40th High School Reunion

I was sunning myself by the pool one afternoon in early spring when my housekeeper Becka asked if I wanted my mail and I said I did, as I was looking thru the junk mail I spotted a letter from an old classmate so I opened it first and it was an invite to our 40th class reunion, I was setting staring at it and Becka ask what had my interest I just handed it to her, she laughed and said they must have the number wrong, I said I wished it was. She asked if I wanted her to take off while I was gone so I told her I wasn’t going and she said she didn’t understand why because I looked great and had done very well, I tried to change the subject but she kept demanding an answer so I finally told her it was because every ten years I got the third degree from my old buddies because I was usually one of the few that went alone, most were married and the others usually had a live in with them, she laughed and said if they could see how many young women came thru my bedroom they would all be jealous. Becka said I should just take someone that would make their tongues hang out so they would leave me alone, she said anyone in their right mind would love a free trip to Vegas for a weekend. I told her since she caused so many tongues to drop I would just take her, she got all red in the face and said Davy her hubby wouldn’t like it, and hurried off. The next morning when she got to work she was very quiet and avoiding me so I finally called her in and told her I was sorry for saying what I did and not to be mad at me, she smiled and told me she wasn’t mad at me she was mad at Davy, I asked her what he did to make her so mad, she said when she told him what I said about taking her to Vegas he told her she should go with me. While we were eating lunch she asked if I had made our reservations yet, I said no I didn’t think that was a good idea, she said she really wanted to go, I asked her if she was sure and she said she was. I got the letter and called to make the reservations when I told them I needed two rooms she said no just one so I changed it to one, well my dick began to harden as I hung the phone up. Then she said that wouldn’t look right if we had two rooms and that I would just have to behave. Well the two months went by very slowly but my mind stayed very busy planning how I was going to get in Becka’s pants. We arrived on Friday evening and went to the sign in meet and greet party and had a real good time, then we went and gambled a little which neither of us enjoyed so we went to our room early while Becka was showering I was wondering how she was going to be dressed when she came out, I figured it was going to be full pjs but when she came out she had a robe on so I asked what she was hiding under the robe, she laughed and told me to go take my shower while she got into bed, I did as I was told, I figured turn about was fair play so I put on the other robe which I really needed to cover my raging hard dick. Becka was undercover and asked what I was hiding, I said I’ll bet you are wondering boxer’s or briefs and she laughed and asked if I had forgotten she had been washing my clothes for five years, which I had to admit I had, I told her the only thing I was hiding was lucky boxers and told her I would show her mine if she showed me hers and to my surprise she agreed and pulled back her covers and I dropped my robe, there she was is a white see thru teddy that did nothing to hide her huge nipples on her massive 38DDs the only thing hidden was her wonderful pussy. She said you seem to have a slight bulge in your boxers, I told her what I had, had never been called slight before, she said she needed a better look to judge that, and with that I dropped my boxers, I saw a smile come across her face and she said it sure isn’t slight it’s huge, it’s twice the size of Davy’s. I had no idea whether or not to try and go for broke because I didn’t want to loose a great house keeper so I started to turn down my bed and she said there is no need to mess up both beds because I am going fuck your brains out, I was just standing there admiring her body up and down when she asked what I was waiting on and I told her I was trying to decide where to start my snack, she had a funny look on her face and said no one had ever eaten her pussy before, I knew right then where to start I was really working on her, she was squirming and squealing like she was crazy when the phone rang I took a breath and answered the phone, it was Davy, Becka was shaking her head no because she was panting like a dog so I told him she would call him right back that she was in the bathroom. She caught her breath and called him back I heard him ask her if she was having a good time and she replied she was having the time of her life, I dove back in and started eating her pussy again, she was going crazy trying to talk and not squeal, Davy asked her what I was doing and she told him I was having a snack, he wanted to talk to me so she gave me the phone and he asked what I was snacking on at midnight, I told him it was a fur burger, and he should try it sometime and I needed to get back at it while it was hot. As soon as I hung the phone up she was begging me to fuck her, I told her I needed a blow job first, she said she didn’t do that, I told her if she wanted me to fuck her she needed to try it and if she didn’t like it she didn’t have to do it, thank goodness she was a natural and loved it. When I was ready to fuck her I asked her if I needed to use a condom she said no she couldn’t have kids so I went bare back which I almost never did but I knew I wouldn’t catch anything from her. We fucked many times and didn’t leave the room till time for the dance Saturday evening. I had the best time of my life with her from traveling to partying and the sex was great too this was the first woman in my 58 years that I thought I could spend the rest of my life with but she is happily married. Then about six weeks after we got home Becka found out she was pregnant and told me Davy was going to divorce her, I told her she told me she couldn’t have a baby and she said she had tried so long wanting one that she thought it was her because Davy had a son before they got married but when she told him she was pregnant he told her he had been fixed. I told her I loved her and thought she could learn to love me and be good for each other and our child if she wanted to try, she burst out laughing and said that I was an old fool, I started to cry and she said what’s wrong with you, I said you think I’m a fool, she said well you are a fool because I fell in love with you right after I went to work for you 5 years ago. I am one happy and very lucky old fool.

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