Diane Through the Looking Glas

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I came home one afternoon to find the house empty. Then I remembered Diane had a meeting that afternoon for some organization or group she had been volunteering with recently.

I grabbed a cold beer out of the fridge, dropped my tie on the kitchen bar and walked out to the pool area. We had just had some work done recently replacing the tinted sliding glass doors with hurricane wind resistant sliding glass doors. They were reputed to withstand flying debris up to 135 miles per hour. Diane and I opted for the clear glass since the pool enclosure already had the shaded screening.

I turned on the music system in the pool area and pulled up a chair and resting my feet on the edge of the pool. The morning newspaper was still on the table where I had left it this morning so I grabbed the sports page and began catching up on the previous days baseball scores.

I guess I was intent with reading the game recaps and didn’t hear Diane come home. I heard a set of keys being tapped against the glass doors. I looked back over my shoulder to see Diane standing at the door in her business suit.

She was wearing black high heels with a gray striped skirt topped with a solid gray suit coat. Her hair was fixed in a bun wrapped to the back of her head, with a very conservative amount of make-up. She looked very professional in a sexy kind of way. I smiled at her, setting the paper down as I got out of the chair and headed for the door

I was a couple of steps from the door when Diane reached for the handle as if to open the door for me. Instead, I heard a ‘click’ as she threw the lock on the door. I gave her a disapproving look motioning for her to unlock the door. She smiled a wicked little smile shaking her head ‘No’ in response to my request. I gave her my best glaring look and made a more emphatic gesture for her to open the door. She smiled again shaking her head and began to move to the sounds of the music.

She was dancing inside the house while I stood fuming outside on the pool deck. As she gyrated to the music she pulled the hairpin loose from her hair allowing it to fall free. She shook her head which let her hair fall evenly around her shoulders. She was dancing with her eyes closed, her head tilted back slightly as she dug into her purse. She pulled a small lipstick out and began applying red lipstick to her already shiny lips. I was mesmerized watching her apply the bright red tint to her lips.

With her eyes still closed her head began to sway to the music. Diane moved to kick first one shoe off then spun on the bare foot to remove her remaining shoe. I noticed she was wearing stockings which meant she also had a garter belt on underneath her skirt. Her hands started caressing her body over her outfit stroking her shoulders, then over her breasts down to her hips and along her thighs. Her hands moved back up her body stopping at the buttons on her suit. Her body continued to move as she undid the buttons and grabbed the sides of the coat. She turned away from me continuing to move and sway. She opened the front of the coat beginning to turn back to face my direction, closing the front as her front came back into view.

Her eyes were open and sparkled with intensity as she teasingly moved her hands as if to open herself up for my enjoyment. I caught a quick glimpse of her tummy and of her bra meaning she wore no blouse under her suit coat. She danced away from the door a couple of steps, twirling away from my view as she pulled the coat down her shoulders revealing that she wore a strapless bra. Again she turned toward me with her bare shoulders and flashed me as she threw the coat off.

She was wearing a sheer white pushup bra that revealed her small hard nipples through the thin material and her skirt that possible hid a garter belt. A faster song filled the air and Diane increased the pace of her gentle dancing moving her hips in a sinful manner. I looked into her eyes pleading for her to unlock the door only to see her shake her head as she sucked on the tip of her right index finger. She began tracing a line from her lips down the front of her body over her left nipple drawing a straight line across to her right nipple. Her finger continued to trace a line down her right side with my eyes intensely following every twist and turn. When her finger reached the zipper of her skirt she looked up at me, her eyes asking if I wanted her to unzip the dress. Bobbing my head up and down like an idiot I tried to pull the door open in spite of the lock. My eyes went back to her finger as she moved to ease the zipper down. She turned her back to me shaking her hips to loosen the grip of the skirt as she used her arms to accentuate her dancing.

The top of her skirt had barely moved over her hips when she grabbed the sides and sliding the skirt off dropping it to the floor. She had a tiny pair of white panties on along with a white garter belt holding up her sheer white stockings.

One of her favorite Genesis songs came on and suddenly she was lost in the music. For over three minutes she danced with her back to me swaying and moving to the lyrics from Phil Collins. She finally turned around to face me as another slow song came on and she began loosening the garters of her right leg. She grabbed the top of the stocking and began rolling it down her leg. She grabbed one of the café chairs from our kitchen bar by the door and propped up her heel. Her eyes searched for mine as she rolled the stocking over her knee, then leaned into the chair drawing her body close to her foot resting on the chair rung. I caught her eye, but glanced back and forth between her eyes and the actions of her hands. Ever so slowly she pulled the stocking over her heel and then over her toes and threw the stocking towards the glass. Instinctively, I tried to catch the tossed prize only to watch her laugh at my futility as it bounced off the glass.

She repeated the action of placing her left leg on the chair rail but instead of rolling the stocking down her legs, she placed her hands on either side and slid the stocking free grabbing it as it slid free. Taking an end in either hand she twirled and danced around using the stocking as a ribbon, dragging it over and across various parts of her body before tossing it aside. Revealing her back to me once again, Diane reached behind her undoing the clasps on her bra allowing the ends to drop but holding the bra in place with her arms. She turned towards me, careful not to move her arms from her side. She slowed her movements to match the latest sounds of music. She moved her left arm across her breasts and used her right hand to slowly remove the bra. She moved her right hand up to cover her right breast while sliding her left hand over to cover the other recently released breast.

