My Broken Strap II: Pit Stop

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My Broken Strap II: Pit Stop
By Joker500

As we return to our man who already once has gotten him a quickie blowjob in the local deli. We catch up to him as he meets up with a very good friend to him.

Feeling good leaving the deli my bra was still bothering me so I decided to go and fix it. I see an adult store opened so I decided to go there and see what I can do about my strap. I walk into the store and I see this woman working there. She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, She looked to be 18 years old and her breast size had to be about a 36D. got me hard just looking at her.

I walked up to her and explained my situation to her. She just looked at me a little weird. She took me to the back and she asked me if she could see me in my ensemble. I agreed and she came over to me and started kissing me and we were making out. I took off my jacket and she unbuttoning me as I was doing to her. So there we were making out and I am unlocking her bra. Letting her breasts free from their cage and watching the bra fall to the floor.

I place my tounge on her breasts swirling around the pink nipples making them stand out. Sucking on them making her moan for more. I break from pleasuring her and she takes a look at me and tells me I am a sexy bitch. She starts to kiss me again and while she is doing that she starts to unhook my bra and starts to pinch my nipples. She runs her tounge throughout my upper body. I unbuckled my belt but she move me away and she started to it herself.

My pants dropped to the floor and pushed them aside. She then rubbed her hands up and down my legs caressing them through my panty hose. I was getting impatient so I started to drop my panties but she moved me away again. She moved me against the wall and ripped my panties off. She went to the back of me and was eating my asshole out and jacking me off at the same time.

She stood up and walked to the front of the store. I kept thinking oh shit I am in trouble now. To put my fears to rest she came back with a dildo. As she came around me she started to lick my balls and at the same time she took the dildo and planted it into my ass. She licked my whole shaft and was flicking her tounge at my head and she opened her mouth and dove right on my cock and started to suck me off. Up and down she went sucking on my cock and not missing the beat by drilling that dildo in my ass in and out she went.

I was in ecstasy getting it in both ends. She is sucking like a pro going in deeper every time placing her hand on my dick jacking me off while she sucks. I tell her that I am ready to cum real soon. She takes that to heart and continues to suck me harder and slam that dildo in me. Ughhhhhh I blow my load all over her sweet face. She goes back down on me sucking me dry. She finally breaks away milking my love juice. She stands up and I can see cum dribbling from her lips.

I start to kiss her mouth tasting my cum from her mouth which tasted great. I decided to return the favor. So I start to kiss her body not missing an inch. I kiss her breasts and lick the nipples and biting on them not very hard. So I continue on my way down to her special love box. I get to her pussy I start to kiss and lick each sides of it and I start to nibble on the pussy lips making her moan for more. She is having an orgasmI start to eat her as she shoves her pussy right into my face. My tougne was going in farther than before. I take my hands up to her breasts and I start to squeeze them and pinch the nipples. Without warning she cums all over me douching my face with her sweet jizz.

I pick her up and lay her down on a makeshift bed and I put on a condom and I slowly put my cock into her pussy. In I go at a slow pace, she tells me fuck her hard. So without any hesitation I slam into her pussy. In and out banging the hell out of that snatch. Pumping my flesh rocket into her wet pussy. Mmmm ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh are the sound me and her are making. I spread her legs for better movement as I continue to ride her.

I pull out and she throws me on the bed and she gets on top of me. Up and down she goes. Bouncing her tits all over the place I reach in squeezing them in and pinching at the nipples once more. She pulls off of me I crawl to her. I’m jacking myself off and she comes over towards me and puts my dick between her tits and does it for me and I finally reach the point of cumming. A couple drops of cum hits her chin. She starts to jack me off the rest of the way. Cum flies and some lands on her tits. She sticks my cock into her mouth and begins to milk me dry. She picks her tits up and licks the cum off her nipple.

As we finish I start to get ready and she helps me. She puts on each of the pantyhose and once she get to the top she gives my cock a quick kiss. I am finally fully dressed as she comes up to me and hands me this bra and it works. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and after that I left the store hoping was to return there again someday.

And just as I was leaving I jumped into a cab the strap starts to give me problems. To late now I am away from the store.

Tune in next time to find out what happens

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