My first time

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~My first time~

I always loved a boy named Jade, we are best friends, I can’t remember not knowing him. He’d come over to my house and I’d go to his. He was a handsome man tall man, with a mixed complexion, addictive and seductive hazel eyes. I always saw him as more than a friend. I always wanted him to be my first. Tired of being swung on one guy I started dating Chris and we’ve been dating for 4 months even though I love Jade.

One day while me senior year in high school, he was running passes for the office and I was in my boring 4th period Spanish class. He brought a pass to my class and I urgerly took it wanting to escape and hour and a half of the class.

I walked outside with him and he said. “Bonita….we need to talk.”

He grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to our familiar skipping hide out place. Mr. Hart’s office. He was never in his office so I picked the lock and we sat down on the sofa in the office.

“Bonita…I don’t know what I feel for you…your my best friend and I care about you but lately it’s been more than that…” I looked into his green eyes and he stopped and kissed me. His tongue darted in my mouth playing with my tongue. Teasing me. Tormenting me. He tasted so sweet.

He undressed me and I was lost in his powerful touch. I undressed him and we broke the kiss. He looked me in my eyes and forcefully entered me. I gasped in both pain and pleasure as my body was trying to adjust to his 12 inch thick dick. I scratched his back and the painful burning sensation, as I opened up for him inch for inch.

“I’m going to fuck you until you forget his name and only yell mine…you were meant to be with me…not him but me.” He gasped in my ear.

He began downing soft thrust letting my adjust to his size. Then he began pounding, pumping, thrusting in me strongly. I was gasping, and moaning, feeling a knot in my stomach expand. He kept fucking me harder, and harder. “Scream my name.” He commanded at me.

I would but I was to lost in trying to achieve my heights. He fucked my even harder. His hard thrust reaching up my spine to my brain. “Jade.”


We yelled we finally let go of the knot and he collasped on me. “I love you Bonita.”

“I love you Jade.”

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  1. Jgodz

    Good story except for the fact that you first said Jade’s eyes were hazel and then, in the office you said you looked into his green eyes. Confusing. Check your story.

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