For Horney AMEESHEE, seduces a Doctor

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Hi, Guys, I am the same old Hornery AMEESHEE and this time I drove her husband to the orthopedic for x-rays. It was just a basic check up. We waited in the waiting room for a short while until my hubby was called upon. “White doctors don’t take this long.” I gently slapped him on the head. “Shame on you Hammid Mohd. Be nice.” A female technician called for Hammid Mohd. I could tell by her accent she was Jamaican. Hammid Mohd asked me to come with him (rolls eyes). When we entered the patient room the technician quickly asked him to go with her for x-rays. I said to myself, “that was fast.”

Not long after Hammid Mohd’s doctor walked in smiling at me. He was a shrimp. Maybe 50, 5′-9″ and 150 lbs.
“Hello, I’m doctor Abrams.”
He shook my hand and I replied, “Hi Doctor, I’m Hammid Mohd’s wife, Ameeshee.”

The doctor told me Hammid Mohd would be a while and asked me a lot of questions. It felt kind of awkward at first but some of the questions were interesting. Talk about pain and performance at work and home were understandable but once he brought up sexual performance I was like, why go there?
A few minutes past and I noticed his eyes wondering off. I was wearing a denim dress about knee length which I did not find too sexy but I’m not a man so obviously it was somewhat a turn on to the doc. Or maybe it was My Michael Antonio dress sandals.
“My husband performs just fine in bed, doctor.”

“Ah, that’s good.”

I knew if I asked him to just drop it here he would. I’m not stupid. So I waited for his next question:

There wasn’t one. He obviously knew the questions reached their end and anymore would lead to trouble.

I thought I’d be a smart ass.
“I don’t do black men, doctor.”
He stopped dead in his tracks like a deer in the headlights.

“I’m sorry, what?”
“Obviously you are turned on to me.”

I looked down at his crotch and observed he was getting erected. I could almost hear his heartbeat from where I was sitting.
“Just a minute, AMEESHEE. Everything is okay. I just have to check something.”
You know what he did? He told the technician to redo the x-rays to stall my husband’s time. And not long after that he returned to the room with me.

“Can you spread your legs for me AMEESHEE?”
Now he’s got me off guard.
“Whatever, doc.”

I spread my legs wide for a brief few seconds or so and closed them.
“Pink panties, AMEESHEE?”
What a pervert.
“Pink WET panties?”
“I think we’re done here, doc.”
“It’s okay baby, your husband is occupied in the x-ray department.”
“So I guess we can dirty for as long as we like, doc?”

He put his gloves on and gently unbuttoned the first four buttons of my denim dress. As he french kissed me he fondled my nipples. Next, he pulled up my dress and shoved his right hand down my pink panty and diddled my soaking wet clitoris.
“Can I at least take my dress off, doctor?”
“No, nor your shoes.”

About five minutes past and he removed my panty and oddly put it back on my left leg up to my thigh. He went down on me and began performing oral sex. At this point I could not resist. I gave in.
“Get on top of me doctor. I want to suck your black dick as you eat my pretty blonde pussy.”
He obeyed my request. I was surprised that this little man would have such a nice sized cock.

I sucked him good as he hit all the right places. I don’t know where he got the lube, but once I heard the cap pop I was curious to what he would do next to me. He went back to sucking my clit and tongue fucking me. It was so wonderful. He began talking too.
“You gonna’ cum on my face baby?”
“Oh doctor”, I repeated, “you’re gonna’ make me cum.”
As I was ready to cum he gently slid one of his fingers in my anus. I knew he would do that. I just wanted to know how he would pull it off. It wasn’t bad.
“Oh doctor, You’re gonna’ make me cum while you have your finger up my ass.”
“It’s the middle finger baby.”

He was basically giving my ass the middle finger. I’ve never been so glad to be flicked off.
I came all over his face. It was so erotic. He continued licking away.
“I love the taste of a married woman.”
“I want to ride your cock, doc.”
“No, AMEESHEE, just suck me off till I finish. I don’t have condoms.”
I was on the pill and knew this guy was clean since he was a doctor.
“It’s okay doctor I’m on the pill and I haven’t been fucked by anyone since I got married.
“Okay then, I hope I don’t regret this.”

Moments passed and we fucked like rabbits. He wanted to fuck me in my ass and I refused. But he fucked me in almost every position we could think of. The last position was the coital alignment technique where he penetrated me vaginally in the missionary position and moved slightly forward so that the base of the phallus rubbed my clitoris. I shouted again:
“Fuck me doctor, fuck me. Yes, YES! I’m gonna’ cum on your black dick, doc.”
It was so freaky. And so fun to be a slut.
“Oh, baby. I’m gonna’ cum. I’m gonna cum on you.”

I don’t know what made me say it, “No, doctor. Cum in me. I want your cum to be apart of the family clam.”
He started talking again.
“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna’ cum in your white clam.”
“Is my husband still tied up in x-rays as you fuck me, doctor?”
“Oh yeah baby. Still having a problem with those x-rays in there.”

He was sweating his ass off. The drops dripped all over me and my denim dress.
“You gonna’ make me cum again while my husband is being patient?”
“Here it comes.”
He roared with pleasure as his ejaculation drenched the inside of my vagina. He said it was the longest orgasm he ever had.
“I want to fuck you again, AMEESHEE.”

He got dressed up. All I had to do was put my pretty pink panty back on. He told me he’ll have one of the girls set my husband up for another appointment next month, but I have to come. My husband came out later and was really grouchy that the x-rays took so long. I grabbed his chin and said, “you poor little baby.” It’s obvious that the tech knew what was up. I wonder how many other wives Doctor Abrams seduced in there?

Anyway, when Hammid Mohd and I got home I went to bed for a short nap. Hammid Mohd wanted sex and I told him I wasn’t in the mood. He told me that Doctor Abrams is a good doctor and I told him, “No, Hammid Mohd. He’s a great doctor.” Hammid Mohd placed his arm around and held me in bed like a good husband having no idea that his doctor’s cum was inside of me. I’m such a naughty wife.

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