Midnight Ride

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Susan loved her Rum and Coke. She had a few drinks almost every night, sometimes even more than a few. Sometimes, she drank till she, as she called it, ‘went to sleep’, but, to me, she just passed out.
After drinking to a certain point, I could get her to do just about anything. In fact, I don’t remember anything I asked her to do when she was drunk that she didn’t do.
For example, one night a couple of buddies of mine were over at our house. We were drinking beer, bullshitting, trying to out lie each other, and Susan was quietly drinking her Rum and Coke and watching TV. I could tell she was getting pretty drunk herself. Us guys were getting pretty smashed, too, and one of my buddies said something about we oughta go to a strip club for a while.
I said, “Hell, we’re all too drunk to drive. If you wanna see a naked woman, Susan might strip for us.”
She gave me that “Are you out of your fucking mind?” look. Now I ain’t saying it just ’cause she’s my wife, but, Susan is a damn good looking woman.
One of the guys said, “That’s fine with me. C’mon, Susan. Save us from gettin’ a DUI and show us what you got. We’d rather throw our dollars to you, anyway.”
She just laughed at him. I’m guessing at first, she thought he was just joking with her. Then the other buddy joined in, “Yeah, c’mon, Susan. You’re Old Man’s been bragging about how good you look nekkid, so why don’t you show the rest of us?”
She started cutting her eyes over at me, smiling and sipping her drink through her straw a little faster. She killed that drink and went to the kitchen to fix herself another one. I followed her into the kitchen, walked up behind her and put my arms around her, and said to her, “Wanna take your clothes off, Baby. Sure would give these guys a thrill.”
She pushed her ass back against me and said, “How about you? Would it give you a thrill? You’re the only person I care about turning on tonight.”
She used a large, insulated cup for her drinks with a top on it, with a hole for a straw. She didn’t even put the top on it, just turned it up and drank it down. She mixed another one, which indicated to me she was trying to get a little drunker, maybe to help work up her courage or nerve to do something.
“You want me to get naked in front of these guys?” She asked. “All you gotta do is let me know it’s all right with you.”
I told her, ” I’ll leave it up to you, Sweetie. But, if you want to do it, it’s fine with me.”
She turned around, facing me. We kissed, a very passionate, horney, tongue in each other’s mouth kinda kiss. I reached down with my hand and rubbed her pussy through her short shorts. She responded with a little moan and a harder kiss. I knew for sure she was horney and maybe even considering doing what the guys had asked for.
I kissed her again, and said, “Remember, Baby. What ever you want to do is fine with me.” I went back into the living room with the two other guys.
In a couple of minutes she came out of the kitchen and said, “Alright, you horney bastards. Turn the TV down and put some music on for me. I’m not a stripper, but I’ll do the best I can. Start throwing some money on the floor and I’ll start throwing some clothes on the floor.”
Each one of the guys grabbed for their wallets and threw a five dollar bill out on the floor. I started some music, not really stripping music, but some good dancing music.
She started dancing around in the living room, and pretty soon slipped the little T-shirt top off over her head. After a minute or so, she slowly unzipped her shorts and let them drop down to her ankles. She stepped out of them, leaving her dancing around in only her panties and bra.
She looked at me and smiled, obviously looking for approval to go on. I smiled at her and nodded my head. She reached behind her and unfastened her bra, and it hit the floor as her tits fell free, exposed to the three of us. The guys were going crazy, and I just sat there smiling at her.
She kept dancing, looking at me, I suppose to see if I wanted her to stop. I could tell she was enjoying what she was doing, being the center of attention and KNOWING that the three of us wanted her to do what she was doing.
One last, long look at me, and she pushed the little panties down over her hips and down her legs all the way to the floor. She stepped out of them, standing there in front of us, completely, bare-assed naked. Each one of the guys threw another five on the floor. She was so drunk, and having such a good time.
She kept dancing around, came over in front of me, and put her hand down to her pussy, sliding her finger between the lips of it. She teased me, “You want some of this, don’t you?”
One of the guys said, “If he doesn’t, I sure as Hell do!”
She giggled, “Can’t do that, but I might show it to you.” She finished off her Rum and Coke, handed me her cup and said, “Will you fix me another one?”
She was already obviously getting very drunk, but so was I. I went to the kitchen and mixed up another drink for her. When I got back to the living room, she was laying on the floor on her back, ass moving with the music, legs spread wide apart, slipping her finger in and out of her pussy. They were sitting on the edges of their seats, cheering her on.

