Going to the drive In movies dressed

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Going to the Drive in Movies

This happened quite a while ago, there aren’t many if any drive in movies left in upstate New York, All of the names have been changed.
It was a Saturday night I was bored and horny. There was an x rated movie at the Marcy drive in. They were playing deep throat and some other x rated movie, I got dressed in my blue silky top with a 48DD bra and a long pleated black skirt. I put on my long black wig and shaved and put on my make up. I had hip enhancers that made my butt look very sexy. I had on long red plastic fingernails and shoes with two inch heals. I looked much like a fat hooker. Two inch heals are about all I can walk in without falling down. I drove to the drive in very carefully I’m always afraid of getting stopped by the police. They checked my car to be sure I didn’t have anyone in the back seat or trunk. They always did that when there was only one person in the car. I was about twenty minutes early so I had a good spot in the middle of the parking area. I sipped the soda that I had brought with me. The coming attractions were interesting but not very hot. There was a car next to mine with three guys in it. There were barely old enough to be there. They kept on looking at me and I knew what they wanted. I waited until a few minutes before the movie started to get a bag of pop corn and another soda. One of the guys from the car followed me to the stand and waited as I went to the lady’s room. When I came out he started to talk to me.
“What’s a hot lady like you doing here alone?”
“I’m just here for the movie the same as you.”
“My name is Tom.”
“I’m Judy Ann, nice to meet you Tom.”
“Would you like to join us in our car? We could watch the movie together.”
“Well I don’t know. Can I trust you guys to behave?”
“I think you can trust us.”
“I’ll think about it. I’ll tell you what there is more room in my car so why don’t you join me in my car?”
“That would be cool.”
Tom went and it took him all of half a second to convince his friends to come to my car. I would have been surprised if it had taken longer after all it was an x rated movie I wasn’t there to watch a g rated thing and neither were they.
Tom introduced his friends and we all got in the huge back seat of my 1967 Olds 98. The movie stared and it didn’t take long before Tom was squeezing my big bra. I moved his hand and told him that there would be no touching except by me. One of the women was giving a blow job on screen.
I reached over and unzipped Tom’s pants and one of the other guys as well. Then the other two unzipped theirs.
I was stroking two cocks at once the guys weren’t paying much attention to the movie.
“I’ll bet I give a better blow job that Linda up there does.” I said pointing to the screen.
“I’ll bet you do too!” Bob said.
I grabbed his cock in my left hand and Chris’s in my right and stroked them as I sucked on Tom’s cock. They were all enjoying themselves.
“I’m going to cum, Tom said, your great!”
He came and I just swallowed his load and switched to sucking on Bobs cock. I swallowed his load as well. Then it was Chris’s turn it took me a while to get him to cum but when he did he had a huge load. It dripped down my chin and onto my top.
“Well, well Chris you get the prize for the biggest load of cum.”
“What’s that Judy?” Chris said as I cleaned off my chin and top.
“I’ll give you another blow job! I want to see if your second load is as big as the first.”
I licked and sucked on his cock playing with his balls until he was hard again and then gave him another slow blow job. The second load wasn’t as big but it was still impressive. By this time the other guys were hard again and I sucked them off as well.
“You are better than Linda and your tits are much larger. Are you from the area? Can we get together again?”
“I’m from the area but I don’t think you will want together together again.”
“Why the fuck not you give a great blow job.”
I laughed and then pulled my shirt up they were all staring at my panties their eyes were bigger than dinner plates.
I though they would shit when they saw me pull out my cock.
“Any one want to return the favor?”
They all got out of my car and drove away with out watching the second movie.
I watched it and masturbated and the drove home laughing to my self.

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