anne and carrol

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dumbowas in the office, anne and carrol walked in, they both had there long leather coats , boots and leather gloves on, they were talking and laughing, carrol grabbed dumbo by his ears, well well anne what have we got here, anne said looks like a big eared cock sucker, carrol spat in dumbo,s face, is that right flapper you like sucking cock ha ha ha ha they both laughed, anne said come here and lick my boots , dumbo licked and kissed then he licked carrols, anne then rang steven, we have your little cock sucker here steven, why don,t you pop in, ok see you later, then carrol got some sissors out hair cut time dumbo, on your knees now wimp, then she started cutting his hair, anne said carrol you would make a good hair dresser ha ha ha ha, carrol was cutting big lumps off, then anne got an electric shaver, come here jugalugs, anne then shaved his head bould, dumbo your ears look five times bigger, come on anne lets start pulling then, after an hour they stopped, dumbos ears we red , then suzanne walked in, nice hair cut tiny dick lol lol,

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