Christmas Morning

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It was Christmas Morning, about 2:00 A! I woke up not finding my husband next to me! I heard a Noise coming from the living room, so I snuck into see what was going on! There by the tree was Santa Putting a few Present by the tree!
I snuck up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder and Wispered in his eaar “Ive been a Very good Girl” but now I’m ging to be a very baddddd good Girl!
I turned him around and Got down on my kness! I could see the Semi Bulge in his Santa pants, so I looked up at him and said “I beetter help you with that and Proced to pull down his Red Pants! He had a pair of Red Briefs on and yu could tell that they were being stretched by his Large hard an! I looked up at him and said “I better taake that out before you tear your shirts” and I pulled down his Briefs, revealing a Rather hard Cock, I couldn’t believe it, but I was exspecing my husbands Dick, but it wasn’t! It wasn’t qquite as long and as round, but Harder then Hubby’s ever was!
I Slipped my lips around it and it tasted like a Candy Cane, I proceded to suck it, but he Pulled it out of my Mouth and prioceded to raaise me up with 1 Hand, he reached under my Shorty PJ’ss and pulled my Panties off witha Derk! Then he lowered my onto his stiff Cock! He jsut stood there nd his cock just started to pulse like it was Auto matically Fucking my now Drenched Pussy!
I felt it Pulse a little and Then I Felt him fill my Pussy with his Santa Cum! It was a lot hotter then My Husbands and alot more, it was running down my legs!
After he was done, Said Ho ho ho, he pulled out his dick, pulled up his pants and went up the chimney!
I wipped my Pussy with my hands and tasted his cum, it tasted like chocolate Milk!
I went back to bed and there was my Husband lying in bed!
The next morrning, I woke up and told him that I had a dream that Santa Fucked me and w laughed about it!
We went intyo the Living room and there was a present for me from Santa!
I opened it up and to my surprise, there was a Mini skirt like Abby wears on NVIS and a note, saying, hope to see you in this at the casino!
My husband Laughed and I told him I bought it to wear for him!
Merry Christmas

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