Canal Boat 2

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Canal Boat 2

I awoke with the sun, made some coffee and watched the light gradually light up the river. I heard Linda stir so I stuck my head into the cabin. She lifted her head and said. Coffee. I warmed a croissant, poured her a cup and took it to her on a tray. Good morning my pus, you slept well. She sat up and prepared her lap for the tray. She had on a long night gown which buttoned down the front. As she drank her coffee, I reached over and stated unbuttoning her night gown down to mid chest. Um, what do you think your doing, she asked. I am arranging my view I said, as I reached inside her gown and pulled out her right breast. I tossed her hair back as she ate her croissant. Now I said, this is a beautiful site. You look like you have been freshly fucked. Well I have not she replied. Something for you to think about. She finishes her coffee and I set the cup and tray aside. She threw the covers back and pulled her night gown up to mid thigh. You want something? Come get it. She said.

I am not convinced you are sincere. Show me how sincere you are and play with your self. I want to watch. Linda lifts up her ass and pulls the gown up to expose her pussy and starts to rub herself. Sincere enough for you Bobby. Very nice. I said. But if we keep on fucking all day long, we will not get anywhere. You’re a prick and a tease. She said. OK sorry, try this out, I said, as I reached into my shave kit and pull out a finger long dildo and drop it into her lap. We have to run the engine to heat the water or we have no hot shower. You enjoy yourself, I will get the boat going and I will make it up to you at the next stop. Um, not such a bad deal she said as she picked up the dildo and moved it across her clit.

I moved the boat to mid channel. I could hear Linda over the engine noise. I decided to leave the wheel to sneak a peak. I checked both directions for traffic and when I was convinced I could leave the helm, I moved back to the berthing area. Linda was fully into masturbating. She lay flat on the bed with her knees up and she was moving the dildo slowly over her clit. I could tell she was ready to come. I loved to watch her face when she comes, so I decided to stay just a moment longer. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t even know I was watching. She was taking longer than I thought and I was getting nervous because I could feel the boat pulling off to one side. Just as I was ready to run to the wheel, she started to come. Her hips lifted off the bed and she yelled out. I am coming. Nice job I said, as she opened her eyes. You are a pervert, she said.

We had cruised enough to heat the water and Linda came out of the back. She had slipped out of her night gown and was completely naked. She fluffed her hair, placed one hand on the shower door, leaned over slightly and said. Hey you, this is what a freshly fucked woman looks like. Don’t you wish you had some? I had been watching her from the moment she came through the corridor and I still had a hard on from watching her come. I will take you soon enough, you teasing pussy. I said, as she disappeared into the shower.

Linda dressed in a blouse and shorts and took over steering while I took my shower and cleaned up. After cleaning up, Linda prepared a lunch. I was looking for a good place to stop. One side of the river was farmland and on the other side was a cliff. As I turned the next bend, I saw waterfall and the waterfall had carved out the cliff and created a large pond and it looked like a great place to tie up. As it was such a nice place, I figured that other boaters had installed tie downs on the rocks. I alerted Linda and she went on deck to look for tie downs as I motored the boat close to the rocks. Linda saw the tie downs. It took us about thirty minutes to get tied off.

