The Punishment Day – Part 3

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While Karen continued to stroke Mario’s Penis with his hands, not only she did this gently but since she had quite long nails she even this a bit harder by scratching it also therefore, the sensation was both painful and pleasurable at the same time. After a while, she started to do the same even to his testicles. Seeing that now he had a full erection, Karen could do this very easily since his Penis was now completely lifted up and so she had space to insert her fingers under it to start stroking them. She noticed that Mario not only had a big Penis but also two big testicles. She scooped one of her hands under them and she started to lift them up and squeeze them gently. As she did all this to him, Mario continued to moan more and more with pleasure.

After doing this for a few minutes, all of a sudden Karen started to unbutton her shirt. As she saw her doing this Mario thought to himself ‘Here we go! Just as I thought it is going to happen!’ and this thought made him more and more sexually exited. After unbuttoning and removing her shirt, Karen pulled down both strings of her bra and she released it from behind very slowly. As soon as she did this, both her breasts popped out gently from the cups of her bra. It was the first time that Mario saw her breasts and they were just as he imagined them, big, round, white as milk with two large pink nipples. She had quite big breasts for a young woman of her age and although they had such a size they did not drop down, as soon as she removed her bra. On the contrary, they stood quite lifted up.

After she did this, she stood up from the bed and as she opened widely his legs she knelt down on the floor between them. After doing this, she again grabbed Mario’s Penis but this time, she placed it inside the deep cleavage between her breasts. Even though Karen had quite big breasts, she couldn’t cover completely his Penis between them because it was quite a big one. Karen could never imagine, that his Penis could become so big and probably Mario didn’t imagine this either because that was the first time, that he was experiencing such a strong erection. The erection he used to have when he masturbated was nothing compared to this one. His Penis was already warm and as soon as her breasts went in contact with it, Karen started feeling aroused.

As soon as she placed his Penis between the deep cleavage of her breasts she began to rub it well with them until cum came out again and was spread all over them. Since he had no control from his hips downwards so as soon as he felt aroused again, the orgasm was so strong that he couldn’t control it and cum came out with great force. When Karen saw this, she turned her head around, to avoid his cum going on her face. As soon as she felt his warm cum all over her breasts Karen felt very aroused and started to moan with pleasure. Hearing her moan in that way, Mario felt more exited, his erection increased and cum came out more.

“Oh look what you have done! You naughty boy!” exclaimed Karen in a childish way.

“I am very sorry Karen! I didn’t want to do that. I couldn’t control it because I was aroused too much. I am very sorry!” said Mario with a sort of embarrassment. Karen stopped stoking gently his Penis and when she did this, Mario thought that at last she was going to give him the blowjob that he was eagerly waiting for.

“Don’t worry Mario, now we are going to clean up this mess.” responded Karen in a gentle voice which gave Mario a kind of suspicion. “By the way, that day when I saw you masturbating and thinking of me, I heard you saying that you would love to suck hard my breasts, don’t you?”

“Well, yes but I was just….” said Mario while he started to feel embarrassed again.

Karen didn’t let Mario finish what he was going to say when suddenly, she grabbed his head, making him get up from his lying down position and then she placed it on her breasts which where covered with his own cum.

“What….What are you doing?” said Mario as Karen continued to press his face against her breasts which were still covered with his own cum. She didn’t let him finish what he was going to say to her because she pressed his mouth on one of her nipples which was covered with thick cum.

“Please Karen stop! That’s disgusting!” he replied.

“Why disgusting? Isn’t this your own cum? Well, didn’t you want to suck my breasts?” Karen asked him while she continued to press his face towards her breasts. “Go on suck it! Wasn’t this what you wanted to do to me?”

Mario tried to answer her but suddenly he found his mouth blocked by one of Karen’s big and round nipples. Since it was still covered with his cum, it had a salty taste. The feeling was a bit disgusting and Mario felt that he was going to throw up but Karen continued to press his head towards her breast to force him to suck it, which eventually he did.

As soon as she felt Mario’s warm lips around her nipple, Karen started to feel wet between her legs and she started to moan and she pushed his head even forcing him to continue sucking. Suddenly, Mario forgot the salty taste of his own cum on her nipple and he started to suck more passionately than before.

“Come on suck it, you naughty boy! Yeah, suck it like you used to suck the nipples of your mummy when she used to breast-feed you! Suck all that white milk!” said Karen referring to his white cum, which was on her nipples while still pressing his head on her breast, forcing him to continue sucking.

