Geek Squad

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My computer died. I called the Geek Squad. Since it’s under warranty they’ll fix it for free. Good news; It’ll take about 3 days to receive it. Bad news; It’ll take 2 weeks for a tech to install it due to conflicting schedules. I work 12 hour days on Mon & Tue, off on Wednesdays & then 8-10 hours on Thu & Fri. They’ll be here on a Wednesday.

Time passes. I am getting more & more use to sharing my husband’s computer, although it is bothersome.

It’s now Monday night & my husband reminds me about a tech coming this Wednesday. I toss & turn having little snippets of erotic dreams. I awake horny & frustrated. Frustrated mainly because I can’t remember any of the dreams and there’s no time to play with my vibrator to satisfy this deep “itch”.

Thankfully my day isn’t too busy because I cannot truly concentrate. I am preoccupied with thoughts of tomorrow. I get home & my husband is ready for bed since he is getting up at 5:30 to go to work. Before he goes to sleep he reminds me that the Geek Squad will call prior to arriving. “They said they’ll call about 30 minutes or so before they are due to arrive”.

This whole day there were little scenarios of teasing, flashing & exposing myself to the tech that were running through my mind. I try to envision how I will act, what I will do & what I will be wearing.  When I finally get into bed, my husband is sound asleep. I am too horny to fall asleep, so I grab my vibrator and quickly allow myself to have a couple of orgasms to relieve my horniness so I can sleep.

I awake and I am still feeling very horny, so I get out my vibrator & make myself cum as I envision opening the door in my short, sexy robe that matches my shorter nightgown.

As I get up I start going through my skirts and my tops, trying to find that perfect look, that will allow me to flash “unintentionally” as I open the door, lead him to the computer & then sit or stand by him in hopes of innocently teasing him.

It’s 8:30am & the phone rings unexpectedly. The caller ID says it’s the Geek Squad. Great! This early is a great excuse to answer the door in only my robe. I let the machine answer. The guy sounds either Jamaican or African. I can’t really tell for sure. They say they are on there way & will be here in a few minutes, hoping someone will be home. I start imagining what he’ll look like & can feel my pussy tingle.

A few minutes later I see that familiar VW pull up. I put my head under the sink to wet my hair & vigorously dry it so it’s not dripping. The guy can see that someone’s home so he walks up to the door.

I answer the door with messy damp hair, my robe tied around my waist enough to hold my top closed, but enough that he can debate if he has seen my bald pussy or not. He briefly looks at the slight opening of my robe and quickly up to my eyes. I smile to myself as he tries to look at my face. I notice he is in his twenties. He is dark as night and when he smiles his whole face seemed to smile. His biceps aren’t big, but well defined. He looks so hot in that Geek Squad uniform. I see a hint of a bulge starting in his trousers. For some reason I decide the hell with just teasing him. I now want to feel this black hard bodied man’s cock sliding in pussy.

He introduces himself as John as I allow him in and lead him to the computer, bending over to continue drying my hair, knowing that he has a full view of my bare ass. I point into the room with the computer as I head into the bathroom, telling him I’ll be right out after I dry my hair.

I finish in minutes and I’m nervous and so excited. I can’t decide if I should put on my skirt or stay in my robe. I hear his phone ring and hear him say:

“Just got here.”

“Yeah it seems that it’s an H Zero T one.”


“Black or white. I don’t think it’ll matter too much. Wait a minute.”

He calls out. That makes up my mind. I stay in my robe.

Into the phone he says “Definitely don’t matter!” as he hangs up.

“Ma’am, it is the power supply. I’ll be finished in a few minutes.”

I walk to the chair next the one he is sitting on and sit down “Wow that was quick.” My legs are ever so slightly parted. Very innocent looking, although when he looks at me he will see my pussy for sure.

As he looks towards me to respond, he sees my nakedness and responds “Yes but replacing it will take a bit longer. Also I will need to clean it due to the dust”

I guess he liked the view enough that he places the computer back on the floor where he found it and gets out of the chair and onto the floor. He positioned himself so he can look directly at my nakedness.

I smiled at him and say “That’s ok. I didn’t plan on doing anything since they said to be home between 8-5.”

He smiles again since now he is at eye level with my pussy.

He begins to loosen the 4 screws that are holding the power supply in place. He drops the first one, then the second.

I grin at him as I say “Must be difficult to hold onto those small screws since your fingers are so big”.

I think he gets my meaning since he stuttered a bit before responding “Uh no not really. It’s just that I get distracted with my tie in the way.” Third screw is removed, and dropped.

I think to myself “Uh-huh. Sure. The tie is in the way.” I am really enjoying this now.

“If it’s that much of a distraction, go ahead and take it off.” Last screw is removed.

“Oh no, it’s ok.” As he now unplugs all the connections and removes the bad power supply.

He asks if I can hand him the new one. It is behind me so I get up, allowing my robe to open a bit more as I do so. I turn back & hand him the box it is in. He is staring right at my pussy. I have a fleeting thought to put my hand on his head and pull his face right into my pussy.

