On The Job

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Im a excavation contractor I had just come home off vacation and was going through my messages when I listened to the message from Amy, just another message didnt sound like anything special. So I call her back and we decide to meet at the job location, when I pull up I am very suprized to see a very sexy blonde she is around 5’9″ high very fit trim body with size D breasts. As we start talking I find out she is 26 just a year younger than me and that she bought these buidling lots from her daddy and was going to build some homes on them herself. Anyway we flirt alittle and part ways later that week we meet at a little restraunt so she can give me another set of plans, we really hit it off and as she was leaving I reached out and brushed her arm and told her I looked forward to working with her, I could tell she liked me and that she was shy, so she walks out of the building and I order my food, 30 seconds later she comes back in and invited me to come with her to look at a remodel, now since I am married I know I am playing with fire but couldnt resist so I follow her up to a old home, she lets us in and we begin to walk through the house. Well she pulls out a set of plans and puts them on an old table left in the front room as were going over them we get closer together and all I can think about now is how good she looks and smells and how much I would love to fuck her. So my brain shuts down and I think what the hell Ill take a chance I turn into her and go for a kiss well she was ready it shocked me how hard she came back on me, her had shot down and started to rub my cock through my pants and I was already so hard it hurt, now I love eating pussy and there is no way I was going to fuck her without tasting her first so thats all I could think about. I pulled her shirt off exposing the nicest tits I have ever seen she pulls her braw down and i start sucking one tit then the other all the while I finger fuck here pussy its almost completely shaved except for a small tuft of hair at the top, she is so wet and she has undone my pants and is jacking me off Well I had enough so right there on the old carpet I pulled her pants off and dove my head into her wet heat, I slurped and sucked it tasted so good she smelled great and was nice clean and shaven she grabed my head and was bucking and grinding her pussy into my face, I had pussy juice driping off my chin as I ate her I played with her ass hole rubbing it and inserting my firger just barely into it this drove her crazy and I could tell she was about to cum, so I really dove in I could barely keep my toungh on her clit she was bucking and griding me so hard all the while she was begging me to fuck her well she came and I kept sucking her clit until she pushed me off she said she was too sensitive but was ready to return the favor so she takes my pants off and starts sucking hard and fast anyway Im pretty worked up so it doesnt take long before I feel the cum building I tell her I am going to cum and she just sucks me harder I tell her its coming but she just keeps sucking, now my wife never gives me head so I am loving it I a spill my cum into her mouth she takes it all not losing any she swallows every drop which I got to say is fucking awsome never had a chick do that before I had never cum so hard, so we just lay there not saying anything and she is slowly playing with my balls and my cock which has gone half down well it doesnt take long and its hard as rock again and she gets on top of and she is fucking hot her tits are at attention and I can feel her hot wet pussy on my stomach and without saying a word she puts my cock at the opening of that beutiful fuck hole and slowly workes herself down on me then starts fucking me up and down and I mean up and down she rides me to the very top alomst tell I come out and all the way in as she is doing this she is playing with her tit and moaning well she starts riding me hard and I am loving it but I get this animal in me so I grab her get on her missionary and start banging her like a mad man she is so wet and she is gringing against me I feel my cum building agian and I ask her if I can cum in her she tells me I fucking better so I pump her until I cum as deep as I could put it up in that sweet pussy. Well we quickly get dressed and dont say much and we go our seprate ways. The rest of that day I kept smelling my hands cause they smelt just like that sweet puss Later that week I get another message on my voice mail that she needs me to look at another job with her and thats another story

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