The Bonding

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They had been lovers for some time now, but something was missing. In the bedroom they shared a closeness unlike any other that they ever experienced in their lives but they craved for more. And not just the more that came with a public announcement of man and wife, they wanted something more that would be very private to them and them alone. Something that would say they are connected in a way that the only two of them could understand. This act would be a bonding that only they could fathom….

He arrived at her place for their usual rendezvous. As she opens the door he grabs her and passionately kisses her as always, tearing at her body like an animal. She sank into his arms and began to feed his passion with moans, then her body pushes away.
“What’s wrong baby?” he said.
“I’ve got to go, let me go take care of my pussy and wash up,” she said
“No, you know I hate when you wash the favoring off,” he said smiling at her.

She gave him a look that said you know what I have to do. He frowned, smiled, and released his hold on her and followed her to the bedroom.

“Don’t act a stranger, make yourself comfortable,” she said to him as she began to undress.

He immediately removed his clothes and dived on the bed,watching as she began to take hers off. The site of her undressing always excited him to the point that he had to hold his stiff rod tightly like a dog on a leash. He rolled off the bed in front of her as the last stitch of clothing fell to the floor, took her, and threw her on the bed.

“Wait, baby, please! I really have to go,” grinning she said.
“I can’t,” he said, smirking while shoving the head of his penis inside of her wet sugar walls.

She opened her mouth in a gasp, relaxed her body, and slowly pulled him deep inside of her, knowing that it was her body that would have to wait. Her desire to be filled outweighed the urge that she had to relieve herself. So they made passionate love, each thrust heavenly, each stroke a work of art. They made love until she could no longer count the number of times he took her to ecstasy and held her tightly as she descended. For the great finale he turned her over on her hands and knees, stood up and rammed his still rod inside her wet canal and began pounding her like a jack hammer, each thrust faster and faster each stroke hard and harder and she loved it. Her body quivered each time he paused with his rod deep inside of her. Those pauses told her that he was ready to explode and she could gauge how much she pleased him by how far he would shoot his hot sweet load. No longer able to contain himself he pulled his rod out and propped it on the crack of her ass for release. The distance of his explosion amazed her, the first squirt went over head and slammed into the head board of the bed, the second in her hair, then the rest just smeared all over her back.

“Damn, that was good!” he said as his body relaxed. Looking at the mess me made he could only imagine how good her pussy would taste. So he took two steps back knelt down and grab her ass.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“You know I always clean up the mess I made after we finish,” he said.
“Hmmm, good head, baby eat up,” she said with a big smile on her face. So he spread her ass wide open and examined her wet, pulsating pussy.

He watched the sweet drops of nectar drip from her sugar walls down her clit and fall onto the sheets. The next drop would be his, he thought to himself; he took his tongue and extended it to stroke her from her clit to the crack of her ass. “Hmmm, I love the taste,” he said, then buried his head deep in to her pussy, lapping up all her juices like a dog. Taking his fingers, he inserted them to ensure that all her sweet nectar was forced out onto his tongue. After cleaning her pussy out, something that she thoroughly enjoyed, he took his tongue and placed it in the crack of her ass and began sucking on her sweet asshole. Crack pie is what he always called it and she loved serving it to him. She loved it so much that she started rubbing and pulling on her clit. Then all a sudden she felt his tongue pushing, forcing its way inside of her asshole. Not just licking as he has done in the past but this time seeking something and it began to turn her on. In his exportation that urge that she had when he first arrived came back, and it came back with vengeance like he was calling it out of her.

In the mist of her moans he heard her say, “Aww baby you’ve got to stop it.”
“No I am just getting started,” he said in the crack of her ass. Spreading her butt cheeks further apart he took his index finger and slid the tip of it inside her asshole, smiling when felt soft, mushy stains.
She started grinning and said, “Get out of there.”
He laughed and pushed his finger in deeper; she tried to pull away, but he grabbed her left hip with his hand and held her steady while he continued to play. She enjoy the feel of his finger deep inside her, and what she heard next was mind blowing after he pulled his finger out. “Aww, damn, that tastes good!” he said.
She looked around and saw him licking on a finger caked with a brown stains. She laughed and said, “You are so damn nasty.”
“Tell me you don’t like it,” he said as he sucked his finger clean. Then licking her asshole he asked, “Can I have some more?”
“If you don’t stop you are going to get more than you bargain for,” she replied laughing.
“Well, feed me baby,” he said as he reinserted his finger back into her asshole while licking around the rim. His words excited her but he could not be serious she thought. “Come on give it to me baby, I want it all.”

She looked back at him and watched as his he rimmed her and continued to dig deeper and deeper into her asshole. Each time he pulled his finger out and inserted it his mouth her heart fluttered. She thought to herself he always said he loved the shit out of me and grinned.

“I see you are enjoying yourself,” she said to him looking back with a smile on her face.
“Yes; aren’t you?” he replied grinning.
“Hmmm. It is interesting. So how long are u going to keep digging in my ass?” she asked.
Pulling his finger out of his mouth, he replied, “Until you feed it to me.”
“Baby, do you really want that? Do you know what you are asking me to do?” she asked.
“Yes. For the fruits of your body,” he said as he pulled his finger out and sucked it clean again then reinserted it.
The thought of doing something like this made her clit throb and her nipples swell but he really couldn’t be serious. Working his finger around the inside her asshole he ask her again, “Are you going to feed me the fruits of your body?”
“What are u going to do with it baby?” she asked.
“What do you want me to do with it?” he looked at her and asked back.
“Eat it; eat it all honey!” she said.
“If you feed it to me,” he replied.

At that point they both knew that they were about to reached a level in their relationship that was bonding. This was the more that they sought, the more that would bring them closer than they had ever been to any other human being. So she took her hands and spread her butt cheeks apart. He wrapped his mouth around her asshole and started sucking. With her left hand she grabbed his head while he held her hips. She thought, I can’t believe I am doing this as she slowly pushed the sweet mushy fruit into his mouth. As she pushed, he moaned with satisfaction and began to swallow.

“Aww, damn, feed baby. Eat all that sweet shit!” she murmured.

The thought of her enjoying it made him press his mouth harder around her asshole and swallow faster, he wanted to ensure that every bit of her went down. What lasted for only a few seconds seemed like an eternal bonding. She lost her grip on his head and that signaled to him that the feeding was over, so he slowing began to lick her clean.

She looked back at him and smiled not knowing what to say he looked up at her and said, “that was the best meal I have ever had. When will you be serving me again?”
Grinning with joy she said, “How about breakfast? I can cook you up some tonight. By the way, if you’d like, I have the other for you.”
With a new-found glow on his face he replied, “So would I.”

So he climbed back on the bed, rolled over on his back, she straddled his face and said, “Open up. I won’t drown you, promise.” He wrapped his mouth around her pussy as the first drops of golden nectar fell on to his lips. She grabbed his head and said, “Drink up baby, you deserve it,” releasing a nice long stream of golden nectar into his mouth to chase down the fruit that he had just eaten. He licked her pussy clean, grabbed her clit between his lips, and started sucking on it till her body went into spasms.

They lay on the bed holding each other tightly, thinking never would they share anything like this with anyone else and now their bond was complete.



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  1. Anonymous

    I think I am going to hurl.

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  2. Anonymous

    that is so nasty

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  3. k4256

    That was by far, the most disgusting story I’ve ever read! I LOVED IT!!!

    Your characters weren’t too well developed, but your content was amazing :)


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  4. SandiLee

    Not what I would do but if you enloy it–to each his own!!

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  5. scatman

    That was beautiful

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