Just Doing Business

Tim and Jillian awoke to the sound of the captain’s announcement.  Apparently they were thirty minutes from Honolulu and the captain thought it necessary to awake them from their comfortable first-class snooze.  It had been a year since they had gotten married and were celebrating by taking a week’s vacation in the sunny state of Hawaii.  Tim had never been before and Jillian was crazy about going, having been there herself several years earlier with family.

“What was that announcement?” Jillian asked Tim in a soft, half-awake voice.

“I think we’re about to land.”  Tim was just as close to consciousness as Jillian.  The two had just spent the past eight hours on a plane, watching terrible movies, eating terrible food and feeling terrible pains in their asses.  They really weren’t in the mood to hear the captain waking them up.

“You guys travel much?” the man across the aisle from Tim asked.

“Not really.  I mean, we don’t do this for a living or anything.  We’re just on vacation—1 year anniversary actually.” Tim says as he points to the ring on his finger.

“Aw, that’s terrific.  I had a few of those myself,” the man chortles.  “You know how business is: either you’re married to your work or you’re married to a woman.  Can’t have both.”  He stopped chuckling for a second and stared at his empty tiny-sized liquor bottle.  “I do business for Northropp-Gruman now.  Aerospace.”

“Nice.  You can go worse thanHawaii.  That’s for sure.” Tim said politely changing the subject.

“Don Mentogne.  Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, yeah me too.  I’m Tim and this is my beatiful wife Jillian.”  Tim didn’t have to lie when describing his wife as beautiful, even if she was just waking up on a plane.  Jillian had done some modeling in college.  She even appeared in a Gatorade commercial once.

“I see that,” the man said as he gave Jillian a polite nod. “Well you carry on with your nap, I’ll get back to my next drink,” he said as he motioned to the flight attendant to fetch him another mini Jack Daniels bottle.

The plane landed safely and Tim and Jillian made their way through the airport and onto their hotel.

“Waikiki Princess,” Tim told the cab driver.

“It’s georgeous, don’t you think?” Jillian asked.

“Yeah, these flowers are huge here!” Tim replied as he put his arm around Jillian giving her a kiss on the lips.  “I’m so glad we decided to do this.  We’re gonna have a blast.”  Tim and Jillian had been college sweethearts and married six months after graduating.

“I know.  I can’t wait to lay on the beach and get some Hawaiin sun.” Jillian’s idea of a great vacation was as simple as a beach, some water and a couple of pina coladas.  Sometimes Tim toyed with the idea of buying a ton of sand and putting in their back yard for Jillian to sunbathe in; it’d be much cheaper than flying first-class toHawaii.

As the cab pulled up to the hotel, Tim and Jillian looked at one another with their jaws opened wide as they gazed up at the magnificence of their accomodations.  The hotel was beautiful, inside and out, and had a wonderful presence to it.  The lobby looked more like a jungle than a café and restaurant.

“We are gonna have a BLAST!” Tim said with a smile on his face.

“Oh my God, this place is georgeous!  This must cost a ton!” Jillian said looking bewildered at Tim.

“It’ll be worth it, honey.  Promise.”

The couple made their way up to their room, gawking at the georeous sites of the hotel along the way.  The bell boy finished placing their luggage in the room and left the couple alone in the room.

“Oh, I can’t wait to get to the beach!” Jillian moaned.

“I’ll get my suit on and go with you.  Let’s get this party started!” Tim exclaimed jokingly as he tore off his collared shirt.  Tim was in his last year in graduate school, finishing up his work in Physical Therapy.  He had the build of a football player, but wasn’t the asshole his physique tended to suggest.

Jillian and Tim spent the next hour relaxing on the beach, but eventually the sun began to set, just as Tim was getting hungry.  The couple made their way downstairs to have a bite to eat in the restaurant.

“You wanna get a drink or two at the bar first, Jill?” Tim asked.

“Yeah, sounds great.  I’m a bit buzzed from the coladas, actually.”

“Me too.  They must make those things fifty percent rum.” Tim said jokingly.

They made their way downstairs to the hotel lounge to have a drink at the bar.  Jillian found a set of open chairs in the corner of the bar and sat down.

“May I get you folks a drink?” the waiter asked.

“I’ll have a strawberry daquari, please.” Jillian said.

“Make that two.”  Tim wasn’t afraid to have a girly drink now and then.  In fact, he secretly liked them more than beer.  “I’m so relaxed right now.  Just think, three hours ago we were on an airplane, wiggling around in our seats.”

Tim stared into Jillian’s eyes and smiled.  Jillian had dark green eyes which looked good even when she was crying.  As he sat there staring into her eyes he could see a man walking toward them.

“It’s that guy from the flight.  The business man.” Tim said to Jillian.

“How you folks doing?  Fancy seeing y’all here!”

“Small world,” Jillian said with a slight chuckle in her voice.

“You mind if I have a seat with y’all?  Drinks are on me tonight.”

Jillian and Tim looked at one another, smiled and nodded.  “Sure,” they both said in unison.

“Ya see, I come out here about once a month to meet with these aerospace execs.  They put me up in this hotel and throw so much money at me, I can’t say no.  I don’t even go outside much while I’m here.”

