leave home for work?”

“But you know that I don’t have time.” Mario responded. Infact apart from working, Mario was also taking a study course as part of his training for work so he really had a hectic and busy life.

“That’s a bunch of excuses. All you have to do is to wake up a little bit earlier so you will have time to prepare and get to work in time. You have time for everything apart from taking care of yourself and your house. It’s time you start taking care of these things seriously if you really want to be independent. As I already told you, I am your personal assistant and not your servant and this means that I don’t have to do everything myself for you.”

“I am sorry Karen. I promise that I will try harder to be better. I deserve to be severely punished for what I did.”

“Yes, you deserve it because you have been naughty again but I am not going to do it only for those things.”

“What do you mean?” He asked in a surprised and shocked manner.

“Two days ago, as soon as I got here, I thought that you were not here at first but then, I heard some moans coming from your room and decided to go and see what was going on. I approached slowly and since I saw the door slightly opened, I went to see what was going on. Guess what I saw?”

He knew what Karen was gong to tell her and when he asked her what she saw.

“What did you see?” He asked in sort of embarrassment.

“I saw you masturbating and guess who were you calling while you did this? Well, you were calling a female name, which happens to be my own name.”

Mario knew that he was in deep trouble so he tried as best he could to invent an excuse and he said the first thing that came into his mind at that moment.

“Well, that girl I was talking about was not you. It was a girl with your same name that I have met and that I have a crush on.”

“Oh! What a coincidence! She was a girl with my same name, was she? And out of curiosity…does this girl also spank you as I do, when you are naughty?”

“What do you mean by this? What things you heard me say?” Mario asked as he started to feel uncomfortable more and more as the time passed by.

“You said that while this girl named Karen or shall I say, as I was spanking you, you wished to have me kissing and doing other things on your bottom. You said how very hot I made you feel and that you would like me to do many hot things to you.”

“Yes, I admit that said those things but I already told you, that I was not referring to you!”

“Oh, you weren’t? So why were you holding a photo of me in your hands, while you were masturbating?”

“That photo was not of you. It was of that girl I was talking about.”

“Oh really? So let me see it!” said Karen while opening her hand, waiting for him to give her what she asked him.

“Well, right now I don’t have it with me and I don’t even know where it is.” He answered her in a puzzled way, trying to hide the truth.

“Stop lying Mario, I know that photo was of me! So not only you thought of me in a sexual way but you also stole from me! You know that I am so offended for what you have done, that I am thinking of quitting this job?”

“Quitting your job? No please Karen, don’t do that.” said Mario in a shock.

“I will not do it only if you will tell me all the truth.”

Mario was really afraid because he didn’t want to loose a personal assistant like Karen. Since she had been working for him, his life was a bit better even though there where still some things that he needed to adjust so he still needed her help. Therefore he decided to tell her the truth because he didn’t want to loose her.

“Yes, I confess that it was you that I was thinking of while I was masturbating.” he said as he took a deep breath as a sign of submissiveness towards her. “Yes it was you and that picture was of yourself, I confess.”

“From where did you get that photo of me?” asked Karen with an angry look on her face. Mario could see that now, Karen was getting angrier as time went by so he told the whole truth because he didn’t want Karen to catch him lying or else, that would make everything worse for him.

“I got it from your handbag, while it was in the kitchen and you where in another room. Yes, I confess everything but please, don’t go away! You know that I really need you. I will do anything to make you forgive me.”

“You said anything?” Karen asked him in a cheeky manner.

“Yes anything Karen. You can even spank me with the cane today and you can do it as hard as you want because I really deserve it!”

“Well, that is what I wanted to do today because you know what happens to you, If I catch you masturbating and I can assure you, that you will not be able to sit down for a week because that is what you deserve but this time, I want do something different and which I have never done to you.”

“What do you want to do?” Mario asked in a frightened yet curious manner. While they talked, Mario was already on his bed and Karen was beside him.

“You will soon see but before telling you, I want you to lie down flat on your back.” Mario paused for a while but suddenly, he was woken up by Karen’s strict and angry voice.

“What are you waiting for? Do it now!” Karen said in a very angry, loud voice.

Hearing her shout like that, Mario did what he was told and he lied down on the bed facing upwards. After that, Karen not only pulled down his trousers but even his underpants and after that, she opened up his disposable nappy to reveal his genital area. As soon as she did this, Karen noticed that Mario had been feeling aroused because not only his Penis was erect but he also had cum spread on his nappy.

“I see that you have been feeling hot didn’t you, you naughty boy?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“So you aren’t hot? So what is this white stuff on your nappy?”

“You know what it is! You know that I suffer from Incontinence and that is why I wear disposable nappies.”

“So this must be pee, isn’t it?” asked him Karen in a childish way, even though Mario was
an adult.

Since she exposed his genitals, Mario thought that Karen was going to give him a blowjob and while he thought about this, he got exited. Even though Mario did not tell h
er this, Karen knew it because she saw his Penis getting erect and its head was still covered with white cum. That was not the first time that she saw his Penis and every time she saw it, she used to be quite amazed because he had quite a big one for a person of his age. Even though he had a physical disability and couldn’t walk, he had sensation in his Penis and he could easily have an erection like any other normal adult male.

“What are you going to do to me?” Mario asked in an afraid but curious and exited manner.

“Well, didn’t you say that you want me to do many hot things to you? If that’s what you want, that’s what you will have!”

Karen knelt down on the floor with Mario infront of her who was still lying down on the bed and after that, she opened widely his legs to position herself between them. She did this not only to have a more comfortable position but to have a more clear view of Mario’s genitals. After taking this position, she then gently grabbed his Penis and placed it on the palm of her hands and when Mario saw her doing this, he slowly closed his eyes while smiling as he thought of what he was going to experience. He thought that he was going to have the greatest experience of his life because he heard many times from his friends, what a blowjob was. Hearing that his friend told him about it, he had always wished to experience it like all of them but since he had a disability, he thought that this wish will never come true for him. It seemed that he was wrong in thinking this because from what he was seeing, after all it seemed that his wish will at last come true.

After Karen placed his Penis on the palm of her hand, with the fingers of the other hand, she started to stroke it gently up and down. Every time Karen used to see Mario having an erection she used to be surprised and amazed because his Penis used to get particularly big. How could a person like him, who didn’t have almost any feeling from his hips downwards and who had no strength in his deformed legs, have such a big one? This is what she was asking herself, while Karen continued to stoke it slowly up and down with her fingers because suddenly he came and had a very big erection. While she was doing this to him, Mario felt spasms going up through his spine and right to his head and with each one, he arched his back and he grabbed the sheets of his bed tightly and bit his lower lip as he moaned with pleasure.

It was the greatest experience that Mario had ever felt and it was as if he was in heaven. While she did all this, Mario asked himself if he was dreaming or not because that was supposed to be his punishment and it looked like she was doing totally the opposite thing to him. He thought that if Karen would punish him like this every time he did something wrong, he would be naughty all the time so he could get it more often but He didn’t yet know that everything was going to change all of a sudden….

(To be continued…..)

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