Making An Older Woman Happy

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I am 27, six feet two inches tall and 205 pounds. I am in great shape and work out all the time. I also have a 12 inch cock and huge balls. I tell you those things not to brag but just to let you know a little about me. A couple of days ago I was going for a run when I saw a woman in the Safeway parking lot attempting to change her front driver’s side tire. I jogged over and offered to help. “Oh, that would be so helpful!” she said. “I’m afraid I couldn’t do it right.” We chatted while I loosened the lug nuts and I found out her name was Leota and she was 57 years old. She had blonde hair that was streaked with a little grey and was about 5 feet 6 inches and thin. She had tiny little titties and a little padding in the ass but was in good shape for her age. Her face was pretty and not really wrinkled and I thought to myself that she had been hot when she was younger. I jacked the car up and it started to rain. After a minute or two the skies opened up and it poured. I told Leota to go into the coffee shop next to the store and I would come and get her when I was done. She reluctantly left and I finished the job. I was soaked to the bone and cold because I was just wearing running shorts and a sweatshirt that was now soaking wet. I went and got her and told her I was done. She thanked me and asked me If I needed a ride. I said I would be fine and started to jog off, but she stopped me. “Nonsense, I live right around the corner. Come on and we’ll get those clothes dry and warm you up!” I jumped into the car and we drove the two blocks to her house. Once inside she directed me to the bathroom and told me to take my wet clothes off and she would get me something to wear while they were in the dryer. She knocked on the bathroom door and opened it about 6 inckes and haned me a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt and a towel. “You should jump in the shower and warm up,” She said. I took a nice hot shower and dryed off and put on the clothes she had offered. The sweats were tight and only came to about 3 inches below my knees. The sweatshirt was way too small and left a gap between it and the sweats were my stomach showed. I came out of the bathroom and she was in the kitchen brewing up some herbal tea. She laughed when she saw me and I saw her eyes linger on my bulge which was very obvious in the tight sweats. The fact that I wasn’t wearing any underwear only helped to highlight the outline of my big cock which is about 7 inches or so when soft. “I don’t have any men’s clothing around here and I don’t think you’d be comfortable in one of my dresses so that will have to do.” She said as she poured some lemon tea into a mug for me. “This will warm you up. We talked as my clothes were drying and I found out that She had been married at 19 and divorced at 22. Her husband cheated on her repeatedly and when she gave him an ultimatum, he left her. She never got married again because of religious reasons,”Our church says that if you remarry after a divorce, it’s adultery. If the person you divorced dies, you are free to marry again.” She told me that at first it was very hard to be alone but after a few years, she got used to it. The hardest thing,she said, was not having any children. She had always wanted a big family. “I just put all my attention into serving God and staying in shape.” she said. ” Well, you certainly have done a good job af that!” I told her,”You must be doing something right because you have a very nice figure.” I was beginning to get a little turned on and thought about trying to fuck her. “Thank you.” she said and blushed,”You look pretty good to me,too.” she said. She was looking at my crotch when she said it. She realized that we were getting a little sexual tension going and asked if I wanted more tea. I said yes and she poured it. I was really getting aroused and felt my cock begin to rise.It was semi hard and even more obvious as it strained against the tight sweats.I saw that she was really staring at my cock and that turned my semi hardon into a full blown erection. I stood up and took my cup to the sink. Her eyes were on my cock the whole time. I made no effort to hide it and asked her if she would like a better look. “What are you talking about?” she asked. “You know very well what I’m talking about!” I said as I squeezed my cock through the sweats. She turned beet red and told me to stop doing that immediately. I decided to go for broke and told her that I wanted to fuck her. “She stood up and said,”Thats it, I am going to get your clothes wether there dry or not and I want you to leave!” she whisked to the laundry room and I took of the sweats and sweatshirt. Whe she came back into the room, her mouth dropped open at the sight of my 12 inch thick cock and huge balls. She dropped my clothes and I walked up to her and kissed her. At first she pushed against me but after 5 seconds or so, she began to kiss me back. She grabbed my cock and began stroking it.”It’s been 35 years since I’ve had a penis in my hand! My goodness, this thing is huge! It is a lot bigger than I remember my ex-husband’s being!” She jacked me off hard and since I was so turned on I came in about 45 seconds. The first 2 spurts shot all over her dress and she moved to the side and allowed the next 4 shots to shoot onto the kitchen floor. She kept stroking until the last of my cum ran out. “What a mess you made!” she scolded. “Now I have to take this off!” she took her dress off and bra and panties and I picked her up and caaried her to the bedroom. She had the hairiest pussy I have ever seen. Long thick blonde curls covered her pussy lips and spread down her inner thighs. She had a huge triangle of thick pubes and a thick line of blonde hair that crepy up her beely and surrounded her belly button. I spread her pussy and began to lick her clit. She was very quiet and just kind of moaned a little as I inserted my middle finger into her pussy. She moaned a little louder when I included my ring finger and stroked her G- spot as I continued to lick and nibble her clit. A few minutes later she began to say very softly,” oh yes oh yes oh yes….” geting louder every time until she was screaming “OH YES OH YES …AAAAHHHHGGGGG” she squited pussy juice into my mouth and all over my face as she came. “So thats what a climax is like!” she said. I asked her if she ever had an orgasm with her husband. “I thought I did but it sure wasn’t as intense as that!” she replied. I tried to put my cock in her wet pussy but only got about 3 inches in when she tensed up. “It’s too big honey! Be gentle!” I slowly stroked my cock in an out and little by little I inched it in her surprisingly tight pussy. I had about 8 inches in when she came again. I felt her pussy get very juicy and I slammed my whole cock up her hungry hole. I shot my load in her cunt and collapsed. “I felt your sperm shooting inside me!” she giggled. “My goodness, I should have done this a long time ago! Thank you for showuing me what I’ve been missing!” We feel asleep in eachothers arms and when I woke up Leota was making dinner. I spent the night there and we fucked a few more times. The next morning, she drove me home and gave me a long wet kiss. “Feel free to drop by any time!” she said as I left. I do believe I will!!!

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