Wife’s Ass Distress

Based on the true adventures of Huskergirl and her Hot Big Red Husker Hiney.
The alarm went off again and Carrie Sue “Huskergirl” was still in her “Happy Husker” PJ’s cuddled up in bed. Carrie is a wife, mother, and professional woman, and was not motivated to get up this morning. She was very happy to be snug in her nest with ideas of how to have a “Carrie Day.” Since the kids had already left for school, she would just sleep in, take a nice warm bath and make it a day of spending Huskerboy’s and her money on a shopping spree in town. Just one problem, it was Wednesday and she was supposed to be at work for an important project meeting with her staff. This morning her body was saying something different. As she reached down she felt that rush and could feel her womanhood was moist with desire. Carrie was a very attractive woman with long brunette hair, beautiful facial features, and a very attractive figure. Her breasts were of average size but very beautiful and inviting. She kept her very neat and attractive pussy trimmed and it was one of those perfect pussies that an artist would draw for erotic art.

But the thing that she had that her husband and other men noticed the most was her hot round ass which made her the girl to follow. Carrie had started discovering her sexual power in her mid-30’s when she had her first orgasm. She was blessed with the ability to have multiple strong orgasms that would overwhelm mild mannered and shy husband “Huskerboy.”
Carrie was the strong one in the family, taking charge and making it her way or the highway. Huskerboy was OK with that most the time. But sometimes he had the need to be the man. You know “John Wayne” type. His problem was that she had his number and he knew it.

Deep in his mind he had a large lust for her and especially that hot hiney of hers. He would fantasize about it being in distress and him rendering aid and making love to it. He was so taken by her ass that he would watch her slip out of her panties and sometimes his cock would explode when she would bend over. Huskerboy would look at her ass at times in bed, sometimes carefully slipping her PJ’s down and masturbating while she slept. He so much wanted to just spank that cute booty, kiss it and make love to it until he passed out. He was frustrated and this was compounded when Carrie would be moody and make him feel small, especially if he was horny and she was not responsive.

This morning Carrie was in one of those selfish moods and just wanted to do for Carrie. She had wanted to go shopping all week and this work thing was getting in her way. She was also horny so she thought, “OK it’s a Carrie day.” So she decided to blow off work, take a long hot bath, power shop, make Huskerboy buy dinner, and then finally allow him to take care of this burning desire in her loins. When Carrie is in passion like this she isn’t aware how she gives off a powerful musk that her husband and other men could be overwhelmed by.
Huskerboy would have a feast giving oral love to his wife because she smelled and tasted amazing down there. This morning Huskerboy caught scent of her awesome pussy passion juice. So he thought to himself, why not try to get his wife’s cute hiney out of those Husker PJ’s and have some fun before leaving for work. Much to his frustration, his efforts went down like a Nebraska Husker fumble.

Carrie was hot and ready for passion, but she is a person that takes charge and wants it her way. She was going to give it to him, but on her schedule. Huskerboy, frustrated, could just hope to see some of that “Glorious Glutinous Maximus” at best. Poor ole Huskerboy really did want her fine ass this morning.


(Image Source: Dana Vespoli)

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