I couldn’t believe my wife was acting this way, but to be honest, I was loving it, too. One of them said, “Damn, this is better than any strip club I’ve ever been to.” And they both pitched more money out on the floor for her.
I knelt down on the floor beside her and gave her the drink I had mixed for her. She looked up at me and asked, “You wanna fuck me? How about we all load up in the car and go for a little ride in the country?”
She was still fingering her pussy, and occasionally looking up at my two buddies. It was definetly turning her on, having her husband and two other guys watching her laying there on the floor, completely naked and fingering herself. He knees weren’t bent. Her legs were stretched out straight, but she had them spread apart as far as she could get them, slightly moving her ass and fingering herself in rythm with the music.
I had my head down by hers and we were talking softly, so they couldn’t hear us over the music. “Are you talking about all four of us going for a ride together? We’re all a little drunk. Who’s gonna drive?”
She reached up and put her other hand on the back of my head, pulled me to her and kissed me, running her tongue inside my mouth. She smiled and said, “Yeah, all of us, and I don’t care who drives as long as it ain’t you. I want you in the backseat with me.”
I chuckled, ’cause I knew by then where she was going with this. I reached over and fondled her tits with my left hand. “And, just what are you planning to wear on this little ‘ride’ you want to go on?”
She giggled a little. “Nothing, Baby. Absolutely nothing.”
“You don’t care if these two see you riding around naked?” I asked her, teasing.
She raised her head a little to look at them, to make sure they were still watching. She smiled up at me. “What difference could it possibly make now? They’ve already seen me as naked as I can get. I bet I’ve gone riding naked with you at least a hundred times, and you know you love it as much as I do. Beside, when we’ve gone before, you’ve had to pay attention to your driving. This way, if one of them drives, I can get your undivided attention in the backseat.”
“Oh, ho.” I said. “What do you have in mind that you need my undivided attention for?”
She pulled my face back down to hers and kissed me again, long and passionate. She looked into my eyes, smiled and said, “Now, what do you THINK I have in mind?”
I was just drunk enough, and she had gotten me horney enough, I didn’t need a whole lot of convincing. In a louder voice, so they could hear me over the music, I asked, “Either
one of you guys feel like you’re fit to drive? Susan has decided she might like to
go out for a little ride tonight.”
They looked at each other, then one of them spoke up. “I’m OK to drive. I haven’t had as much to drink as the rest of you. Where does she want to go?”
I laughed. “I don’t think the WHERE is nearly as important to her right now as the HOW.”
They both looked a little puzzled. One of them asked, “How? What do you mean, ‘how’?
I said, “Wake up, Guys. She wants to go just like this. You know, nekkid.”
Susan stopped fingering herself, and sat up, bracing herself with her hands on the floor beside her and behind her with her elbows locked. She giggled. “Boy, I had to stop that. Much more and there wouldn’t have been any need to go anywhere.”
We laughed, ’cause we knew she meant she was about to make herself cum. I helped her stand up and she turned to face me, putting her arms up around my neck. “How ’bout it? We goin’ or not? You know what I want, but, it’s up to you, Baby.”
I kissed her and asked, “I know you’ve ridden around naked with me a lot, but are you sure you wanna do it with two other guys in the car? You know what’s liable to happen if I’m in the back seat with you. Are you absolutely sure you wanna do this?”
Without looking away from my eyes, she took my hand and guided it down to her pussy, opened her legs a little so I could feel it. Lubrication was oozing out of her pussy, soaking it, and even had the insides of her thighs wet. I had never seen it this wet before.
She smiled and asked me, “Does that tell you anything?”
I sighed, kissed her and said, “Awright, Guys. Throw some beer and ice in the cooler and let’s get loaded up. The Little Lady just gave up her last chance to back out. Looks like we’re going riding for a while.”
She said, “Be sure my Rum and Coke gets in the cooler. I’m sure I’ll be wantin’ another, or two, or three before we get back.”

We got the cooler loaded, and the two guys took it out to the car and put it in the front seat between them. Susan was getting a little wobbly, so she held onto my arm as we walked out the door, down the steps, and out into the driveway to the car. It didn’t seem to bother her a bit that she was just as naked as the day she was born. I helped her into the back seat and climbed in after her.
It was about that time I realized we had not brought one single stitch of clothing for her. She had absolutely nothing to put on to cover herself if we were stopped by the Police or got in a situation where other people might see her.
