anne and carrol 3

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dumbo was at home doing all the house work, Suzanne walked in, she was standing there in her long leather boots and long leather coat, she looked at the floor, that’s not very clean dick less kiss my boot tiny dick now, dumbo started kissing and licking her boots, Suzanne looked down, dumbo you are suck a wimp, we are going to Anne’s later, Steven will be there, i need his big hard cock, you don,t mind do you wimp, if i suck and fuck his massive cock do you, ha ha ha, well dumbo do you, no Suzanne if that’s what you want,Suzanne laughed well i don,t want a shrimp dick wimp like you do i,now get on with your work i,m going to call some friends and tell them what a small dick wimp you are, ha ha ha, dumbo carried on with his chores, hi Lynsey its Suzanne, yes i,m good, i,m going to see Steven later, i can,t wait, yes dumbo knows, he is coming Anne and Carrol need their boots cleaned and their asses licked, ha ha ha Steven said he might make dumbo suck his cock, after he has finished with me, yes Lynsey you can borrow dumbo any time you like, he good at cleaning , OK Lynsey see you later, Suzanne got ready, she was wearing a black tight tee shirt, a short leather skirt, leather boots, she walked up to dumbo how do i look tiny cock, dumbo said you look fantastic Suzanne, i know i do dumbo ans with that she spat in his face and laughed, come on wimp lets go, dumbo followed behind, they got ann’s dumbo knocked and got down on his knees, Anne answered , hello Suzanne come in you look great, and shut the door, dumbo stayed on his knees, after 30 Min’s, Anne opened the door, in jugalugs now and spat in his face, dumbo crawled to madam Anne and started to kiss and lick her boots, that enough little dick follow me i want to show you some thing,as they went into the lounge Suzanne was on her knees sucking Steven,s cock, Anne held dumbo by his ears, look little dick your girl friends sucking a real man with a big cock, ha ha ha, Anne looked at dumbo , dumbo as Steven to fuck your girl friend because your little 3 inch dick is to small, dumbo asked Steven, Anne and Suzanne laughed, steven said ok dumbo i will give her what she needs, i will make her mine to with what and when i want, she will want my cock all the time and will do anything i say, suzanne come on it time, follow me, suzanne and steven went up stairs, as they were leaving suzanne threw her boots at dumbo lick these clean while steven fucks me wimpy shrimpy ha ha ha

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