Canal boat 4

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Canal Boat 4

We had a leisurely breakfast and left the waterfall mid-morning. We cruised to the next town and secured the boat and went to the market, washed some clothes, hiked around the town to see the sites and had dinner in an outdoor café. We did not discuss the Dutchman and his wife. We just enjoyed the day.

We were awakened by city noise and left early morning. We cruised all day, stopping only once for a hike and lunch at small village. We found a place for the night. It was near a small canal that emptied into the river. There were several boats already there and we took the last spot. There was an interesting village I had read about and I suggested we kayak up the canal and have lunch in the village the next day. This seem agreeable to Linda. We spent time preparing and cooking and ate well that night.

We were full of good food and wine and we both sleepy. I went to bed and Linda lay beside me reading her book. I fell asleep and awoke just after midnight. Linda’s reading light was still on, the book was on her chest and she was asleep. Her night gown was open and I could see the curve of her breast. I could not resist. I pulled the cloth off her breast so I could see her nipple. My cock starts to move. We had not had sex since the waterfall. I put her book on the shelf, pulled the covers back and pulled her night gown up so I could see her pussy. I moved off the bed and stood where I could see her tits and pussy. I dropped my boxers and play with my cock. I am debating if I should just jack off and not disturb her or wake her up and fuck her. She starts to stir. I reach down tickle her foot. She twitches some more. I do it again and her eyes open to see me standing with a hard cock in my hand. Um. She says. OK. Let me see you jerk off. I would rather fuck you. I say. Well I am not ready. Do you think you can eat me out and not come? She says. I can only try. I reply. She was right. I was ready to come and it would not take much for me to shoot my load. She spread her legs and I went to work on her pussy. It takes a lot of pussy licking to get Linda to come. She seems to be able to get into a zone of pleasure and stay there a long time before she can release into orgasm. As she gets more excited, I get more excited and I can feel her almost come and when she is at that point, I almost come but then she continues into another wave so I have to be careful or I will squirt all over the bed before I know it. We have gone through several wave cycles and I can’t stand it. I get on my knees and grab each leg and put them on my shoulders and thrust hard into her pussy. Fuck me hard, fast and come now. She yells. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. And I do. I fuck her as fast as I can and I am coming and thrusting. I look down and see the come around the shaft of my cock and I just keep pumping. My cock is so sensitive from my orgasm that it is painful to keep pumping her but I continue until I hear her say. Yes. Yes. Yes. Her hips push up against my cock and she has an explosive orgasm .

The next morning we are up late. We have a quick breakfast and put the kayak in the water a paddle up the canal. How long do you think it will take us to get to the village? Linda asks. I think an hour, maybe two. I reply. I think we dodged a bullet. She said. How so? I respond. I don’t think we will see the Dutchman and his wife again. The pressure is off. I was feeling some anxiety about making a decision to fuck another guy. She said. Well it was fun to think about. Don’t you think? I said. Sure. She replied. We reached the village around noon. We pulled up to the dock and tied the kayak off. There were several kayaks. Hey that looks like the Dutchman’s kayak. I said to Linda. That would be too weird. She replied. We took our lunch to a nearby picnic table and started to eat when we herd a voice. Bon jour my friends. We turned to see Susset and the Dutchman. What a surprise. I said. How are you. Please sit with us and share some wine. I look over at Linda and her face is flushed. The couple sit down and we share our wine with them. After awhile Susset says she has to pee and Linda joins her as they go looking for a place.

What are you doing here? I asked the Dutchman. My wife must go visit her family for a couple of days and this is the closest train station. But where is your boat? I did not see it at the mooring by the canal. Oh when we came by the canal mooring area it was full so we had to go to the next mooring location. It is just around the next bend. There are only two spots. We were lucky to get one as we arrived when it was nearly dark. He replied. We thought we wouldn’t see you again. I said. Are you happy to see us? He replied with a slight smile. OK. I said. We saw you two and we watched and you know we watched and we liked it. It was pretty exciting because we have never watched a couple fuck before. We have been married for 13 years and have never had sex with anyone else. I said. It is the same with us, but we have been married 20 years. When you are married that long you have to have ways to spice the sex life. Yes. This is true I replied. What do you do to spice up your sex life? I asked. Well we have sex in places that we think people can see us. Like beside a waterfall with a boat across the way. He said with a smile. Holy crap. You set us up. I said excitedly. Well it was a bonus that we knew you and we could have lunch with you and watch your reactions. You wife’s pussy was so wet, I thought I would come in my pants.

