Years ago my husband worked in the coal mine, he came home 1 day and told me that there was something the matter with this guy he as working with, I said why and he told me that they were talking at dinner and sex came up! This guy told my husband that he’s always anted to fuck his cousin! She’s about a year yonger then him! That he fantasied about her wearing a BRIGHT ange Bikini and he’s take it off of her and they would fuck fo hours!

I thought there was something the matter with this guy also, but THEN in the back of my mind I started thinking about my 1 Cousin and How close we were! We when younger would take a Bath together ut back then I never noticed his Equipment, but it was different then mine!

Yeasr later My husband and I went to a wedding, and Right away this guy caught my Eye, he was by himself, Mt Husband says come on I want to introduce you to someone and here Doc introduced me to this guy! He asked the guy what he was doing here at the wedding and he said it was a relative!

Doc asked him is “She Was here” and he said no! I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, If him and Doc weren’t such close friends, I would have takeb him out in the parking lot to slurp on his toll!
On the way home, I asked doc what he meant when he asked the guy is she was here! Doc told me that was the guy who wanted to fuck his Cousin!

After seeing him, I started thinking more and more of my cousin and that did it, I had to fuck my cousin! when it got Warmer and our pool was opened, I suggested I invite my Husband & his Wife over for a swim! I already started creaming in my pants! Never before did I have these fillings! So I called him up and invited him and his wife over for a cookout/Swim! I didn’t want to look to obivious, so I wore kind of a 2 Piece Bathing suit, hat showed off my Legs!

They arrived and from the start I could tell she was a Prude, no joking, she wore a God awful looking 1 Piece that covered everything!!!! I thught I noticed Cous checking out my legs! We still had a nice night, I even checked out the Throbbing in his shorts! I suggested we do it again and they agreed!

Cous is Retired and his Wife works yet! So that helped my plans! I called up 1 day when I knew she was working and suggested they come over on a Wednesday, I knew she worked til Midnight on Every other Wednesday, cous told me that & I said why don’t you still come over and have a Drink with my Husband & I!
I knew that my Husband wsas going to be out of town that day!

I was getting so excited, I kept on Loading my Shorts up with cum!!!! Like I said before I’m a Natural Albino, but hanks to a friend, I’ve learned to Color my pubes different colors! Most people think I’m a Natural Blonde and 99 % of the time I keep my Pubes Natural White! I wemt and bought a NEW White String Bikini! I’,m not ig on top, 34 B but real perky boobs! I got legs that just continue! BUT my ASS is a great ASSET!!!!!

I Colored m Pubes a DARK Black and took the Liner out of the Bottom and the Liner out of he top! When I get Excited my Nipples kep growing! I put on the Sring Bikini and I amost loaded it with my Juices when I ;looked in the Long mirror! I wanted to fuck myself!!!! Well the door bell rang and I answered the Door, it was Cous! I invited him in and told him to go out to the Pool! I told him that my Husband got called away the last minute!

I had a cover up on, but showed a little boob shot! He said maybe he should go home and I told him, why, I already have his drink ready, to go into the pool! When I habed him the Drink, I caught him checking out my Clevage! My Nipples were growing! I told him that I have to dive into the pool the1St time, so I turned around to take off my Coverup! I saw him in the Window checking out my ASS Cleavage, it wasn’t covered tooo much by my bottom! It was 1 that tied on both sides!

I turned around kind of fast and he saw that Black bush thru my Bottom, I made shure it was wet so it made it see thru!!!! On the waay to the Divng board, I loosened up the 2 Strings on the bottom, hoping I wouldn’t loose the bottom til I hit the water! I had matching Ear Rings on, big White ones, But I took 1 off! As I was on the Diving bard, I took a deep brath and he was checking out my LONG Slender legs and my now LONG Nipples!

I dove into e water and it worked, my Bottom came off! I came up just a little away from him!
I asked him if he could see in the water, that I had lost something and it was white and I had it down by my feet! He came over, took a Deep Breath and went under the Water! All of a Sudden I felt him GRABB my Hips and he started to lick my Pussy! I’ve never had my Pussy licked! With in a few Licked not only did I Cum, I shot Cum like a Man does and I never did hat before!

As he came up out of the Water, I heard a Car door Slam and who walks into out back yard was his Wife, she got off work early! Right aay he turned away to wipe his Mouth of my LARGE load of cum! More then I’ve ever Short! I called her ver and asked her if she could give me my Towell! I wrapped it around my Bottom and Excused myself, when I came back I put on my Bigger skirted bottom and Wisperd to her that I just Started my Period! She fell for that, hank God she didn’t know that I just got my 1St. Muffing and I loaded her Husbands Mouth full of CUM!
I thought after hey left, HGopw She Kissed and Tongue him, so she could taste my Cum!
BUT now I got t lan another way of Fucking him!

This was June 20th 2009 and Everytime I Fuck Doc, I think it’s Cous! Speaking of 4Th of July Fireworks, Zambilly don’t have anything on Cous!!!!!


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