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The Extortion

The day started out like other I showered and shaved in getting ready for work. As I left for work I quickly kissed my wife and out the door I went. Approaching the office I discovered that I had left my brief case at home. I phoned the office letting them know what had happened and that I would be late. When I returned home I discovered my wife was not at home alone. Voices were coming from our bedroom and as I quietly walked in that direction a woman’s clothing laying on the floor in the hall way. Peeking through the door a small petite lady with auburn hair stood their naked in my bedroom. She was admiring my wife who was wearing a sheer teddy that I had gotten her several years before. Kissing down my wife’s neck then a deep kiss in which she must have had her tongue half way down my wives throat. Kathy, my wife, returned her kiss eagerly. Then this strange but beautiful woman lay down next to my wife and the action got hot and heavy .The gown my wife was wearing slowly stated to be taken off as the woman kissed down her body. When she reached her toes she let my wife’s legs spread. Running her hand down to her pussy, my wife pulled her mouth between her legs. Arching her hips, the auburn beauty was having no trouble devouring my wife. Kathy was becoming very excited and was writhing from head to toe. I wanted to burst in and join in on the action but decided to just watch and wait. Now the mystery lady positioned her self to be sitting on my wife’s face. Kathy was very reluctant to return the oral favor but this strange beauty was persistent and forceful and was going to have her way. As she started to moan and my wife could tell that she was pleasing her guest my wife at her pussy veraciously. Her beautiful auburn mound exploded on my wife’s face and her pussy juices ran down Kathy’s face.
I walked in to the bed room at acting surprised Kathy started shaking begging and pleading offering the services of the other lady with out even asking her. You can’t tell, you can’t tell any one. Ill do anything but you can’t tell, please! She then asked Ashley to help her. I said I had to go to the office and that we would discuss this when I got home. My wife called several times at the office and was worried for her family is very religious and it would cause quiet the scandal if they found out. I also reminded her how the kids would react to which a very trembling voice said please no.
The morning was slow so I spent time on line talking to a few people when I came across a guy who was having a bachelor party tonight for his friend. He told me their plans and it sounded a little tame for such an event. Then an idea came to mind I told him for a small fee that my wife and I could provide entertainment. He asked what Kathy looked like and I sent him a picture, even thou we are about a dozen years older than the guys attending the party, my wife is a stunning beauty with long blond hair and a tight little figure.
As soon as the afternoon meeting was over I left the office for home. I called to let her know that I would be home shortly. When I arrived she was dressed in a see-through gown and clingier than a scared child. I told her I had other plans and that she needed to find her old college cheerleading outfit. As my luck would have it not only did we find it but it fit perfectly. The party was about a forty-five minute drive and we were not expected for several hours, so I used the time to take a trip to a shop specializing in B & D equipment. Kathy walking around in her uniform picking up everything from whips and paddles to wrist and ankle straps and everything else imaginable was so exciting. She is a shy and conservative person by nature and was embarrassed by our purchases.
Driving away she was quiet and wondering what was going on, but I was not ready to tell yet and was enjoying watching her sweat. We pulled into the drive way and a young lad was standing in the door awaiting our arrival. We walked through the door into the living room where furniture had been pushed aside to make room and two hooks had been placed into the ceiling as instructed. The young gentleman where staring at my wife and wife back at them. As we entered the living room and our audience had a seat I had Kathy turn her back to them and bend over. The skirt she was wearing was short so her ass was exposed. I then commanded her to lift the skirt to establish my control of the event. My wife slowly complied and the guys looked like a deer in head lights as they stared at her naked ass. I then had her turn around and take off her blouse revealing small but perfect tits. Placing the wrist and ankle straps on I then chained her arms high above her head to one of the hooks in the ceiling. I let my hands roam all over her body and unlatched her skirt letting it fall to the floor.
The groom to be was sitting directly in front of my wife best seat in the house. I then placed nipple clamps on her tits and ran a plumb bob over a pulley and attached the string to the nipple clamps. This was a fair amount of weight pulling up on her tits and she winced with pain for a moment. I took out a riding crop at which my wife shook her head no, but I ignored this and swatted the side of her breast. Her breasts were small but they where stretched out quiet nicely giving good access for the riding crop. I invited the best man up and handed him the riding crop he looked back to me for reassurance then took a swat at her breasts. The second swat was a little harder and it took no time for him to swing that crop like a pro. He then did something that I had not thought of; he slapped the tips of the nipples extending from the clamps. My wife moaned a little from the pain but did a here a little sexual excitement in that moan also.