I was resting my head against the glass, having finally realized that opening a locked sliding glass door was nearly impossible without at least some kind of tool. Sweat beaded on my face from the exertion and little drops ran down the glass from my forehead.

“Pleazzzeeee?” It was the first word that either of us had spoken. “For gawd sakes, open the door! Please, please, please?” I was holding my hands together in a prayer motion unsure whether I was asking Diane to open the door or praying to God for a miracle.

Moving in time with the music she shook her head no, but carefully and painfully slowly moved her hands to reveal her beautiful, firm breasts that I so enjoy fondling at every opportunity. She stepped back from the door and repeated her initial motion of stroking her body with both hands. Her hands smoothly moved from her shoulders to her breasts which she took in each hand and offered them to me through the glass.

My hands were beating on the glass door above my head which continued to rest against the cool glass. Diane stepped to the door and pressed her tits against the glass with her hands. She mouthed the words ‘suck them’ as she glared at my pathetic face. ‘Suck!’ her mouth repeated as she pressed them harder into the glass.

Desperate, I lowered my face to glass even with her right tit and began licking the glass around her pressed nipple. I raised my eyes to her glare and saw the movement to change tits. I slid my tongue across the glass to the area of her other nipple and repeated my sucking.

Apparently satisfied she stepped back from the door and resumed her dancing and caressing of her body. Her movements changed to the final act of a striptease. She hooked her thumbs under the band of her tiny pink undies and gyrated her hips while her hands moved at her sides palms opened. Her knees took turns jumping out at me before retreating to be replaced by the opposing knee. Diane continued to dance like this with my eyes transfixed on her hands for any downward motion. Finally, after dancing like this to a seemly never ending song her thumbs began to trace the outside of her thighs from her ass to her knees. Knowing her head and tits obscured my view she lingered in this position for a few extra beats before continuing on, until she stepped out of them, standing up straight and stepping up to press her naked body against the glass.

My eyes darted back and forth between her gorgeous twenty four year old body and her face, expecting another command to be issued. I had moved back from the glass door for a better view when I heard the sound of a boat engine behind me. We live on a canal that leads to the Gulf of Mexico and frequently have boats traveling the waterways in both directions.

I looked at the passing boat, and then back to Diane standing in the doorway. I glanced from Diane waving to the passing boat whose passengers were staring in my direction and not waving before realizing the people on the boat could see me on the pool deck, but couldn’t see Diane since the screen enclosure was reflecting in the glass. Sheepishly, I raised my hand to wave just as their attention was drawn away to something more interesting along the way.

I looked back into the house expecting to see Diane standing near the door. She had moved back and was sitting in the tall bar chair. Her ass was on the edge of the chair, her ankles wrapped around the legs of the chair, hooked on the same rail on which she had rested her feet on earlier. As she leaned back in the seat, her right hand dropped between her open legs searching for her honey hole, while her left hand went to her left breast. Her left hand found the nipple and began to twist and pull on it while the fingers of her right hand slipped into her pussy. Her body quickly began jerking and little sounds escaped her throat as her fingers hurried in and out covered with her sweet juices.

I put my hands back on the glass, above the head that I was pounding against the smear covered glass. Diane no longer moved to the music playing on poolside, but was reacting the sounds her hand made moving rapidly in and out. At some point she had worked all four fingers into herself and now grabbed the edge of the chair with her left hand for stability as her ass began to rise and fall back into the chair. Watching, I was afraid the chair would tip over from her violent movement, but she continued to stroke herself oblivious to anything but her own actions. Her tits bounced around wildly each time her ass slammed back into the chair as her sounds became louder and louder with each landing. Her eyes were closed and her head back as she continued her wild and wonderful masturbation in front of a helpless me.

I wanted to break the glass, rush in and fuck her, but realized the futility of even trying. I wanted to grab my cock and enjoy the show, but knew that neighbors could see into the pool enclosure. I desperately wanted Diane right now. As if sensing my situation she raised her head and looked directly at me and smiled. Her hand movements had slowed and I knew she was about to explode in an intense orgasm. She always slowed her actions prior to cumming hard and fast and today was no exception. Suddenly, her hand began frantically moving inside her, she arched her back and collapsed into the chair.

I stood there, watching like a voyeur, as her chest heaved up and down while her hands fell to her sides. She was vulnerable. All at once it hit me. What a dumb ass. I hadn’t put my keys on the entry table as I normally do, but still had them in my pocket. I dug my hand into my pocket and retrieved them shouting in celebration as I took off around the house towards the front door.

I dropped the keys twice trying to get the door unlocked before finally succeeding. I rushed into the house towards the back and the pool in search of Diane. The chair was empty, but a trail of her clothing and my tie pointed the way to our bedroom. Ripping two buttons off my own shirt as I dashed towards our bed undressing along the way I began hopping as I removed my shoes and socks. I nearly fell into our bedroom as I dropped my slacks at the door.

Diane lay panting in the middle of our bed still breathless from her show and rushing to our bedroom, but she was beautiful. Sweat glistened over her body and the light reflected in the beads of sweat across her tummy.

I took a deep breath and enjoyed the view as I moved to my side of the bed and lay down beside her. I reached across her, resting my left hand on the bed and kissed her deeply.

I pulled my head back and began kissing her nose, her eyes and her forehead. I rested my head in my right hand and used my left to softly stroke her body.

But then, that’s another story.

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