A day in the park

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My wife Cindy is a gorgeous brunette with a bountiful chest, 34DD, and has a great ass. Most guys who walk past her usually take a second look as they go by. It makes me feel good that my wife is still a head turner.
We both had lots of fun as teenagers and somehow we went our own separate ways in our early twenties. We both married other people which did not work out for either one of us and recently found each other again. So after dating for a while we found our love for each another immediately and got married not long after.
One day my wife and I decided to drive to a park we knew that we haven’t visited in years. Last time we were there we were in high school. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was just getting warm. We took our coffee and walked the park. It has trails and has deep woods, an open field for soccer or football, park benches and a stream that flows directly through it to get your feet wet.
We sat at a park bench reliving our youth talking about the things we did and didn’t do. She is a great kisser and we kissed for awhile. We got up to walk the trail and went deeper into the wooded section. With no one around we kissed again except with more intensity. We were touching and feeling each other. I slid my hand down her pants to find that she was very wet. She unzipped my pants and rubbed my cock through my underwear. She told me she was horny and wanted to fuck right then and there. I stared in her eyes and just smiled. I was all for it but then I remembered we are in the open. What to do? We looked around and spied a large building that turns out to be the restroom. A brick building with a very clean appearance.
We went to the building looking around for anyone who was trying to watch us for a cheap thrill. She went in the ladies room to see if it was clear. She waved me in. Fortunately our parks people keep a very clean facility. She started to take my shirt off and started to take my pants off until I realized that the door did not lock. I wedged a door stop in front of it and that worked. She then took off my underwear and I have shaved my cock and balls for her as a surprise that morning. She went nuts! Guys, a good hint here. If you want to surprise your lady, DO THIS! Then I proceeded take off her shirt and then took off her bra to release her heaving chest. She was wearing her boy short panties, mint green with black lace. They drive me wild. She had a huge wet spot that was very visible. She knows that makes me super horny. My cock was so hard that I could write my name in a brick wall with it. She dropped on her knees to give me the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I was so worked up and hard I damn near blew my load right there. I pulled her up to give myself a break. I took her panties down to reveal her wet, shaved pussy. I lifted her up on the counter and went down on her juicy pussy. She tastes so good. I slid a finger in and then 2 fingers and that was tight for her but she loved it. I licked her clit while doing this. She leaned back and thrust her pelvis into my face. I felt her quiver and she moaned as she came on my face. She then grabbed me by head and said, “Sam, you have to fuck me now!” I slid my cock in her wet pussy. I slid in right up to my balls and she let out a loud breath. I fucked her so good and she grinded her pussy into me. Her beautiful tits were moving with every thrust I was giving her. She started to cum again. I was grunting and let out a loud moan. I was so excited that I shot a monster load in her. I lay on top of her for a moment as my legs were shaking from that awesome experience. We got up and got cleaned up. Got our clothes on and got recomposed. She slowly went out the door and gave me the all clear. As we walked around the corner, clutching each other, another lady was waiting to go in. She gave us a huge smile and we both turned beet red. We laughed as we headed to our car.
We arrived home to take showers. I was making the bed while she was in the shower. She called for me, “Sam, come in here for a minute”. I walked in and she was had her ass pressed to the glass of the shower. She said,” I’m still horny honey”. Who was I to pass that off? I took off my clothes and joined her in the shower. We soaped each other up and I got behind her and slid my cock in her waiting pussy. I caressed her beautiful tits as I fucked her from behind. She was rubbing her clit and things were really hot in here. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slid it in her ass. She loved that! As I fucked her ass she slid her finger in her honey hole. She came almost instantly when she did that. I kept thrusting in her and as she grabbed my balls and caressed them I blew another load in her ass. I was spent! She gave me a huge kiss and told me she loved every moment of that and she can’t wait till we can have another day like this one again. Yeah, me too!! I love my wife!

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