I brought it to her attention, and asked her if she wanted me to go back in the house to get something for her to wear. She giggled a little, wrinkled up her nose, shrugged her shoulders, and said. “Nah. This is a little more exciting. Don’cha think? Besides, I got a feelin’ this ain’t gonna take long, at least not for me.”
I haven’t mentioned my Buddies’ names, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. Anybody close enough to us to make the connection, probably already knows what happened, anyway. Chris was driving, and Andy was sitting on the passenger side of the front seat.
As Chris backed out of the driveway and started off up the street, Susan swung her legs around up onto the seat, mostly laying, but with the upper part of her back and head resting against the rear door on the driver’s side. She had her left foot on the floor and raised her right leg up, resting her calf on the top of the back of the seat. She spread her legs open as wide as she could, looking at me and smiling. She would occasionally glance towards the front to look at Andy, who was turned almost completely around looking at her.
She kept her pussy shaved because she knew I liked it that way. There was just enough light coming in the car from steeet lights as we passed under them to see the split between the full lips of her pussy. She was looking at Andy when she made a couple of little moves with her ass to let me know she was ready for me to do something.
I got into a good position and put my face down to her pussy, used the fingers of both hands to spread her lips open. Damn, it was wet! As wet as I had ever seen it. I put my tongue in her hole, getting a good covering of her juice on it, then rubbed it across her clit. Her legs twitched a little, and I heard her let out a little moan. I cut my eyes up to look at her face as I licked her. She wasn’t looking at Andy anymore. She had her eyes closed, and the expression on her face would tell anybody she was loving it.
As a rule, she usually didn’t make much noise during sex, no matter how much she was enjoying it. That night, though, I would hear, “Mmmmmnnnnnhhhh”, and “Oooh, yeah”, and “Yeah, Baby.” Stuff like that. I’m pretty sure the extra sound affects were for the benefit of the guys in the front seat.
She had both hands on my head, pulling me harder into her pussy, and pushing her pussy to me as she moved her ass in perfect rythm with my tongue. Her breathing was getting heavier and faster.
Chris was trying to adjust the mirror so he could see in the back, but apparently wasn’t having much luck. “Dammit, Andy. You’re gonna have to drive some and let me sit over there. I can’t see shit from here!”
Susan heard him and let out a little laugh. “Don’t worry, Chris.” She said between deep breaths. “You’ll get to see plenty before we get back home. This is just Round One.”
That’s about the time she started that low, long, throaty moan I had heard so many times. It hadn’t taken her long to get there because she had already gotten herself so close with her finger before we left the house. No doubt about it, she was cumming.
She humped her ass faster and I licked faster. “Oooooooooh, Baby! Just do it!” I’m not so sure the sounds were for the guys that time.
Her body was twitching and jerking, and I knew she was having a good one. I would have liked to have thought it was all me, but I’m sure that knowing what she was doing to Andy and Chris was adding a lot of fuel to her little fire. “Ooooooooooooooohhh!” she moaned, and then got very quiet. She took in a deep breath and held it. After a few seconds, her whole body tensed up and she was almost rigid all over. Then her body just went limp and she let out a long, slow breath. She just lay there till her breathing got back to almost normal.
She put her hands up over her face, and said, “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this. Now, I’m embarassed.” Then she moved her hands and laughed. “But, I’ll get over it.” We all laughed with her.
We moved around so she could sit up. She leaned forward, crossing her arms on the back of the front seat, resting her chin on her folded arms. She asked Andy and Chris, “You guys don’t think I’m some kinda slut for getting a little carried away, do you?”
Of course, they reassured her that they thought just as much of her as before, and they might even have a little more respect for her for being so honest and open, and how much they appreciated her letting them watch. You know, typical guy Bullshit. What I knew about Susan that they couldn’t know is that she was having a good time, and probably didn’t give a shit what they thought.
I slipped my shoes and pants off, but kept my socks and T-shirt on. My dick was hard as a rock by this time. I pushed up on her ass to get her to raise up. She was standing on the back floor, leaning over the seat from the waist up, bare tits hanging between Andy and Chris. I scooted over to the middle of the seat directly behind her. Her ass and pussy were right in front of me, so I stuck my middle finger all the way in her pussy, and wiggled it around a little. She shook her ass at me and moved her feet further apart so her legs were on the outside of mine. When I started pulling her back to me, she reached back between her legs and took my dick in her hand.
