an encounter with my nephew

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I remember that spring. I believe it was April of ’91

Charlie (my now-ex husband) had been laid off, and money was tight. It was generous of his sister Cathy, to hire me on once a week to clean her house since she had taken a day job downtown.

It was around 11 in the morning. I was cleaning away when the phone rang.

It was the hospital called asking for Cathy; it seemed that Gary, her 19 year old son had been playing football with some friends from college. There had been an accident; he had a bad fall, breaking both wrists.

Of course she was at work and I called her. She then went to trauma care and waited while they put her son’s hands in casts. And then she drove him home.

“I am so sorry to ask this, but this week we are doing inventory and there is no way I will be home before midnight. Can I ask that you tend to Gary tonight? Cook him something, and I suppose you will need to feed him. I don’t know how we will handle this after tonight, but if you could help out it would be terrific. Of course I will pay you more money for your time. And please tell Charlie I am sorry.”

Of course I accepted. I felt so bad about what he’d gone through that day!

Gary settled into the sofa and nodded off, clearly feeling the pain killers. I called Charlie at home and explained that I wouldn’t be home till late.

After the phone call I decided to not vacuum. Instead I dusted the furniture.

It musy have been 30 minutes or so later. I was bent over on my hands and knees when I heard him speak. I turned to look and saw Gary standing over me.

I looked up into his eyes and realized that he was looking at my cleavage. Nothing like a young man; with all the pain he’d endured etc, he could still manage to have sex on the brain.

Once Gary realized I saw where he was looking, he nervously looked away.

“Um, Aunt Terry. I have to ask an embarrassing question. Could you do me a favor? I can’t unzip and I will need to go the bathroom. Is there anything I can do? Can you go find some jogging shorts in my bedroom? If I am wearing those, I could manage”

The scenario had turned awkward to say the least. I sensed how embarrased he was.

I had known how Gary had a mild lust for me since I married his uncle. He was like an older brother to him, being only 5 years older. I know how much Gary looked up to him.

I accept the responsibility for what happened next. I don’t necessarily regret it nor was I particularly ashamed after the fact. Life happens. And this happened.

“Gary. I understand. This is just an awful dilemma!”

I started to get up, but with my knees still on the floor, I found myself at eye level with his crotch. It was impossible to not notice that he had an erection. He lowered his head, almost embarrassed! It was cute.

“Well, let’s see what we can find” I said as we walked to your bedroom.

I opened the drawer he pointed to and I removed a pair of jogging pants and a t shirt.

I laid them on the bed.

“Now here’s the deal, Gary. With those casts on your hands, you have absolutely no use of your thumbs. I just don’t see anyway around it; I am going to have to help take your jeans off.”

He shrugged his shoulders and muttered: “I can’t believe this happened!”

“Go ahead” he finally said in resignation, looking to one side.

I slipped his belt loose and removed it completely. I unbuckled the top button of your pants, and slowly began to lower his fly. I could easily feel his **** pressing against the confines of his jeans.

I squatted down a little bit as I tugged his jeans down to his ankles, and then I tossed them to the side. As I did, I couldn’t help but notice the impressive bulge in his briefs.

I fought the temptation to comment on it, seeing how awkward he felt already.

I walked around behind him. I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of his underwear and I very slowly slid them down and off of him.

As Gary stepped out of his shorts, I could not resist the temptation of glancing around to the side.

I gasped at the sight of his hard-on. It stood proudly at full mast, around 7 1/2″ in length and quite thick. Gary was much bigger than his uncle in that regard, although I never had any complaints.

What else could a horny woman want, I asked myself. I noticed my labored breathing and I wondered if you did too.

I was getting worked up.

Here is where the proverbial fork in the road was this day. I could easily have slipped Gary into his jogging pants and walked away as he tended to his business.

But no.

I stood up and walked around to face Gary. I put a finger under his lowered chin and raised it so we were looking eye to eye.

“Now Gary, we are both adults here, and you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. These things happen” I said as I glanced downward to his twitching erection.

I kissed him on his cheek and whispered into his ear

“I just don’t see how you can ever pee what with you in such a state!”

I led him over to the bed. He nervously sat down. I slipped off my blouse, exposing my self through a white shear bra. I knew Gary had been ogling my 38Cs already.

I reached around behind my back and unhooked my bra and let it fall away. I walked closer to him, and presented my eager breasts to his mouth. As he licked and then sucked my nipples, I felt myself squirm inside.

I knew how badly he ached to run his hands over my body and I felt badly that he couldn’t do so.

Slowly I lowered myself between his knees. I took his hard **** in my mouth and gave the best ******* I could give. I felt his hot shaft slide in and out of my warm mouth. I bobbed up and down, allowing his full length to slide into my throat. Fighting off gag reflex, I continued on until I felt him growing thicker in my mouth. And then he came in my mouth.

Afterwards, I told him that this would be our secret, and that no one would ever hear of it.

That was some 20 odd years ago, and I never spoke of that afternoon until this moment.

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