As I sit, my robe is still tied at the waist, but it is now open enough that my tits are slightly exposed and my pussy is well on display. As he is looking at me, I pull my robe tight to cover my chest, while my pussy is still exposed so all pretense of my exposure being accidental is lost. He quickly made all the connections, but is fumbling terribly as he tries to put the screws in place.

“Hmmm. Why don’t you remove that tie now?”

He smiles and stands up. He loosens the tie. I am staring at the bulge in his pants as he removes it.

I look up at him and say “Oh look. You have some dust on your shirt. Maybe you should remove that too before you get it filthy?”

He starts to unbutton the shirt. I stare at his fingers as he undoes each button. As in a trance I sit back in my chair, open my legs as I gently and slowly run a finger down my slit.

His shirt is now unbuttoned. I stare at his belt buckle for a moment. I look up into his eyes and back at his belt buckle as I smile. He understands the silent request as he quickly removes his belt. My eyes haven’t moved, so he undoes the pant button and pulls down his zipper. I quickly look up at him, smiling I stare back at his groin. He slowly bends and removes his boxers.

As he stands straight up, I lean forward, place my hands on his hips and pull him towards me. I open my mouth and swallow his cock slowly until I feel it in my throat and my nose is pressed in his pubic hair. I linger a moment as I inhale taking in the musky aroma. I then withdraw his cock just as slow until only his head is at my lips. Then I gradually pick up speed devouring this stiff cock. I am pulling him by his hips manipulating him into fucking my mouth. He places his hands on my head as my face is now slamming into his pubic bone. “Oh yes! That’s it” he moans. “Make me cum”

I pull my mouth off his cock and as I look into his eyes I smile and say “No! I want you to fuck me!”

He forcefully pulls my mouth onto his cock saying “Oh don’t worry baby. I’m gonna fuck you good.”

Hearing that he’s gonna fuck me good sends a jolt through me into my pussy. I suck harder as I now can’t wait to feel him shoot down my throat.

Suddenly, that’s exactly what happens. He literally explodes. I feel the first blast against the back of my throat. Before I can savor the feeling, I feel another blast & then another. I can’t swallow it all and some leaks out the corner of my mouth.

As he finishes I use my finger to get all that leaked out. I look at him as I put my finger into my mouth, sucking it free of his cum.

“Mmmm. That was good.” I say to him. His is a mess so I begin to use my tongue, licking up & down his shaft, his balls, all over.

“Oh yeah, your mouth feels so good on my cock.”

I moan my approval of his comment as his cock is stiffening again.

As his hands are on my shoulders, he steps back so I can no longer use my tongue on him. I lean back into my chair. As I look up to him, my robe is now completely open and I begin to slide my finger in and out of my soaked pussy.

He looks at me fingering myself for a few moments, then says, “Now I am going to fuck that pussy real good.”

He leans forward, picking up my legs in the crook of his elbows. He rubs his cock up and down my slit a few times. I lean my head back and moan “Oh God, shove it in my pussy.”

He grins as he places his cockhead at my opening. “As you wish.” he says and then PLUNGES deep into me in one swift, hard stroke. My eyes shoot wide open, my mouth opens wide as I feel the first wave of an orgasm overtake me. He stays this way until my orgasm subsides “Oh shit that was good.” I say. He then forcefully begins to slam into me with slow deliberate strokes. I feel him against my cervix with each thrust, I am convulsing with one continuous orgasm.

He finally shows mercy and stops for a moment until I catch my breath. “Told you I would fuck you good.” I smile and chuckle. Before I can say anything he begins his assault again on my exposed, wanton pussy. He is slamming hard and fast. “Oh God yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck meeeeeeee!”

Again he slows for me to finish cumming. He then throws my legs over his shoulders, looks into my eyes and says “Now I pound the pussy for the slutty lady. Yes? You are slut?”

“Oh God yes. I’m such a slut. Please fuck this slut.”

He thrusts into me furiously. The chair is slamming against the desk, close to shattering it, but all I care about is feeling him explode deep in my womb.

I am looking down watching his black cock pound in & out of my pussy. “You like my black cock?” He grunts. “You like how it fills your cunt, slut?”

“Oh yes. I love watching that black cock slam my white pussy. Fuck me. Fuck me harder, cum in me, Cum in me please.”

I feel him begin to tense up as he’s pounding me. “Oh here it comes you slut. I’m gonna fill your cunt.” He yells as I feel him begin to cum.

He thrusts deep into me & I feel his cum splash the walls of my pussy, causing me to have my final orgasm.

He slumps into me as he catches his breath. The chair slides a little, so he gets up off me. Before I can move he gently grabs my head and guides his cock to my mouth.

“You must now clean my cock you slut.”

I smile up at him, looking into his eyes. I say “I’d love too.”

I open my mouth willingly, to enjoy the flavor of our juices. Soon I am done, he pulls away. We both get up. He begins to get dressed. I start to pull my robe closed. He reaches out to stop me. “No no.” He pushes my robe off my shoulders and I allow it to fall to the floor.

“You stay this way. I like you naked for me.”