She held it in position as she came back towards me. The head of it went into the hole of her pussy and she slid herself all the way down over my dick in one easy motion. When she was all the way down, I o
pened my legs up wider and forced hers further apart. She adjus
ted herself to spread them even wider to make sure Andy could see her pussy with my dick stuck up in it.
She asked, “Chris, can you see anything now?”
He glanced up in the mirror, and said, “I can see your face, your boobs, and down to your belly-button, but, that’s about all.”
“Yep, you’re definitely gonna have to pull over somewhere in a few minutes and let Andy drive for a while. Where are we anyway?” She asked, looking out the windows to try to get her bearings. I knew we had made it out of town and were out on a country road, but I had been pretty busy, too, and wasn’t exactly sure where we were, either. I had my hands on her waist, holding her gently as I slid my dick in and out of her. She was moving with me.
“Oh, Shit, yeah!” She exclaimed suddenly. “I know where we are now! Honey,” she said to me. “You remember a few Sundays ago we were out riding around out here and found that vacant land where they had torn that old house down? There was this old concrete picnic table with benches and we sat there for couple of hours just talking and drinking a couple of beers. Let’s go back there. Chris, take the next road to the right. I think it’s another couple of miles to the road, then maybe a couple of more to the land.” She seemed to be getting excited about that.
I recognized the area and knew where I was, then. I remembered the land and the picnic table. It was about 40-50 yards off the road. There had been an old house there, but it had been torn down. There were houses pretty close, maybe a quarter of a mile away on either side of the property. Somebody still kept the grass cut, and I suspected since they had left the table there, they might use the land from time to time. Susan wanted to fuck on the table that Sunday afternoon, but there were people out in the yard of one of the other houses. Since it WAS broad daylight, I was afraid if we could see them, they could see us.
Chris followed her directions, we got to the property, and pulled up into the gravel driveway. There was a pretty bright street light about halfway between where we were and the next house. Not a lot of light, but enough to see how to get around without tripping over something.
Susan finished off ANOTHER Rum and Coke, and was the first one out of the car when it stopped. She ran over to the table and hopped up on top of it, laying on her back with her legs hanging off of it. There WAS enough light out there for us to be able to tell from several yards away that she was completely naked, but not enough for anyone on the road or the other houses to be able to tell.
“I’m glad we came out here.” Susan said. “For some reason, I’ve been wanting to ‘do it’ on this table ever since we found it that Sunday. You Boys grab a bench and make yourselves comfortable. We may be here a little while.”
Andy and Chris sat down on the benches, one on each side of the table, both of them wearing big ol’ goofy grins. Chris, especially, since he hadn’t been able to see much while he was driving. Susan scooted down to the end of the table, very carefully, I might add, so she wouldn’t scrape herself on the concrete. She got her ass right on the edge and propped herself up on her elbows, holding her legs up and out so I could get between them.
She smiled as I got in position standing on the ground between her legs, glancing over at Andy and Chris occasionally. Knowing they were appreciative of seeing her naked and watching her fuck was definitely a turn-on for her. I put my arms up under ler legs and lifted them up and out as wide as I could. She stayed up on her elbows, watching my dick till it disappeared up inside her pussy. Then, she gently laid back on the concrete as I started fucking her slowly.
I would push it in as far as it would go, then slowly pull it almost all the way back out, till I could see the head of it between the lips of her pussy. Then all the way back in. Her eyes were closed, and her arms were stretched straight out beside her. You could almost call it a position of complete surrender to what ever I wanted to do to her.
Her breathing was getting heavy again. She pushed her pussy to me to meet every stroke I made in her. After a couple of minutes, without opening her eyes or saying a word, she reached out with her hands till she felt the guys heads. She rubbed their hair for a few seconds, then pulled their heads towards her. They had to adjust their positions a little, then, she pulled their faces down against her tits, one on each tit. Of course, they loved that. They sucked and licked her nipples just like she had wanted them to do.
I never, ever thought I could watch anybody doing that to my wife without getting pissed off, but to my surprise, It was turning me on even more. Apparently it had a similar effect on her, because within a minute or two, she said hoarsly, “Oooh, fuck me, Baby. I’m gonna cum again.”
She let out a couple of low, soft moans, then suddenly got louder. “Oooooooh! Ooooooh! Oooooooooooooooh!” And then made a few “Uh! Uh! Uh!” sounds till she was through cumming.
