Questions remain to be answered!!

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I work away a lot and as we have no family my wife travels with me frequently. She is a lecturer at a University and has lots of annual leave. I travel all over the world as a trouble shooter to technology companies.

Last November I had to go to Dominican Republic for a project  for 4 weeks. She couldn’t come for all of it but came for the third week and then flew home. I worked during the day and she lazed around by the pool and topped up her tan. Tiniest bikini did little to cover her charms and she flaunted her assets all the time. Smooth pussy , long legs, slim body and oversized boobs with sensitive nipples. Flowing hair , deep hazel eyes and pouting lips all added to the beauty and she always had eyes on her. Sometimes I sat and wathed as she just chilled knowing so many eyes were on her and shorts showing tell tale signs of interest.

I was friendly with the resort manager as I had been there frequently and had brought good business to the resort. He hosted a dinner every night and I was always invited to join and meet other influential guests. On the third night after Leila , my wife, arrived were were at a dinner and she was sitting beside an English businessman and he was entranced by her intelligence and looks. They danced together that evening and they got on well.I told her in bed that night that I saw the way he was looking at her but she dismissed it.

When I returned to the resort next day after work they were sitting together chatting on stools in the pool at the bar. She in her bikini keeping her ass cool and he in shorts keeping his cock cool. I watched from a distance as I was back slightly early. They were laughing and looked as if they were enjoying themselves and possibly flirting. But my wife wouldnt do that. They left the pool bar and went to the sea . Surf was up and they went for a swim. She stumbled in a wave and he caught her. She was off balance and her arm brushed against his hard cock in his shorts. His hand had brushed against her boobs as he sought to help her. Both of them looked at each other and laughed but aware of sexual tension. I was stiff looking at this. the went back to the pool bar and I joined them once in my shorts and tshirt.

Dinner that night she was sitting beside him and they were looking good together but nothing in your face type flirting. They danced as we all did.

That night we fucked hard and I wondered if she was thinking of him as we did. It was then I hatched a plan.

As I was heading away for work that morning she was naked on the bed face down and earphones on listening to loud music from her iPod. I was prepared. Kissed her good bye and she got back to her position face down music on.

I left the room , changed in an empty room next door. Opened our bedroom door, crept silently to our bed with my wife on it, her hair tied up in a ponytail. She didnt notice. Suddenly my hand was on the back of her neck pushing her hard against the pillow and one earphone removed and in my best English accent, ( from my days involved in amateur dramatic society in College) told her she was going to be fucked and to behave and she would not be hurt and not to talk or look back. She nodded. Blindfold on. Headphones back on. Hands tied to the bed. legs parted and ankles tied to the bed too. Oil taken out and dribbled over her ass cheeks before being rubbed in. Oil dribbled along the crack of her ass and down towards her pussy that looked moist already. I poured more oil over her crack and watched it run down. Then roughly teased her clit and she flnched as if resisting. I smacked her ass hard once and she stopped. Fingering her pussy with one finger then two she was soaking and despite herself she was pushing back against my fingers. I stopped and moved up the bed and shoved my sticky fingers in to her mouth.  She licked them clean. Then it was back to pouring oil down betwen her ass cheeks and fingering her pussy. Lubed her ass and one finger got more resistance from her. She got two firm smacks on her ass for that and she gave in to the enivatble. A second fing in her ass and she was reacting by gyrating her ass.  Without warning i shoved my cockin to her soaked pussy and fucked her . She pushed back and came hard. She was lost to passion. Pounding her pussy was so good and she was soaking. Sheet was stained. Two fingers fucking her ass at same time. Finally, pulled out and fucked her as without warning. Pulling her ponytail to get in deeper and inflict a little pain. She exploded and I followed sortly afterwards in her ass. Pulled out and got some of my cum and rubbed it on her face and lips. Pulled off one head phone and told her I could leave her tied up or untie her but she musnt look back. I untied her and left. Changed and headed to work.

When I came back that evening expecting to see her in the pool with our English friend she was there alone talking to an Irish businessman who was a regular at the resort and introduced to Leila by Randolf the resort manager. I went to our suite to change and when I got there the room was cleaned and no sign of any earlier activity. Joined everyone for dinner and nothing was said about earlier action. She flew home . I was curious.

As the IT guru I am I was able to tap in to her personal email accounts and keep an eye, discretely on her activity online. She sent an email to the English guy thanking him for the pleasure of meeting him with a huge photo of her in her bikini bottoms only attached.  She also had sent an email to the Irish business man thanking him for his special attention. She had also sent an email to Randolfs sister thanking her for expanding her knowedge of the joys of lesbain loving.

Lots of questions to be answered. She never mentioned the events in Dominican. She is going to UK for a conference in December and Ireland a week later to look up her family roots. I will follow her adventures.


More to come………

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