As he finishes dressing he looks at the computer and says “I will need to get a ground clip for the wires. My partner is not here yet so I will be back. You shouldn’t turn it on yet.”

“Oh ok. How long will you be?”

“A few minutes. You should stay naked so I can look at you when I get back.” as he walked out the door.

I quickly call my husband. Before I can tell him what happened, he asked if the tech is still here.

“No he said he had to go get a ground clip for the wires.”

“What? No such thing!” he replied.

This sent a shiver through me, knowing he was coming back for more of me & not the computer. At the same time I looked outside to see a second Geek Squad coming at my house (I live at a T intersection. Any car coming down this road sees directly in my front door).

I quickly hung up with my husband and awaited the tech to come back in. Unsure if I should be completely naked or not, due to the second tech, I put my robe back on, but didn’t close it.

They knocked. I answered as I was. The second guy (he is African) grinned broadly as John looked to him saying “See, I told you. An h zero t one!”

“No shit” he replied as I pushed the door open for them.

John walks immediately behind me and pulls my robe off my shoulders and exposes my entire body as he pulls it off and tosses it aside. “This is Joe.” He says as he places his hands on my shoulders. “Show him how well you suck cock.” as he gently pushes me to the floor.

I am trembling due to the excitement of kneeling on my kitchen floor, naked in front of 2 guys with the front door wide open. Every car that comes down the block will be able to clearly see me kneeling in front of this black man, with another behind me watching on.

I feel my pussy juices beginning to flow as I reach out to undo Joe’s zipper. I fish out his cock that is semi hard. I quickly engulf it in my mouth. I so love to feel a soft cock grow hard in my mouth. I grab his hips as I did earlier to John as I begin to try my best in giving Joe the best blowjob of his life.

In a few minutes he begins to groan. John smacks my ass, startling me.

“Oh no. You do not make him cum yet.” He says as he pulls my mouth off Joe’s cock.

As he does so I can see a car at the stop sign. There are 2 guys in the car gawking at the view before them. I feel fear and a total rush of excitement that they could come back anytime, knowing I live here and I’m servicing 2 black guys at my front door.

John notices how red my face got and as they drive off, he turns me so my right side is now facing the door. He pulls a chair from the table and places it so he too is visible from the street. He sits down and says, “You can now suck my cock again as Joe fucks you from behind.”

Within moments I have a cock at both ends. They both start pumping me in unison. John then says “Ah it looks like you are becoming popular.” I continue sucking him as I look to my right out my front door. I see 2 vehicles from a local plumbing service that recently did work in our house. One is facing my house and the other is looking on from his driver’s side. I don’t know why, but seeing them watching me and knowing they actually do KNOW who I am, I cum harder than I can ever remember.

John then grabs me by my head & pulls me up to him and off of Joe’s cock. He pulls me to him. I know what he wants, so I straddle him and impale myself onto his cock. I begin to grind furiously, putting on a show for my voyeurs as I notice a third of their vehicles is now watching.

Joe moves in behind me. He places his hands on my hips to stop my movements. He rubs his cock back and forth near my pussy, allowing my flowing juices to lubricate his cock. I know what’s coming. I say very loudly for my spectators to hear “Oh God yes! Shove that stiff black cock up my ass.”

I feel his cockhead at my asshole. I wiggle my ass as I scream “Don’t tease me. Shove it up my ass. Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard.”

He slammed it into me & oh God I knew I was beyond excitement because there was no pain at all. They both began to get a rhythm as I moved frantically between them screaming obscenities as I did. “Oh yeah! Give my ass thatblack cock. Fuck my cunt.”

Joe pulls my hair hard & turns my face to look out the door. He says loudly for my audience to hear, “See your neighbors watching you?”

I don’t answer. He smacks my ass hard with his free hand and says more sternly. “Do you see your white neighbors watching your ass & cunt get fuck by 2 brothers?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes I see my neighbors watching me get my ass & cunt get fuck by 2 brothers”

“Do you like them seeing what a slut you are?”

“I love it.!!!” I scream. “I love getting fucked and having my neighbors watch. I love being a slut.” I begin having orgasm after orgasm. I can’t control it. I begin screaming uncontrollably.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!!! Oh yeah fuck this white slutty cunt.”

They both grab my hips and forcefully grind themselves into me.

“Oh yes slut. We are gonna cum for you.”

I pant “Oh yes, yes, please cum, please cum for me.”

I feel Joe explode in my ass. This causes an enormous orgasm as I am forced to stay still while he is erupting in my ass.

When he is done I feel him pull out of my ass & wipe his cock with my hair. John pushes me to the floor and shoves his cock down my throat. A few strokes later he pulls out as he explodes in my face. I sit back on my haunches as I open my mouth. The first blast hits my cheek, some of the second gets in my mouth and on the bridge of my nose. He milks his cock and rubs the rest above my mouth.

I turn to see about 5 men I know at the curb to my driveway. One of them is the plumber who recently did some work for us. He walks up to the door, smiles and says “Thanks for the show sweetie. Now that we know that you’re into playing, we’ll stop by when we have some time.”


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