Atlanta DoubleTree Hotel

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I had to go to Atlanta on a business trip and decided to take my wife, Diane along since she was on vacation from work that same week. I knew that I would be staying at the DoubleTree in North Atlanta and that my work would take me to the multi-story office building in the same business center.

We checked into the hotel Sunday evening and went out to dinner. When we returned the hotel staff had turned the bed covers back and left our cookies. They had opened the drapes to the windows which reached almost from the floor to the ceiling across the entire width of the room. Diane went to the window and looked out at the small lake that separated the hotel from the office building behind the hotel. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her slender waist and nuzzled her left ear. I began working my hands on her body one dropping below her waist and the other reaching up to cup her firm breasts. The top she wore had thin straps on the shoulder and I pulled them off of her shoulders. I gently tugged at her top to pull it down to release her tits.

“What if someone is working late and sees us?”, she asked nervously as she tried to keep her tits covered.
“Them let them enjoy the view,” I said as her tits popped free of the constraint. I began playing with her breast as she melted her body into me. I unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down far enough to allow me to slip my hand into her crotch. As my fingers found their way she wiggled her tight little ass into my crotch and making my cock rock hard. I slowed down long enough to finish pulling her jeans down so she could step out of them. Now she was in front of the window completely naked except for the top wrapped around her waist. I told her to put her hands on the window level with her head and to lean back. I dropped my jeans and pulled my cock free and began rubbing it around her pussy and ass. She was so wet that I easily slid deep inside her. She moaned and pressed her tits against the window. I continued to pound her hard and we both collapsed on the floor.

“God, that was great. But what if someone was working and saw us?” she again asked.

“I don’t know. But I do know that tomorrow is a work day and there will probably be someone working late tomorrow night. We can just do it again and see what happens,” I replied.

At that she squirmed and made little noises. “I couldn’t,” she protested.” I would be so embarrassed if someone saw us.”

“Why? You are a beautiful young woman with a terrific body. Any man would love to see you naked. I’ll bet if there is someone working late tomorrow he will have his cock in his hand before I can gets your pants down.

The next morning I had to travel down to South Atlanta near the airport for a business call. As I got dressed I noticed Diane spending a little extra time looking through her suitcase. She picked a pair of shorts that would show off her long, beautiful legs and an almost sheer white top.

“What color bra do you plan on wearing under that shirt?” I practically demanded.

“None!” she snipped. “Let them enjoy the view. Besides I am going to lay out by the pool later on and get some sun.” I left the room and left Diane to her little pleasures, wondering what she was up to in her dirty little mind.

That evening I returned to the hotel to find Diane freshly showered, standing naked in front of the full length mirror admiring her tan lines.

“I like that outfit, but you better not wear it to dinner tonight.” I said through a grin.

“Why?” she asked coyly as she darted into the bathroom to get dressed. She came out of the bathroom a little while later wearing a low cut dress with a slit up the right side that ran all the way to her ass. I could see her tan line and realized that she was not wearing any underwear. “Like this outfit?” she said in a very sexy tone.

“What me to show you now or after dinner?” I asked.

“After dinner,” she said,” right now I’m starving.”

We went down to the hotel restaurant and I watched as all of the men turned to take a look. Several men returned their attention to their table only to find their wife or girlfriend giving them the ‘you’re in trouble, mister’ look.

Our waiter that night was a young college age kid that could not keep his eyes off of Diane’s ample chest, except to steal glances at her leg that she freely displayed. He had to ask me three times for my order, he was so distracted. When we finished eating we lingered over coffee and the stares from passing men that all seemed to have to walk past our table to leave.

We went back to our room to find the hotel staff had turned our bedcovers down again and left the cookies on the pillows. The drapes were again pulled back and Diane went to the window to look out at the office building.

“There must be a half dozen lights on over there at the office building. Do you really think there are that many people working late over there?” she said surprised.

“Well, let’s find out if anyone is working over there,” I said as I walked up behind her and gabbed her narrow waist. Again I began to nuzzle her neck and let my hands wander her sexy body. My left hand gently cupped her breast and my right hand working its way into the split of her dress and caressing her leg. I looked up and scanned the many floors of windows facing the hotel but didn’t see anyone. I continued to play with her breasts and massage her leg working my hand around to her pussy. I glanced up and saw a middle aged man standing at the window one floor below us and only a few windows to the left of ours. At first he didn’t see us, but then he glanced up and saw us standing in the window. He did a double take but focused in on our activity. “Look to your left, one floor down, but make it a casual glance. He’s staring now,” I said into her ear. Diane looked and when she saw the man standing there took in a quick breath.