The women had been gone a long time. I said. Don’t worry. The Dutchman said. They probably went to the train station to pee and it is time for Susset’s train. We have already said our goodbyes. Lets paddle back together. He said. OK. I will see if I can find Linda. Just as I said that, Linda appeared at the top of the hill. Soon we were paddling back toward the river. When reached the our mooring, I asked the Dutchman if he would like a beer before he went back to his boat. He said. Why don’t I go to my boat to check and see if the boat that was next to me has left. If they have left, I will sound my horn three times and you can bring your boat down. OK. I said.

Linda and I pulled the kayak from the water and secured it to the top of the boat. Linda was very nervous. Well what are you going to do, if he blows that horn three times. I asked her. Oh shit. She says. We move into the cabin and I open a beer and Linda takes a sip. Suddenly we hear the horn. There are three short blasts. Linda’s face turns pale then flushes. Come here I said. I pushed her to the door that looked down stream. It’s decision time. I said. I don’t know. She says. I reach down her shorts and feel her panties. They are wet. You little slut. Don’t tell me you don’t know. Your pussy tells me you do know. OK. She says. Let’s go. I start the engine and we cast off and head down stream. Linda pulls off her shorts and panties and sticks the panties to my nose and says smell this sweetie. This is how I get when I think of fucking another man. She disappeared into the back, comes back naked and jumps into the shower. She showers quickly and puts on a long dress, low cut in the front with straps over the shoulders. I slow the engine to make the approach. The Dutchman is on the shore waiting to help tie us up. Linda moves to my side and says. I am going to fuck another man, sweetie. OK. Sweetie. I reply. She moves onto the deck and throws the fore line to the Dutchman and he ties it quickly. I steady the boat with the engines as Linda moves to the back where I cannot see her. Are you tied off. I yell over the engine. Yes. I hear her say. I kill the engine and take sip of my beer. How will this go down. I wondered. I move onto the deck to check the stern and when I look back the line is tied off. Linda is on the shore and she has the Dutchman on his back. Whoa. This is fast. I thought. She is unzipping his pants and pulls out his limp cock. She looks up and sees I am watching and she takes the cock in her mouth. I am frozen. She looks up as she sucks. His cock is starting to harden. She stops sucking and starts jerking him and says come closer, sweetie. You want to watch don’t you? I move closer and the Dutchman seems to be as bewildered as I am judging the look on his face.

The Dutchman’s cock is hard from the sucking and jerking and Linda lifts her dress and inserts his cock into her pussy but I can’t see anything. The Dutchman makes groaning sex sounds and reaches up and slides the dress straps off the shoulder’s and plays with her nipples. I am still on the boat but I not sure what to do? So I sit on the back bench and watch my wife riding another man. I must like it because I am getting hard. Soon I hear the Dutchman reach orgasm. How was it. I hear Linda ask him. Wonderful he replies. She slips off his cock and it makes a sucking sound. How about you, sweetie, did you like it? Well it was different than what I expected. I replied. Get over here and bring a hard cock she said. I climbed off of the boat and she told me lay next to the Dutchman and pull my pants down. My cock needed no further enticements. Unceremoniously she lifted her dress and I could now see for sure there were no panties. The sides of her thighs we wet from the Dutchman’s come and she slid her slippery pussy onto my cock.

I could tell that she had not had an orgasm as she was fucking me with some sense of desperation. As she rode me she reached over and started playing with the Dutchman’s cock. The Dutchman reached over and pulled up her dress so he could see her pussy and my cock moving in and out. The cloth kept falling down so he couldn’t see. He grabbed the edge of the dress and tore the dress open up to the waist. It was still blocking his view so he moved to the other side, reached around and grabbed the dress on both sides and ripped it open about half way around the waist. When he moved back to the other side he had a full view and so did I. For practical purposes, Linda was naked. Make him come. The Dutchman said to Linda. She rode me harder and I was ready and started coming, so did Linda. Oh how beautiful the Dutchman said and he kissed her full on the lips.

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