Canal boat 1

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Linda and I were on vacation in France. Linda had met a couple that had a canal boat and thought it a romantic idea. She had researched how to rent boats and the best places to travel. I was not as enthusiastic as it sounded boring to me but I decided to go along with the idea and now, here we were on a boat in France. It was pleasant and relaxing and there were always good places to eat along the way, if you didn’t mind a short hike.

On the first afternoon, we tied off in a shady place and stopped for wine and foe gras. Another boat pulled up and tied off about ten feet way and I could see it was a couple. I opened the wine and started drinking while Linda prepared our snack. She was not able to open the foe gras jar and asked me to open it but I was unable to open it as well. Linda is dogged when she wants to accomplish something and the next thing I knew she was off the boat and walking down the path to the neighboring boat. She asked the guy on board if he could open the jar. He said, of course. I will open it if you will share. He did manage to open the jar and shortly the couple joined us on our boar They brought along a bottle of cold white wine and we had a very pleasant time eating foe gras and drinking wine.

The husband was Dutch and the wife was French. Both spoke excellent English which made our communications clear. We visited awhile but they wanted to get farther down the river and soon left us to our solicitude. We decided to stay the night as we were feeling mellow from the food and wine. Linda took the dishes in to clean up and I followed with a second load. I put the dishes down and walked up behind her as she was washing. I put my arms around her waist and started kissing her neck. Kissing her neck on the right place was a virtual guarantee of making her horny.

She took her hands from the water and reached behind her back and put here wet hands on my cock. Um did that French woman make you horny? No more than the Dutch guy made you juicy. I replied.

She turned around and said. How horny, let me see your dick. I pulled off my pants and under pants and by now had a full erection. Oh my daddy has a problem she said. Not for long I said, as I unbuttoned he blouse stripping her down to nothing. I took her to the back berth and laid her out on the bed, spread her legs wide and I started licking her pussy very slowly. Between licks I would lightly pinch her clitoris and each time I pinched, she let out a moan. I had to get insider her, so I raised my head and slide forward to meet her lips while inserting my cock into her pussy. I kissed her long and hard and moved my cock slowly insider her.

Tell me a story. She said.

The Dutchman did not leave. I said. He is here and knelling beside your head and he has a very sizeable cock and its right by your mouth.

I stick my finger in her mouth and say. This is his cock. Suck it. And Linda starts sucking my finger.

How do you like a cock in your mouth and one in your pussy? I like it she replies.

What will you do when he cums? I ask. Are you going to swallow it? No she replies. I want him in my ass when he cums.

I pull my cock out of her pussy and move down to her ass and take my wet finger and stick it in her ass and she jumps a bit because it is a very tight. I enter slowly until the finger is full depth in her ass hole. Then I start licking the pussy again. Soon I feel her ass tightening around my finger and she starts to cum and I lick really hard as she cums.

Her face is flushed, her limbs are limp and her eyes are closed. Oh that was a nice cum hold me. She says. Sorry I say you are not done yet. If you are going to fuck two men then you have to complete the job. Of course she says, come in here and she spreads her legs wide. I stick my cock deep into her pussy and then tell her to put her legs together for a really tight fit. I fuck her really fast until I feel the cum ejecting into her pussy.

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