After we tied off, we had an opportunity to look around and I could see a yellow kayak over on the opposite shore and near the water falls. I thought we were alone. I said, but there are some people over there. Linda is always curious and retrieved the binoculars to get an better view. Oh my god, it’s the Dutchman and his wife and they are fucking. Let me see. I said and grabbed the binoculars. Sure enough the couple lay naked on a blanket and were deep kissing each other. They are not fucking yet, but I think it is only a mater of time. Let me see and she grabbed the binoculars from my hand. Hey not fair, I want to see too. OK OK, I will describe to you what I see. Still not fair but OK. What are they doing? He is rubbing the inside of her thigh and she is holding his dick. A few minutes pass and Linda says nothing. OK OK what is happening, I say. They are still kissing but his dick is real hard now. Oh, Oh they are flipping and doing sixty nine. Let me see, I grab the binoculars. No, I want to see and she takes back the binoculars. I didn’t know you were such a voyeur, I said. What’s happening. She’s on top now and I can see her sucking his dick really hard. I said, my dick is hard, too, as I reached inside Linda’s shorts and rubbed her pussy. He’s coming. I can see the come running down his dick. Oh, she’s looking up, I think she see’s us. I pulled my hand out of her pants. Come on let’s eat lunch. We will pretend we did not see them. We sat down to eat lunch.
Wow, that was fun, Linda said. Well my dick liked it cause I am still hard, but you didn’t let me see all that much. Well you had your fun, you were playing with my pussy, so don’t complain.

Ahoy. I heard the Dutchman say. I went on deck. How are you. I said. We thought we were alone. We are just having lunch, would you join us? That is a kind offer replies the Dutchman. We have been kayaking all morning and we are very hungry. Please come aboard. I say As the Dutchman and his wife board. I help Linda prepare more food. Would you like beer or wine, I ask the Dutchman. I think beer and some water also, please. The Dutchman replies. As I pass Linda on my way to get the beer, I lean down and whisper. That’s what a freshly sucked man looks like. Linda flushed slightly at my remark.

The Dutchman’s wife’s was named Susette. She has black hair with streaks of grey. Apparently she did not dye her hair. I had not noticed her body that much when I first met her, because she wore a loose fitting dowdy dress. But when I saw her naked, sucking her husbands cock, I could see she was well toned. Her eyes were light grey and complemented her hair. The eyes were quite beautiful. So much so, I could hardly take my eyes away from her, as we were sitting directly across from each other. She looked up and smiled at me frequently.

Linda was sitting across from the Dutchman. I could tell he was enjoying Linda as much as I was enjoying Susette. Linda was lighter and blonde. Linda spent a great deal of money to color her hair and she was also fit from yoga. Very limber. I once fucked her when she was in an upside down yoga pose. Very sexy.

We have to get back down the river before dark, so we must leave you, but thank you so much for the food and the company. We all walked to the back deck to say goodbye. Linda embraced the Dutchman and kissed him on both checks. As this was happening, Susette pulled my head close to her and whispered. I know you saw us and I bet you are still hard and she pushed her knee into my crouch and felt my hard dick. Told you so she said, and with that she got into the kayak and they paddled towards the main part of the river.

We were still waving when they reached the main channel. Are you as horny as I am, I said to Linda. Feel me she said. So I moved behind her and stuck by hand down to her pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet. I pulled her shorts and panties down. You asshole, they can still see me. I don’t care. I am going to fuck you here and now. I pulled out my cock and sat on the bench and pulled her to me and stuck my cock into her. I stood up with her legs wrapped around me and bounced her up and down. Fuck they can still see us if they look back. I stared coming and sat back down.

That was quick she said. I will need more that, she said. I looked down and I could see my come oozing out of her pussy and onto my pubic hairs. Sorry but that was an emergency fuck. Why are you in such a rush? She said. The same reason your pussy is pure liquid. You watched them fuck and then they came to lunch and sat across from us and you could smell their sex and that turned you on. No way. Linda said. OK . Tell me why your pussy was so wet. Your horny just thinking about watching them fuck and you probably want to fuck that Dutchman too. Am I right?

Linda pulled off my dick, picked up her shorts and panties and went into the cabin. I sat there for about ten minutes and enjoyed the after sex high. I got up and walked into the cabin. Linda was not there. I walked back to the berthing space and she was on the bed with the dildo in her cunt. I laid down beside her and started kissing her. I pinched her nipples as I kissed her. My dick begins to stir. I move my mouth to her neck and then down to her nipples and lightly bite them. Her face is really red and her body tenses. She closes her eyes and comes hard. We lay side by side enjoying the moment.

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