Dad's bowling team

My dad sponsors a bowling team as part of the advertising for his car dealerships, dad doesn’t bowl with them but enjoys being there watching them and mom is their scorekeeper and cheerleader. Dad is 50 and mom is 42 and very hot for her age most people think she is about 30 and she turns heads everywhere she goes with her 5ft 4in hard body she has short natural blonde hair and is sporting a perfect pair of 36D boobs and shapely ass, I know because I have been sneaking around taking video’s of her for several years even of her and dad making love several times and once with her and her best friend Lisa playing around in the bedroom, I have lost many a load while watching that one. I now have spy cams set up in their bedroom so I can watch any time or set it to record even if I’m not there or I can watch from a computer anywhere, boy you gotta love modern technology. All the bowlers are single and in their early twenties and bowled in college and are very good. It was plain to see when mom was around they loved watching her more than bowling. Dad told all 5 of his young bowlers that he would reward them at the end of the season if they won their league, and they won. Dad invited them to our house for a cookout and pool party the following Saturday and they all accepted and dad asked them if there was anything special they wanted for the party and Mike the outspoken one of the group said plenty of beer, plenty of steak and Robin in a skimpy string bikini, dad laughed and said he thought that was doable and mom said it sounded good to her. I knew right then I had work to do setting up spy cameras around the pool area so I could see mom strutting her stuff, but I had no idea of what was about to happen then Saturday morning dad told me he needed me to work all day which I was expecting him to do, and I told him ok so when everyone arrived dad had the steaks ready and mom came out to serve them wearing a very skimpy maids uniform which showed off her body very well and of coarse all eyes were on mom, she strutted around rubbing on each of them as she reached over to serve them, Mike was bold enough to reach out and feel her beautiful ass and she didn’t even flinch. Just as they finished dads cell phone rang and after he hung up he told everyone there was trouble and he had to go to his Ford dealership which is over an hour away for a while and would probably be gone all day and they said not to worry they would take a swim and leave and dad smiled and told mom to take good care of the and give them anything they wanted. Mom excused herself to go get in her swim suit and went in the house and when she came back she had the smallest string bikini I had ever seen it barely covered her nipples and pussy, She asked Mike if this what he had in mind and for once he seemed to be tongue tied and just nodded. Then mom asked what they wanted now and Jim who is usually very quiet said did I hear Tim right that you were to give us anything we wanted and mom said that’s right so Jim said he would love to see her out of her bikini so she walked over to him and told him to untie the strings and he did, Mike said he would like a blow job, mom told him to take his trunks off and lay down and he did, mom straddled him with her pussy over his face and started deep throating him he spread her lips and started licking and stabbing his tongue at her pussy. Tim came over and asked her if it was ok if he fucked her and she pulled off Mike’s dick just long enough to say lord yes I thought no one was ever going to ask and she turned around sideways so her ass was easier to get to and immediately Tim was pounding that beautiful ass hard and fast but he only lasted about a minute and as he filled her pussy Mike filled her mouth and they all collapsed in a pile. Then Randy said he hoped she wasn’t done and she told him not to worry everyone that wanted to could fuck her and she would give them all a blow job if they wanted and of coarse they wanted so Mike and Tim took a break and Randy laid down for his blow job and Ron began to fuck her but they must have been inexperienced because Randy only lasted about thirty seconds in mom’s talented mouth and Ron only about a minute, mom giggled and said they both were quick to draw and quick to shoot then Fred laid down and mom started his blow job and Mike mounted her for his fuck, Fred only lasted a couple minutes but Mike lasted almost ten minutes by the time it was over everyone had fucked her and got a blow job and Mike had eaten her pussy twice and they had all fucked her in that shapely ass. I knew then that mom could have made a million dollars as a high priced call girl. A few nights later mom and I were home alone while dad was at his monthly meeting with his dealership managers, all of them are beautiful women and even though they are all married I figure dad is fucking at least one of them, I know I would be if I were him, I’ve just got to get cameras in that lounge before the next meeting, anyway mom asked if I had any good video’s and I told her yes I had a favorite one I watched often and asked her if she would like to watch it with me and she said sure so I went and got the edited version popped it in the dvd player and sat down beside mom on the sofa and turned it on and out the door came mom in her Maid’s outfit and she yelled what have you done I said not much how about you and she told me to turn it off but I refused and she kept fussing but then it showed dad leaving and mom coming out in her bikini and she got real quiet and said boy I look good for my age and I said you sure do you are so damn hot now she was letting Tim untie her bikini and showed her standing in all her glory and she asked if I likes seeing her like that and I said yes I loved it then she started to cry and said I’ll bet you think your mother is a whore and I told her no that I loved her and leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth and she pulled back and ask what I was doing I said mom all those idiots fucked you got blow jobs and Mike even ate your beautiful pussy twice and none of them even kissed you so I kissed you first now I am going to eat your pussy, fuck you in your pussy, your ass then get a blow job and she said no way and I said yes I am and started rubbing her boobs thru her shirt the eased down and rubbed her inner thigh and she was starting to not to resist so I stood up and pulled her tee shirt over her head and removed her bra and started licking and sucking those tits that I hadn’t sucked for 21 years then I stood up and dropped my jeans and boxers and was already a full mast which is a beefy 9 inches, much larger than dad’s or any of those other guys and when she saw my size she reached and guided it to her mouth and gave me the best blow job I had ever had, and I have had my share. I only lasted about 2 minutes then stood her up and removed her shorts and panties and she said we just couldn’t fuck because she was my mother I laid her on the floor and spread her legs then spread her pussy lips and started licking till I found her G spot and she squealed and shook and said oh god fuck me now I need fucked oh baby fuck me real good and I did for nearly fifteen minutes then after we rested a few minutes she licked my balls till I was hard again then she said my ass is waiting fuck my ass but go easy you’re a lot bigger than anything that has ever been in there, oh god I almost forgot to fuck that perfect ass. I can’t wait till the next monthly meeting to see how dad does his business with his managers.

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