She relaxed and let her arms drop away from the Guys’ heads and they raised up off her tits. She put her hands up under her head and just lay there smiling with her eyes closed as I fucked her. “I’m getting close, Baby. Where do you want it? You want it in your pussy?”
“No! No! Not this time.” She exclaimed. “I want you to eat me again on the way home and I know you won’t do it after you’ve cum in me. Back up and let me off the table.”
I pulled out of her and backed up a step letting her legs down gently. She hopped off the table and squatted on the ground in front of me, taking my dick in her mouth. It was covered with her slick pussy juice, but it didn’t seem to bother her at all.
“Here it cums, Baby!” I told her. She pulled back slightly with mouth open wide, the head of my dick about two inches from her lips. She wanted Andy and Chris to be able to see my cum squirting in her mouth. Well, it gushed more than squirted. Every drop of it went into her mouth, and they could definitely see it. She held it all in her mouth till I was through, then she put her mouth back over it and sucked out the last drops. When she was satisfied she had all of it, she opened her mouth to show all of us that she still had my whole load in her mouth. She swallowed, then opened her mouth again to show us it was all gone.
Chris just rolled his eyes. “Damn, the Girl swallows, too. Where did you find this one, Man? Does she have any Sisters like her?”
Susan giggled. Very pleased with herself, and I’m sure very flattered by their comments. “I’ve got one Sister, but I doubt very much if you could ever get her to do anything like this.” She told them.
The four of us sat there at the table for a while, talking, having a few more beers. Susan finished another Rum and Coke, and I mixed another one for her. A very strong one.
Andy jokingly asked, at least he tried to pass it off as a joke. “Susan, you gonna let me and Chris have a little tonight?”
She knew he wasn’t really joking, either, but she laughed, and playfully slapped him on the arm. “Now, Andy you know I can’t. I’m a married woman and I can’t do anything like that without my Husband’s permission.” She turned to me, smiled and winked. I was a little drunk, and it didn’t register at the time, but, thinking back, she might have been hinting for permission right then.
“Anyway,” she said. “I’m starting to get a little chilly out here, and I’m getting a whole lot drunk. Maybe we better head back home before I ‘go to sleep’. ‘Sides, somebody’s s’posed to eat me on the way home, and I’m about ready for that.”
We loaded up and started home. She laid on the back seat, and I did eat her on the way home. She finished cumming for the third time that night just as we were pulling up in our driveway. Almost as soon as she got through, sure enough, she passed out. COLD.
Andy and Chris were kind enough to VOLUNTEER to carry her inside for m
e. They carried her into the bedroom and laid her g
ently on the bed. They did make sure that her legs were spread wide so they could see that sweet little pussy of hers. They stood there looking at her for a couple of minutes, and I could see the bulge in both their crotches.
The three of us had another beer in the living room, having a good time talking about what had happened. They left to go home and I went on to bed. Looking at her laying there so pretty and naked, and the fact that I had gotten horney again, I couldn’t help but fuck her again while she was passed out. Then I went on to sleep.
When I woke up the next morning and looked over at her, I discovered she was already awake, just laying there looking at me. Neither of us said anything for a few minutes, then she said, “You’re not upset with me for the way I acted last night, are you?”
I chuckled a little, kissed her on the cheek and said, “Of course I’m not upset with you. I certainly enjoyed it, and I hope you did, too.”
She smiled a little and reached down under the covers and took my dick in her hand, stroking it gently. Didn’t take long to get it hard. “Do you think Andy and Chris really would have fucked me last night?”
“Oh, Hell, yes they would. Why? Do you want them to?” I joked with her.
She answered, “That’s NOT what I said, but, would you have said it was OK if I HAD wanted them to?”
I shrugged my shoulders. “I dunno. Guess it would depend on how BAD you wanted it. Alcohol does make us do weird shit sometimes, though, doesn’t it?”
“Hmmmmnn, I may have to dissagree with you a little on that. With me, it just lowers my inhibitions enough to LET me do what I already wanted to do in the first place. One of us needs to go up sometime today and get some more beer and Rum.” She said.
She moved down in the bed, and just before she took my dick in her mouth, she looked up at me with that evil little grin of hers and said, “Andy and Chris WILL be coming over again tonight, won’t they?”
But, that’s a whole ‘nother story, right?
THE END, for that night, anyway, and thanks for reading. Let me know what you think about our midnight ride.

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