“That’s too bad, we just spent the past hour and a half outside.  It’s beautiful here.”  Jillian said as the waiter dropped off the drinks.

“You drinkin’ a daquari, son?” the man asked Tim.

“Yeah, you know I like these more than beer or whiskey.  I don’t know what wrong with me,” he said jokingly.

“Aw, there’s nothin’ wrong with you son.  I like a man who’s comfortable with himself like that.  In fact, I have a business proposition for the two of you,” the man said, softening his voice.  Tim and Jillian looked at one another, brows furrowed, wondering what business they could do for an aerospace executive.

“Like I said, I come here a dozen or so times a year and make so much money that it’s hard for me to spend it when I get home.  I usually just use the money to have a good time while I’m here and enjoy myself,” he said.

Tim and Jillian looked at one another again looking more puzzled.  “So what could we do?”

The man looked up at the couple and smiled, “You see I like to have fun while I’m here and it would be a helluva fun time to watch the two of you fuck like bunnies.”

“Ah, yeah…”  Tim grabbed Jillian by the wrist and started to get up.

“Now you two haven’t heard me out yet,” the man shot back quickly, “I’m willing to give you guys five hundred dollars for this.”

Tim stopped for a second, looked at Jillian with a slight interest in his eye.  “Did you say five hundred?”

“I sure did.  All I’d do is just sit in a chair next to the bed and watch.  I’d keep to myself.  I’m just looking to see you two fuck, that’s all.  You both have nice physiques to ya,” the man said as he looked Jillian up and down.

The thought of having sex for this man’s pleasure seemed a bit on the naughty side for Jillian, but the idea of having an extra five hundred dollars seemed like a nice idea to her.  It could almost cover one of the plane tickets, she thought.

Tim took Jillian by the arm and turned their backs to the man to discuss the ‘business’ proposal.

“What do you think?  We always talked about doing something kinky like this once.” Tim whispered to Jillian.

“I don’t know.  I guess I could, if he’s just gonna watch.  It might be a rush,” she replied.

Tim turned back to the business man.  “We’ll do it for six.”

“You got a deal guys,” the man agreed, “room 1225 in fifteen minutes.  Just come in wearing nothing but robes.”

The man got up from his chair and walked out of the bar.  Tim and Jillian sat staring at one another, tingling from what they had just agreed to.  Jillian smiled at Tim.  “Oh my God, what did we just do?”

“Ah, I think we’re gonna go fuck for this guy,” Tim said as he laughed outloud.  “We better get back to the room and get ready.  Six hundred dollars!  Holy shit!”

Tim and Jillian took the elevator back up to their room and undressed.  The couple tore off each other’s clothes as the anticipation for their little escapade heightened.  They locked lips in a kiss as they held each other’s naked bodies.  Tim was erect already and had trouble hiding his erection under the robe.  The couple looked at each other, smiled and kissed one more time before they made their way out of their hotel room and into the elevator.

“This is gonna be hot,” Jillian said to Tim.

“Yeah, I know.  I just hope I don’t come too early.  He’ll only give us one hundred or something.”  Tim said as the couple laughed.

The elevator bell rang as it came to a slow stop.  The doors opened and the couple walked slowly down the hall to room 1225.  The door was craked open a bit and the lights were low.  Tim was the first to enter.  The room was enormous, with a small kitchen and bar, a pair of couches and another room for the bed.  Jillian closed the door behind her.

“Glad to see you two,” the man said as he walked toward the couches.  “I think I’d like to see this all happen over here on the couches, if ya don’t mind.”

“Yeah, that’s cool.”  Tim replied as he escorted Jillian over to the couches.

“So here’s your money.  We’ll keep it right here on the bar top,” the man said as Tim counted the money.  “Let’s start by having the lady take off her robe and walk around the couch.”

Jillian looked at Tim and took a deep breath.  She slowly lowered her robe over her shoulders and past her breasts, exposing them to the stranger.  She slowly turned her body as the robe seductively slid down her hips.  Jillian bent over a bit as the robe slid over her buttocks and down her slender, athletic legs.  She could here the man let out a slight ‘mmm mmm mmm’ as she started walking around the couch.

“Now lay on the couch with chest facing the ceiling,” he said as Jillian complied.  “Now let’s see the young man take off his clothes and sit down next to the lady.”

Tim dropped his robe much quicker than Jillian, exposing his rock hard physique and his long, hard penis.

“Now that’s what I like to see, boy.  You’ve got a lean body.  This gal’s gonna moan when you slide that thing inside her.”

Tim walked over to Jillian and sat next to her on the couch.

“I’ll let you two take it from here.  Pace yourself boy, I want at least thirty minutes,” the man said to Tim.  “Here’s a condom for when you come into her, if you like,” the man said as he placed the condom on the coffee table.

Tim stood up and brought his hard penis over to Jillian’s mouth.  Jillian moaned in anticipation (and also a bit for showmanship).  She wrapped her lips around Tim’s penis and started sucking.  She bobbed her head back and forth, sliding her hand up and down Tim’s penis with each stride.  Tim tilted his head backward and took a deep breath.  He reached his hand down to Jillian’s head to run his fingers through her hair.

