Who Knew Breaking Up Was So Good

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Still drunk after drowning my sorrows i stumbled for my keys in my handbag at 3am in the morning. The girls and I had been clubbing and all the eligible man swinging their hips, grinding their manhood’s into me whispering pleasures beyond my reach while dirty dancing had my pussy dripping. Dressed in my boob tube with my c cups spilling out beneath my mini jean skirt my pussy was aching, i could feel it’s throbbing pulsations making me so hot. After having just broken up from you i was morally unable to bring one of them home. Instead my night was planned with some much-needed alone time with my toys. Finally finding my keys i began to unlock the door when I felt you behind me. Your chiselled arms trapping me against the wall. Whispering into my ear you tell me “fucking one day and you’re flaunting yourself you slut”. Fiery I turned to you, you press harder against me. Your chest locking me against the door. My breasts moving up and down as i began to pant. Is it out of fear or pure need? “Fuck you, you….” a swift hand to my cheek disrupted me. I turn back around to fight my way through the door. You grab my wrist from the door “I’ve been waiting here for 8 hours you fucking whore”. Your hot breath brushes against my exposed neck. I’m fearful yet getting more turned on. You grab my hair and sharply pull my head closer to your mouth. I moan in pain yet wanted pleasure “get your fucking hands off me”. You know me too well, “you like it rough slut” your hand moves from my wrist. “Let’s see if you’ve been a dirty slut” your hand rubs up my inner thigh. I can feel a smirk on your face as you feel my wetness on my lacy thong. Moving my thong aside with one finger you rub my lips with cold fingers. I start to quiver, a handful of my hair still trapping me. Circling your finger starts to tease my clit. Moans escape my lips as i try to resist. “fuck off we’re over” i say heavily breathing. You pull on my hair harder “shut the fuck up, it’s over when i say it’s over” within a second 3 fingers are inside me. I push my arse up against you almost unaware. “untouched booty, you aren’t as much of a slut i thought you to be” you say. “You fucking had me fuck wit. You should know” I bark defensively. Still finger fucking me I start to moan louder, my breathing faster, harder, quivering. Your lips sucking, nibbling and biting my neck. Your tongue moves to my ear, licking it. In just that you almost make me cum, you know my weaknesses and are using them against me. You start to go harder, rougher. I can’t contain myself, i start grinding up and down on your hand. I could feel your manhood swelling against my arse. “You won’t be going anywhere” you muffled into my ear letting go of my hair. Bowing my head I surrender, I am yours. Putting my hands up on the door to steady me I can feel myself going into ecstasy. My moans become screams. “I’m going to teach you a lesson, you wanna try and leave me slut” you stop finger fucking me in an instant. “You’ll cum when I tell you to” turning me to face you. Staring hungrily down into your crotch I see your cock yearning to get out. Looking back into your eyes I lick my lips. “You want daddy’s cock” not a question however a command. Grabbing my hair you pull me to my knees. “You want daddy’s cock, pull it out and suck it slut” you demand. All to eagerly I unzip your jeans pulling them to your knees like a starving beast. There is in all it’s glory standing tall and thick. Hungry I take your full 9 inches in my mouth. Licking while bobbing up and down on your shaft humming I pause for a moment to lick your balls. My pussy is dripping, I need you in me. Sucking harder I start to rub my clit, you slap my hand away and telling me “you play with your pussy when I tell you to”. Angrily you start fucking my mouth almost tearing my lips you cum with an explosion. Jist after jist I taste your warmth. Pulling me to my feet you shove me hard against the door. Grabbing me by my arm you turn me around. My jaw dripping with your fluid pressed hard against the door. You reach around and start kneading my breast. The left one you start to pinch. Your rough palms digging into me you start to twist my nipple making my cunt drip fluent juices. “Now play with your pussy slut” you demand. This was no task, I had ached to once you blew in my mouth. Rubbing my clit I reach down and start fucking myself hard. You stand there pinning me still. Your hands roaming my body, pressing against my belly. My body stiffens as I begin to orgasm, cruelly you pin my arms above my head not letting my finish. My pussy aching in pain now. “You cum when I tell you bitch”. Grabbing your cock you bend me over. You order me “spread your legs now slut”. The obliging participant I do. You ram your rock hard cock into me. My juices sliding with you. Thrusting hard and fast you start slapping my arse. Almost red raw it hurts yet I can’t help but be more turned on. “Cum for daddy now” you groan. Moaning and panting my stomach begins to spasm. I can feel the heat build inside me. You slap my arse one more time and it drives me to ecstasy. Screaming I manage to utter “yes daddy… owwww…. yes daddy”. You continue to thrust as waves of pleasure bring my body to the ultimate brink. Three hard jolts and you cum inside me. Spent you let me collapse to the floor. Laying there panting I look up at you smiling, “Now let’s go wash daddy’s girl” you say picking me up in your arms carrying me inside.

To be continued…

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