“Wait!” she pleaded, “I can’t do this.” and began to try and squirm away from me. I pinned her in my grip and pulled the front of her dress up enough to exposure her womanhood. Even across the distance the man could she her shaved pussy and I pulled the top of her dress down revealing her breasts. I reached up and grabbed a hold of her nipple piercing and tugged gently but firmly.

“Stay right here. We are going to do this here and now. I’m gonna fuck you while this guy watches, but only after I have you standing here completely naked,” I ordered. I reach up her back and found the top of the zipper to her dress and pulled it down past her ass in one smooth move. The dress practically fell away from her and I moved my hand on her pussy to allow the dress to fall to the floor. She was naked in front of the window and still struggling to free herself from my grip, though without a great deal of effort.

She turned her body into me and pleaded, “What if he’s got a camera or he’s a cop or he’s,,,”

I covered her mouth with mine and buried my tongue down her throat. As I finished the kiss I turned her back around to face the window and pushed against it. I could see her the side of her boobs pressed against the glass and knew our gentleman friend had a great view. I slipped my fingers into her pussy from her backside and she wiggled into them. She leaned back and I grabbed her tits and squeezed. She let out a little yelp and began to relax and enjoy the caress. I looked over to see what the man was doing and noticed that there were three more windows with men standing in them transfixed on my wife’s naked figure across the way. One of the men, a guy in his 20’s had his cock out and was stroking it slowly. Another of the men, a guy in his late 30’s had his cock out and was pumping furiously. I could tell he did not expect the show to last and was going to get his rocks off while he could do so looking at Diane. The original man was undoing his belt and unbuckling his pants in no great hurry. It was like he knew there was going to be a complete show. Diane was too caught up in what my hands were doing to her body to have noticed the additional audience, so I told her to look out and scan the windows and see the effect she was having on the men. She looked up and I could feel her jump a little each time she spotted another one.

“Six guys, my God. I can’t believe that they are all watching me. They can see everything.” she gushed.

I hadn’t noticed the extra man and scanned the windows again looking for the man I had missed. I found him almost directly across from us on the same floor. Only then did I notice that he held a camera in his hand with a zoom lens attached. We made eye contact and I watched as he wrote the letters P I on his windowpane. I nodded and decided not to say anything to Diane. What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, and I just had to hope that these pictures didn’t wind up on the internet.

I continued to stroke and caress her body as she wiggled and squirmed into me. After what seemed like forever Diane hissed, “Fuck me, right here, right now.”

As I pulled my cock out and began to use it to gather her juices I looked up to see the PI across the way snapping away with his camera. I grabbed Diane by the hips and pulled her into my cock and pushed her back away. I continued to stroke her hard until her knees weakened. She leaned into the window and pressed her tits hard against the glass.

“The glass is so cold, and your cock is so hot, I am going to explode right now. Fill me with your cum, now, now, I’m coming. Oh! God I’m coming. Fill my pussy,” she screamed as one organism after another racked her body.

She collapsed against the glass with only the top half of her body still exposed to the world. I looked across and saw the men across the way had enjoyed the show. They were still cleaning up after the fact.

I went over and gently picked Dianne up and place her on top of the bed, figuring I would give the group one last look before covering her up. I turned off the lights and pulled the covers up over us.

When I woke up the next morning Diane was already up and dressed in a short bathrobe that barely covered her ass. “I’ve ordered room service for breakfast this morning and it should be here anytime,” she offered. Just then there was a knock at the door and I watched as Diane gently tugged at the front of her robe to expose the area between her breasts. Then she pulled it open a little more practically exposing her tits completely. I’ll be right back she said as she disappeared around the corner to answer the door. I heard the server say room service as she opened the door, and heard her direct him where to put the cart. The server requested her to sign the ticket and I heard her ask if he preferred a tip on the ticket or otherwise. A few minutes later I heard the door to the suite open and close and knew that the server had gotten something for his troubles. When Diane came back into the bedroom her robe was pulled open all the way down.

“Well, he’ll have a story to tell his co-workers,” she said. “I saw him yesterday when he brought lunch and figured I would see if he was working this morning. I’ll tell you about it later.”

Just then there was another know at the door and before she could say anything I said that I would get the door, which she let me do as she gathered herself together. I went to the door expecting that the room service guy had sent one of his friends back to see if there was anything else to be had. instead I found myself looking at the same gentleman that had been across the way with the camera. Blackmail pictures I thought. But before I could say anything the man handed me a rather large, thick envelope.

“Here. Your wife ordered these. I have the negatives but I won’t do anything with them,” he offered as he turned and walked away. As I closed the door I opened the envelope to find large pictures of our promiscuity from the night before in living color! I looked through the pictures quickly only to look up and see my wife standing in front of me completely nude.

“Who do you think would be watching in the daylight?”

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