As soon as she heard Karen saying this to him, for a moment he really felt that he was a little baby and Karen was his mother giving him breast-feeding. While he continued to suck Karen’s big nipple, he relaxed and closed his eyes imagining how it was, when he was a little baby and his own mother breastfed him.

“You would love to be my little baby boy and you would like me to be your mummy, don’t you? You little baby boy!” she said, referring to the words she heard him say that day, when she saw him masturbating.

Mario didn’t know how it was like to be breast-fed since at that time, he was still a little baby, so he couldn’t remember. Probably when he was a baby he was never breast-fed at all because he always felt that there something missing in his which started from his early childhood and probably that was it. In that moment, he really wished he could be Karen’s own baby, so she could be his mother. He thought that when Karen was going to have children, they were going to be lucky to have a mother like her.

“Well, that’s enough now!” she said while suddenly she removed his head from her breasts, while he still had her big nipple inside his mouth and then, he made him lie down again on his bed. She knew that he was enjoying it so she did that to stop him from feeling pleasure because after all, this was going to be his punishment.

After lying down on his bed, Mario closed his eyes and relaxed because he thought that he was going to have at last the blowjob that he was eagerly waiting for but suddenly after a few seconds, he felt a painful blow right on his Penis. This pain took him by surprise and suddenly opened his eyes to see what she did to him. Infact, Karen had a small crop and with it, she was beating Mario on his genitals.

“Ouch! What are you doing?” Mario yelled in pain.

“You like to feel hot for me? You like it don’t you? Now I show you how to feel hot!”

“Please Karen!….Ouch!…..Please stop!…..Ouch!…..I learned the lesson!”

Karen continued to deliver hard painful blows on Mario’s genitals with her crop. She did not do it only on his Penis but also on his testicles. As she did this to him, Mario tried to cover his genitals with his hands but it was useless because she started to beat him also on them.

“Stop that! If you cover your Penis again with your hands, I shall restart all over again. Do you understand?”

After a few more blows Karen stopped and Mario tho
ught that it was all over but he was completely mistaken. Infact, after a while he felt Karen pushing
and turning him facing round with great force and as soon as she did this, Mario thought that she was to spank him and this meant that what he was imagining was not going to happen. Staying facing down was not easy because since he was pressing on his Penis, he was in pain.

“So you are really hot for me aren’t you?”

“I am very sorry Karen!” he asked while she turned him facing down on his bed. “You are going to spank me, aren’t you?”

“No not yet!” she answered him “Don’t worry now we have to clean all mess up!”

“What are you going to do now? You are going to punish me, aren’t you?”

“You’ll see what will happen yourself!” she answered him in a kind of mysterious way.

Suddenly, Mario could feel something wet rubbing on his bottom but he didn’t know what it was. At first, he thought it was Karen who was licking his bottom but to his great surprise, when he turned round his head to see what she was doing, he saw her rubbing her breasts which were full of his cum on his own bottom.

“You haven’t cleaned my breasts completely with your mouth so I am finishing it off what you left out with your bottom! That’s all!”

“But why are you doing it on my bottom? Please stop it!”

“I don’t have anything to clean them up with so I am doing it with your bottom. What do you think? Are you hot for me now?” She asked him as she continued to rub her breasts covered with cum on his bottom.

“Please Karen stop! I learned my lesson. I will never thing about you like that and I will never again steal from you, I promise.”

“Why do you want to stop? Aren’t you having fun?” said Karen as she rubbed her breasts which were still covered with cum, a few times more on Mario’s bottom and then she stopped. “Wait there! I will be right back! Don’t you move or else, I will beat you again on your Penis!”

As Karen was away, he wished to masturbate to release some of the pain that he was feeling but he was afraid that if Karen caught him he was going to make everything worse so he continued to endure the pain he was feeling. After a few minutes Karen came back and with her she brought a candle fixed on a candlestick. She knelt down again on the floor where Mario was placed kneeling down.

“What are you going to do with that?” he asked her in a fearful manner.

“You will see in a minute, don’t worry….I’ll show you how to feel hot for me!”

Karen didn’t answer but instead, she took the candle and lit it. After doing this, she fixed the candle on to a candlestick again gently grabbed his Penis and placed it again on the palm of her hands like she had already done before. When Mario saw her doing this, he slowly closed his eyes again while smiling thinking that she was going to continue stroking his Penis gently up and down like she did before but this time, she was going to do something totally different…..

(To be continued…..)

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