Jillian took her time blowing Tim.  She knew that if he were to start fucking her now, it wouldn’t be long before Tim came.  She was doing them both a favor, she thought.

The business man got up and sat in a chair much closer to the couch, almost touching Jillian’s feet.

“Let’s see that pussy of your’s, sweety.  How ‘bout spreadin’ them legs?”

Jillian was almost repulsed by the man’s use of words, but was actually turned on by what he said—must have been the mood, she thought.  Jillian did as the man asked and spread her legs apart, exposing her shaven vagina to the man.

“Mmmm.  Look at that.  Damn!” the man said as he pulled his chair even closer, to the point where he was just about sitting directly behind Tim’s naked ass.  Tim, sensing that the man was in the mood for viewing some vaginal action, pulled his penis from Jillian’s mouth and grip.  He walked around the man, who was now couch-side and brought his mouth up to Jillian’s vagina.  Tim licked Jillian’s labia at first and got the rest of her vagina nice and wet with a few more sloppy licks.  He took his fingers and slowly placed them inside his wife’s pussy, with almost no effort.  He could hear the man take a deep breath and exhale loudly.  He could almost hear the man exhaling with each stride of his finger.

Tim stood up with his penis instinctively pointing towards Jillian’s dripping wet vagina.  He crawled up to his wife and thrust his hard penis into her vagina.  Jillian dropped her head back and moaned loudly.  Tim belted out a moan so loud he could barely feel the business man slap him on the ass.  “Atta boy, son,” he said.

Tim spent the next few minutes working his wife on the couch.  He could see the business man pull out his penis and slowly play with it, slowly moving his body in rhythym with Tim’s.  Jillian softly whispered to Tim to fuck her doggy-style for the man.  Tim moved back a bit and Jillian rolled over onto all fours on the couch.  This time the man seemed mesmorized with Jillian’s breasts as he repositioned his chair, putting his face only a few inches from her dangling breasts.

Jillian didn’t seem to mind and seemed more focused on getting fucked by her husband in front of a stranger, than on where the man’s face was with respect to her breasts.  Tim continued fucking Jillian, making her breasts bounce back and forth.  He noticed the business man licking his lips, staring at Jillian’s breasts.  The stranger then reached his hands up to Jillian and put one hand on her back and the other hand on her right breast.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Dude!”  Tim shouted at the man.

“Just one second!” the man shouted back.

“You said you’d only watch, you never said you’d touch!” Tim shouted again.

“Listen, I’ve got the money.  How does another six hundred sound, to touch your wife?”

“No fuckin’ way!” Tim yelled, uphauled.

“Seven hundred dollars then.”  The business man countered.

Jillian looked back at Tim, still on all fours, and nodded to him.  “It’ll be fine, baby.  That’s a lot of money.  Let’s take it.  He’ll just touch me, nothing more.”

“Fine, seven hundred more.”  Tim said as he repositioned his penis into Jillian’s vagina.  The business man quickly took advantage of his deal, fondling Jillian’s breasts some more.  Tim could tell his wife liked what was being done to her.  Her vagina was as wet as he’s ever seen it, and she was breathing deep and moaning with just about every breath.

The man placed his hand on Jillian’s chest and got her to sit up enough for him to sit on the couch beneath her.

“A little lap dance.  Whadya say, sweety?” the man asked.

Jillian didn’t answer, she just got up and strattled the man, her naked body pressed up onto his business clothes.  The man’s hands reached around and grabbed her ass as she dangled her breasts in his face, shaking them back and forth to arouse him.  The man’s hands moved from her ass up to her breasts and he leaned his head in to suck on her left breast.

“Now one second!” Tim exlaimed once again.

The man didn’t stop, as if he didn’t hear Tim at all.  Jillian looked over to Tim and motioned for him to calm down.  She even reached her hand up and rubbed her thumb and fingers together to remind Tim how much money they were gonna take back to their rooms in a few minutes.

Jillian let the man suck on her tits for a few more minutes, before the man came up for air.  “Now how ‘bout you sit on my lap and you finish by coming into her?”  The man turned Jillian around so that she faced away from him as she sat on his lap.  The man reached his hands out and pulled her legs apart, spreading them.  He then motioned for Tim to come over and give Jillian one last fuck until he came.

Tim walked over and inserted his penis into Jillian once again, striding back and forth.  The stranger reached his hands up to Jillian’s chest and put one hand over each of her breasts, fondling her breasts and nipples as Tim climaxed and came into Jillian, roaring loudly with each orgasmic burst.  He pulled out and took the used condom off as the business man had one last tour of Jillian’s body.  He smacked her on the thigh, the way he’d smack cattle and let her get up.

The man got up, walked over to his nightstand, and got seven more one-hundred dollar bills and handed them to Tim.

“Here you go, son.  I know it was hard letting someone have fun with your wife, but you did just fine.”  Tim took the money, looked at Jillian who was putting on her robe, and smiled as he counted the money.

“It was nice to do business with you.”  Tim told the man as he put his arm around Jillian.  “Have a nice night,” he said as the couple walked out the door.

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