What I Never Knew

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We had been planning on getting our own apartment and when we finally did we agreed that our sex life would improve.

Timm and I hadn’t had a very active relationship since we had both been living with our parents and with his parents active religious beliefs, sex was near impossible.

The day we moved in together was our one year anniversary and I had promised Timm a night he would never forget. Hot sex, bubble baths and Candles.

Lionah had helped us move and she had been my best friend for years, I had several fantasies about the girl. I loved her breasts. I had seen them several times and each time I wanted to jump the girl, but I didn’t want to wreck our friendship.

The three of us had been drinking beer all evening and talking about the good old days. I admit, I was a bit drunk, but MAN Lionah was hot. She had just had a baby 2 months before and the girl got hotter, full breasts and the flat stomach she had before Joshuah.

Timm and Lionah had always flirted, but she knew he was my man, what she didn’t know, was that the 2-4 we drank that afternoon was making me drool at the sight of them. I wanted them both at that very instant.

“Timm, baby, i want you to kiss Lionah.” I blurted out. “I want to eat her.”

“Diann!” Liaonah squealed,” I want to eat you too, but i’m all sweaty I need a shower.”

The appartment had a Jaccuzzi and I wanted a bath, with bubbles and all that stuff.

“Let’s all take a bath. Right Now!!!” I grabbed her by the hand and told her to grab Timm.

We ran the bath and undressed each other. Lionah taking her time pulling off my thong and Timm was just drooling. His cock was HUGE!!!

“Babe, lets get in that tub.” He said and we did.

I Fucked Lionah with my fingers, while todd fucked my pussy with his cock, MAN what sex we had……

After the tub, i had to pee, Lianah had something else in mind.

” I really need to go, i…” She knelt in front of me and began flicking her tounge over my engorged clit. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Pee in my mouth, I want to taste your sweet piss.” She begged and stuck her tounge in my pussy. I couldn’t hold back i pissed in her mouth and she drank as much as she could, she then pulled Timm down on his knees and had him finish the job, Never before had I done that. But Damn it felt good.

We moved to the bedroom and now it was my turn, lionah lay on her back and I began to eat her delicious pussy, it ws everything i imagined it to be, Timm was hard again and he rammed is hard cock in my ass, as he thrust in and out Lionah began to pee, i drank every last drop and continued to eat her. I stuck my finger in her ass and licked her cunt dry. she then threw me on my back And began to fuck timm, something i never thought i’d be able to watch.

To my surprise, she had brought a strap pn, she put it on and began fucking me with it all the while fucking timm.

The orgasms kept cumming, all night we had sex and when one of us had to pee, we nevermade it to the bathroom, some one got the plesure of drinking hot sweet piss.

The next day we had to say good bye and Lionah went to pick up Joshuah from her mother’s. But… Every once in a while, we get that urge and call her, and every time is more mind blowong than the last.

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