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love at first f*ck

The hot water running down my erect nipples and my nice pink pussy. I wash my self all over, feeling myself,turning myself on with the removable shower head, the hot water shooting at my cunt. Mmmm, feels so good, why didnt I think of doing that before, I thought to myself.Realizing Ive spent too much time showering I get out, exposing my naked body to the cold air….my nips harder than ever.Then the phone rings….My call ID says its “M”
“hello” I answered
“What are you wearing?” M, asks
“because, Im coming over.”
“How long?”
“Give me 15 minutes.”
“Ok, buh bye”
I hurried to my room to dress, putting myself together as fast as I could, and still look good. I was still horny from the shower and thinking of M. Weve been seeing eachther for a while, hes mature,20…..3 years older than me and eats my pussy really good. I slip my panties on, feeling a little wet, just thinking of M touching me. Then I hear him pull in, and run to greet him at the door, since I havent seen him in a few days. We hug, he squeezes me.
“So you really did miss me?”
“Yes, why wouldnt I ?”
He looks in my eyes, the way he always does, I feel the heat rushing through me and between my legs. He kisses me softly, then again as if once just isnt enough. Im feeling so hot,I wrap my arms around his neck, Our toungues rubbing against eachother,breathing the air from his mouth, so warm,kisses that make me feel loved. He gives me another look, this time a very deep gaze, and leads me upstairs to my room.
We lock the door, and start over again, this time no interruptions,his kisses going from my lips to my neck, then my shoulders. I slide my hand on his cock, then just feeling it getting harder, I rub up against him,he backs me onto the bed.
His big cock so hard, my pussy wet and dripping. Wanting him inside of me so bad…for the first time. Ive wanted to know what sex with him would be like. his hands around my round breasts,he unbuttons my shirt, kissing all the way down. His hand feeling the heat between my legs , and the hardness of my nipples. Hes licking them, nibbling on them….as he is undoing my pants. I lift his shirt up. Hes pulling down my pants, our kisses wet and untamed, my pussy dripping even more, i wanted him drink all my juices, to eat me dry. I felt his fingers inside my panties, Then going in me,then pulling them out and tasting me, then kissing me again. Going down my body, I guide him downwards, anxious for him to lick me. He starts gently, then using more pressure as my breahting gets louder,hes sucks up my cunt like a vacuum, I grab his hair, and tug at it gently, pushing his face in me, wrapping my legs around his head, he goes faster…Im about to cum, he can hear my sighs of pleasure. I tell him to stop, lay him down on the bed and sit on his face, I cum…..ahhhhh I move back and jump on his cock, he just grab my waist and starts thrusting up, harder, and harder,trying to rip me open. He rolls on top of me, puts my legs up and starts fuckin me again, pushing in so deep, I dont think I can handle it, little cries of pain coming from me. But that only makes him go faster, and harder. hes trying to make me scream, hes fucking me like he wants to split me in two.
He holds my face, looking at me, his eyes soften up and he kisses me, passionately. I feel his hand in my clit again, as he penetrates me again, then turns me around onto my knees, with my ass in the air. Hes feeling for my clit, rubbing it, and pushing into me again, from the back. I feel his fingers feeling my asshole, and his other hand pinching my nips, swolen from all the sucking and nibbling. Hes thrusting in so deeply again, I scream, he keeps going, just as fast. I motion him onto his back again, and onto his cock. I go slowly, teasing him, he grabs me by the ass, and starts fucking me as hard as he can.
Faster, for almost another half hour, Im loosing my breath, the I feel him cum, his finger up my asshole. He pulls out and splurges on me….He lays down beside me for a second.
“I love you, he said.”
“I love you …..I said
He then licked myt pussy again, still throbbing, as he tried to heal any damage he did,ass he carresed my thighs. I motioned him up next to me, we laid here, lookin in eachothers eyes. Falling deep ,into love, and into sleep.

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