The paddle was my next choice. Her perfect little ass was mine for the taking. I first placed a spreader between her legs then spanked her like the disobedient child she was. Her whimpers and gasps were making me hard; every crack of the paddle caused her hips to thrust forward exposing the lips of her pussy to the crowd. I moved the paddle to her inner thighs and upper front thighs to the delight of those present. The next step was to release the weight from her tits and to now tie her hands behind her. After doing this I then also bent her over and reattached her wrists to the ceiling via a long chain. Now with her bent over paddling her ass was going to be the privilege of the groom.
He took the paddle and gave her a few good swats on the ass. He also enjoyed rubbing out the sting and if you could see my wife’s ass you would have no trouble understanding it. By now she was getting quiet the red bum and I was thinking on how to proceed. Watching the guy drink beer gave me an idea. I grabbed one of the empty beer bottles and started to work the neck into her pussy. When my wife started to moan I turned the bottle around and inserted the bottom of the bottle in first this caused my wife to gasp her whole is not that large and the bottle was quit thick in side her. As I pushed the bottle as far as it would go her lips grabbed on to the bottle with a perfect seal. You could tell that it was causing a lot of pressure as I moved the bottle in and out. I then took another bottle and started placing the neck off the second bottle in her ass. She started to moan especially as the bottle started to widen out. Watching her trying to get free was beyond erotic.
I then removed the bottles and moved a large coffee table to the center of the room. Tying her to the table left her legs wide spread and her arms pulled high above her head. The lips of her pussy were still spread from the bottle and a leather flogger was going to be just the ticket for those lovely lips. I started out flogging her belly and inner thighs then moved in on those pussy lips. This caused much squirming and begging as her lips became red and swollen. Then grabbed her clit and pulled it taught it was so sensitive from the flogging that just touching it started to excite her. I took my tongue and started licking her clit. She started to wiggle and writhe very quickly.
I figured it was time to let the gentleman seated in front of me to have some fun. We untied her from the coffee table and put her in the doggie style position I then tied her wrists behind her. I then had them get into two lines one for blow jobs the other to fuck her from behind. My wife took on two lads at a time with none of the boys lasting long I guess the show had them a little excited. I watched my wife come several times; I’m not even sure how many. I think she had to be about a pound heavier from the cum inside her. I gathered our stuff and got ready for her a different outfit to wear the night was far from over. She walked out of the house wearing nothing, there was a neighbor watching from across the street which made her feel uncomfortable. Her vulnerability was very nice and the power to be in such control was wonderful. She is very modest so the bachelor party nudity may have been harder on her than the physical beatings. While we were driving I gave her a school girl outfit red plaid skirt that was eight inches a see through blouse frilly ankle socks and 6 inch platform shoes she looked adorable. I thought the best place to go was a steak house that was on the way back home. As luck would have it was packed. Men were gawking and women giving her evil looks. I knew the manager and asked to speak to him. When he came out he noticed my wife and spent much time staring at her while talking to me. I asked for a private room and told him would make it worth his while.
We were led back to a small party room with just a few tables in it. I whispered in my friend’s ear for a few supplies I had left all my goodies back in the car. He was able to come up with some cable ties and a towel to use as a blind fold. I had my wife get undressed except for the shoes; the high heel thing is a little bit of a personal fetish. I bound her hands and legs to the chair and blind folded her. Now every time the door opened she would not know who or even how many people were there staring at her, how cruel. I had my friend bring us dinner and any body that wanted to come in was welcome. I decided that my wife was going to be dessert, so I had one of the waiters bring us cherry cobbler honey and chocolate sauce. I crushed the cobbler all over her then poured the honey and chocolate on top. I invited all to come and watch or to join in. I think the my wife to the kitchen to hose her down in a floor sink that the restaurant had. What I night, I’m not sure if I punished my wife or not.whole staff was there. Three to our people at a time were devouring my wife and she had no idea of exactly what was going on. Then a very beautiful waitress started to take over as she started in every body else backed off to watch. She was incredible starting with her breasts and working her way down to her cunt. The more she licked the more Kathy thrust her hips for ward. My wife exploded in orgasm. After all were done I had to lead

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